Book Suggestions for almost 9 yr old girl

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Book Suggestions for almost 9 yr old girl

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I am wondering if any of you might have any book recommendations for independent reading time for my daughter who will be turning nine years old this month? She is not quite ready for full-fledged chapter books (ie, The Boxcar Children), or they just don't interest her, I'm not exactly sure. She still wants to read books with quite a few illustrations. But I have had quite a hard time finding any series that really fit the bill (ie, quality literature, several illustrations, capture her interest, and appropriate based on biblical values and worldview). Any suggestions?
Thank you for any help!
P.S. This is our fifth year doing MFW, and we are doing Creation to the Greeks this year! I also have a five year old son, and 18 month old son. :)
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Re: Book Suggestions for almost 9 yr old girl

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Hi Rachel,

It's a busy time of year, so while you wait to see if any parents of 9yos have a chance to chime in, I thought I'd share a few ideas.

(1) Have you checked the two appendices in your Teacher's Manual for good literature ideas? The Book Basket list and the General Reading list?

(2) Have you checked the Message Board archives? I find those helpful because conversations happened when ideas were fresh in the minds. For instance, there's a thread on Elementary Girls and one on K&1st Favorites -- look for reviews on the younger end, such as books by Cynthia Rylant or the Moody Family series (rather than Anne of Green Gables or the like). Book Basket and Independent Reading Archive: viewforum.php?f=30

(3) Do you still have Honey for a Child's Heart from the 1st grade package? That book includes literature ideas for ages 0-12. ... d-s-Heart/
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