Federalist Papers in US History

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Federalist Papers in US History

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Hi, my son is doing US History to 1877. In week 9, it says to read Federalist No. 10 & 51 in the appendix of the United States History book (we have the fifth edition). The Federalist Papers are not in the appendix or anywhere else that we can find in the curriculum.

We can find them online, I’m sure, but if they’re included in a book we have, I’d like to know so I can make a note for when my younger son goes through it.

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Re: Federalist Papers in US History

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BJU no longer includes those Federalist Papers in their Appendix, and when we first updated the assignments to match the 5th edition of the BJU textbook, we accidentally omitted that particular change. This assignment has now been removed from the MFW Lesson Plans, but you may have a copy printed right after the 5th edition came out. We are sorry about that. We try hard to update everything when a publisher issues a new edition, but once in a while a detail is overlooked.

You can feel free to skip that assignment.

Or, if reading a couple of the Federalist Papers seems interesting or valuable, you might look up the text online and do the assignment that way. For instance, the Federalist Papers are on the U.S. government website here: https://www.congress.gov/resources/disp ... ist+Papers

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