2nd or 3rd Grade

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2nd or 3rd Grade

Unread post by jaimejac »

I will be starting US Adventures with my 7 yo daughter this fall. By public school standards, she would be starting 2nd grade. We completed your Learning God's Story for 1st grade this past spring. But we school year-round, so she has been doing Language Lessons 2 over this summer as well as a 2nd grade math program that we will complete in August. So in the fall, with her US Adventures program, she'll be doing LL 3, starting Singapore Math at level 2A as well as doing a 3rd grade spelling program. Since US Adventures is considered a 2nd grade OR 3rd grade program - I am struggling with whether I should say she is in 2nd or to say she is in 3rd grade.

It's almost as if she is skipping 2nd grade - except she's not really because we did the work.

I know as a homeschooler - it's my prerogative what to say and it doesn't really matter. And I've heard in David Hazell's workshops that his kids were always a grade or 2 above in various subjects, but he never told them.

Here's where it might matter though and I am looking for some guidance. If we consider US Adventures to be 2nd grade - then for her 8th grade year she will be repeating Exploring Countries at the higher level. If we consider US Adventures to be her 3rd grade then her 8th grade year will be 1850 to Modern Times and she won't repeat any years in the Family Learning Cycle.

Of course, this then leads us to graduating high school a year earlier than she would have. Which is fine - I expect her to graduate earlier than PS students would.

So I'm curious - is there any reason I shouldn't just consider US Adventures her third grade year? Since she's only 7 - will any of the material in the upcoming years like Creation to Greeks or Rome to Reformation be too mature or advance if she completes those program at a younger age?

She is advanced - which is why we will be doing the 3rd grade math, english and spelling. But this poses the challenge of making sure other material is not too mature for her as I want to preserve her innocence at the same time. Is there anything I'm not considering here?
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Re: 2nd or 3rd Grade

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My advice would be to call this her 2nd grade year. It's ok to be advanced in math. She is still young and has many years of learning ahead of her. You may find that she needs to slow the pace down in math occasionally as it gets tougher, or she might just keep whizzing through it year after year! When she gets to high school you could have a situation where she duel enrolls in a community college to get the higher math and start getting credit for it while still a high schooler. There is no real need to skip a year when college is available during high school anyway.
Those are just my 2 cents :-)

Enjoy these years- they fly by sooo quickly!
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Re: 2nd or 3rd Grade

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I would consider it her second grade year. MFW increases in mature content, and I wouldn’t base graduating early on two or three subjects. These years fly by sooo quickly, and every moment is precious. You might be glad for some extra time later on.

My oldest has been ahead in science. He did Biology in Middle School, Chemistry in 9th, and is doing Advanced Chemistry for 10th this coming year. He’s also a year ahead in math. We won’t be graduating him early. Academics are important, but there is so much head, heart, character, and family relationships to have grow in the teen years.

I had a friend who was homeschooled and graduated at 17; she didn’t recommend college for a 17 year old as she did. Since my oldest was ahead young; I listened to those who said not to rush, and now years later I’m glad I did.

Prayers for your decisions.
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