Synergy Groups — Learning Together!™

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Synergy Groups — Learning Together!™

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I’m so excited! I would like to share with you something that I think will meet a need for community among many MFW families. It will also make it easier for MFW families to mentor other families just beginning the homeschool journey.

Synergy Groups — Learning Together!™

A Synergy Group™ is two or more families who meet weekly to participate in science, history/geography, art, and music activities from your MFW Teacher's Manual. The group leader uses a Synergy Group Guide which schedules easy-to-teach group activities with minimal preparation.

This is designed to be simple. You don’t need a large group, or a lot of advance planning, or a huge time commitment. It is meant to make your life easier and to provide friendship and encouragement.

How do you begin a Synergy Group? It’s simple – just invite one or more of your friends to use the same year of MFW curriculum as you.
Perhaps you can find a family at your church or in your local homeschool support group.
You might invite a new family to consider homeschooling, with your mentoring assistance, and the encouragement of weekly group times.
Your two families (or more) can meet together in a Synergy Group using our easy-to-teach guides.

Learn more at

We have Synergy Guides for the following:

Adventures in U.S. History
Exploring Countries and Cultures
Creation to the Greeks
Rome to the Reformation
Exploration to 1850
1850 to Modern Times

Special note if you have completed ECC and are teaching CTG, RTR, EXPO, or MOD this fall:
If you invite a friend who is new to MFW, they would usually begin with ECC.
However, because you have already used ECC, and because we believe so strongly in the strength of community, we make an exception to this guideline.
Your friend can meet with you weekly in a Synergy Group and use CTG (or RTR, EXPO, or MOD) at home, benefiting from your past experience as well as your mentoring and encouragement.


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Finding synergy groups ?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

momgenet wrote:So . . . . how exactly do I FIND people in my community to do synergy groups with ?
Is there a listing somewhere on the forum of people in my region ?
Cici wrote:Great question! I'm curious, as well.
Postby Julie in MN » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:05 am
Hi to both of you,
Synergy groups sound like so much fun and so little extra work, I hope you both get one going.

Marie's answer, based on her experience with the pilot families, is above.

I don't have experience with Synergy, since that wasn't around until my youngest was in high school, but I have scrounged for a science lab partner for my very social youngest child. Remember, you only need to find one other family to form a Synergy group, so it seems similar to finding a lab partner.

Here are a few things that I've tried.

1. Email everyone in our local mom's support group and explain what I am looking for.
2. Tell every homeschool mom I talk to what I'm looking for, whether I'm at a homeschool book sale or whatever. I think this is where you'll find the most success -- just talking to your friends and acquaintances.
3. Also tell everyone that they can tell their friends what I'm looking for, LOL.
4. Inquire with the "leaders" of homeschool co-ops about whether they've considered a class along the lines of what I'm looking for. (I don't contact their "members" because I don't want to compete with them or grab their members away; I've just asked the leaders whether they had a spot where my lab could fit -- or you could ask about a spot for Synergy.) If you aren't connected with a local group yet, try the HSLDA listing of local groups:
5. "Advertise" on local homeschool message boards. My area has a Yahoo group for field trips, and there are very small "Minnesota groups" on one or two larger message boards. I know there are local Facebook sites, as well.

Note that each time I wanted a science lab partner (7th & 11th grades), I only found one family that actually followed through, and it was a girl student both times (a different one each year), which wasn't what we were hoping for. Nevertheless, it turned out well and a year of science labs was fully completed in both cases, with some good camaraderie along the way. We even folded in the US History Cookbook during the 7th grade lab, so maybe it started to look like a Synergy group after all :)

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Synergy Exploration to 1850 searching

Unread post by Marie »

allipollitt wrote:
Thu Jun 09, 2016 7:49 am
Dear MFW Community,
I'm searching for families in my area who are interested in starting an Exploration to 1850 Synerygy group... God bless & looking forward to hearing from you!
Welcome to our board!

Thanks for sharing your excitement about Synergy Groups and posting on our message board. We really appreciate your enthusiasm!

We’ve discovered that posting on our board doesn’t help much in finding other families. The U.S. is a vast country and our customers live far apart!

Synergy groups work differently than co-ops, which often advertise widely for new members. Instead, Synergy groups work best when you invite another local family to use the same MFW curriculum and form a Synergy Group together. This saves driving time (versus a co-op location which may not be as close) and helps encourage local community. Participating families often know each other already or have common ground, such as being part of the same church. We discovered that Synergy Groups can work well with just two families (or more).

This thread, including Julie's response, has some helpful ideas of how to begin a synergy group:

We hope you find another family to join you. I know you’ll treasure the shared moments, the companionship of another mom, and the community of other families. Looking forward to hearing from you often!

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Re: Synergy Exploration to 1850 searching

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So nice to hear from you, Marie! Thank you for the tips. I will keep looking.

God Bless,
Consider it all joy!
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Starting a Synergy Group

Unread post by Marie »

graceandjarrod wrote:
Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:36 am
I would love to do this, but don't know anyone near me. Could there be an area on here to post about synergy groups and find others in your area?
HI! Glad you're excited about Synergy Groups.

We've found in the past that posting on this board to find someone for a Synergy Group with doesn't work very well. It's not very likely that you will find someone that lives close enough to you. Synergy Groups work well when you don't have to travel far, and are even better if you know the person (at least a little bit) before you start.

The best thing is to invite a family you know that homeschools (or might consider homeschooling) and invite them to use the same year of MFW as you. You just need to find one other family.

Julie has great ideas in the above post, too.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Starting a Synergy Group

Unread post by allgrace »

Ok. I will try Julie's ideas. Thank you
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Do you need encouragement or accountability?

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Do you sometimes feel alone homeschooling? Do you wish there was a simple way to find encouragement and accountability?

All it takes is one family to say “yes” and you can form a Synergy Group! We make it simple with our weekly Synergy Group Guides.

Your friend joins you in whichever program you are using with your family and then you both have encouragement and accountability all year long.

Once a week you meet and complete selected activities that are planned in the Synergy Guide. These are from your Teacher’s Manual so nothing is added to your week.

You can read more about our unique Synergy Groups here:
viewtopic.php?f=6&t=15068&sid=bea7bab2e ... bccd0bfbe4

If you have questions post them here or call the office. We’d love to help you succeed!
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