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Unread post by Kejordan »

Hey y’all!
I am new to MFW this year and am looking a good planner. Do you even use one? I will have 5 kids. 1 in kindergarten, and then 4 cycling through ECC. If you do use one, which one would recommend with having 5 kids? Or if you don’t, what do you do instead?
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Re: Planners

Unread post by DS4home »

I have always used The Homeschooler's Journal. I get them through Rainbow Resource .com
I just mark MFW for subjects covered there (Bible, history, science before Jr. High).
Then I write in specific lesson numbers for other subjects like math, language arts, etc which are different for each child.

I like to be organized, and this planner really helped. I will say I didn't use it to plan ahead as much as to just record what was covered each day, after the fact. I used to write things out ahead of time and got frustrated with all the erasing and moving info for days when we didn't get to everything, or one child was sick and couldn't do much, life happens. I do like having a record of everything accomplished though.

Hope you find this helpful, and welcome to MFW! :-)
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Re: Planners

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I have used so many different planners over the years I would call myself a "planner junkie":) I have finally settled over the last several years for a quite simple one that I order off of Amazon. I do love Mardel's homeschooling planner called "A Simple Plan" and I've also loved "Well Planned Gal" planners. Since I'm down to homeschooling my last child, I don't need that many spaces for several students anymore. I think either of those planners would work well for that many children especially since your youngest is in kindergarten.

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Re: Planners

Unread post by jaimejac »

I second Well-Planned Gal! I just recently started using her products, but I really like how you can plan household chores, meal planning and school all-in-one. I have both the Homeschool Planner and the On-the-Go Planner. I was really hoping to find an ALL-in-one ( and not need the On The Go one), but her products are the closest to that I can find.

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Re: Planners

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Recently I've enjoyed the simple teacher planners found in Target's "dollar" section. There are a few irrelevant pages for homeschoolers, but I like the big layout of the blank months.
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