Which level for just turned 7 year old at high reading level?

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Which level for just turned 7 year old at high reading level?

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Hello, I am planning to begin MFW with my son in the Fall. He is my oldest. He reads at a 3rd/4th grade level. He will just turn 7 in late August, which makes him quite a young 2nd grader.

Would there be any reason for me to use Learning God's Story as opposed to Adventures in U.S. History? The reading instruction would be way below his level, and he is very interested in U.S. History. I just do not want to skip Adventures in U.S. History if there is good reason not to.

I have also thought about stretching Adventures out to 1 1/2 or 2 years.
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Re: Which level for just turned 7 year old at high reading level?

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Hello and welcome!

If your student will be 7 at the start of the school year, then Adventures in U.S. History may be perfectly appropriate. Since he is a boy with a late summer birthday, some families do wait a year to begin kindergarten (as I did with my oldest son), but others feel the child has the maturity and understanding to get started in kindergarten at age 5.

With a son who is 7, I'm wondering whether your child has completed kindergarten and 1st grade, including a solid foundation in phonics instruction (which even benefits early readers)? If you aren't certain, then we have some placement questions to help evaluate readiness. They can be found in the FAQ on the website, and I will copy them here.

Is my child ready for Adventures?
A child should have a strong foundation in these skills to begin Adventures in U.S. History:
  • Can your child write or copy one to two sentences fairly easily and cheerfully?
  • If you were to read the story of David and Goliath to your child, would he be able to write several simple sentences about the story? (Spelling and punctuation do not need to be correct.)
  • If you are considering Adventures for an advanced six-year-old (or in your case, a very young 7 year old), is he prepared to spend 3 - 3½ hours each day doing school?
If you can answer yes to the above questions, then your son sounds ready to jump in. As you mentioned, you can always slow down as you see a need, either this year or the next.

Feel free to give the office a call if you'd like to talk this through. And maybe other families with young 7-year-olds will have a chance to share their experiences, as well.

Have fun with your 7-year-old!
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