So blessed by Journey!

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So blessed by Journey!

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I just had to write a message to say thank you to Marie and the Journey team! I have received emails about Journey multiple times before, and I've seen it advertised in WORLD magazine, but I never joined in because I always had other Bible studies I was doing at the time. However, at the end of April or beginning of May, I received an email from MFW inviting me to join in reading the Gospel of John using Journey. I was between Bible studies and decided to check it out. I loved watching the videos of the Gospel of John that were made by the Jesus Film Project! So wonderful! The videos were so beautifully done. I looked forward to my Bible time everyday as I watched the video clips and also the worship song videos. Some of the worship songs were ones I hadn't heard before or hadn't heard for awhile. I just had to share the songs with people I thought could use some extra encouragement. I didn't do any journaling as I went through the book of John. I just watched and listened.

When I finished reading the book of John last week, I decided to keep going with Journey. I have watched and enjoyed some of the Bible Project videos before, so I really enjoyed the video on Exile by the Bible Project that went with today's (5/24/21) reading of Jeremiah 52. I also listened to Jeremiah 52 being read on Bible Gateway as I followed along in my Bible. I highlighted and journaled, as the Journey guide suggests. I was so blessed during my Bible time today! I LOVED watching, reading, listening, journaling!

Journey came to me at just the right time in my life! I do already have a daily habit of Bible reading and prayer, but Journey has breathed new life into my Bible time. I greatly appreciate the links to videos, worship songs, and audio Bible readings that are so readily available through the Journey website. I LOVE the Old Testament and the prophets, so I am excited to continue reading my Bible each day with Journey as my road map.

I have used and loved MFW off and on throughout my homeschooling journey these past 15 years. My husband and I attended Vision Weekend a number of years ago, and I loved meeting David and Marie. I have always loved David's and Marie's hearts for Jesus, for families, for Bible translation, and now with Journey, for helping others grow in their relationship with the Lord. I have long known that MFW is an excellent homeschool curriculum, and I should have known that the Bible study that Marie and the Journey team created would be excellent, as well.

Thank you! For MFW, for God's Word for the Nations, and for Journey! May God bless you as you continue to impact people for His Kingdom!

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Re: So blessed by Journey!

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We appreciate your kind words!

Journey is such a blessing to us too. David and I have learned so much as we go through these readings. It is truly my joy to help others delight in God, spending time with Him and His Word.
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