Welcome!–PLEASE READ–Board Guidelines

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Welcome!–PLEASE READ–Board Guidelines

Unread post by Marie » Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:14 pm

Welcome to My Father's World message board and to our community.

The purpose of this board is to encourage community among home schooling families using (or considering) My Father's World. The board you are now reading is our Main Board. Post all your questions and comments here about any level of My Father's World curriculum. This is the first board to check each time you visit us.

If you are using MFW, also see our Ideas Boards and Curriculum Archive.

This Main Board will be kept current. Periodically older posts that are particularly helpful and encouraging will be moved to the Curriculum Archive. Most old posts will be deleted to free up space for new posts.

Registering for the Board

If you want to post on this board, begin by registering. Then log in each time you visit our board.

When logged in you will see that new posts since your last visit have a red icon to the left of the title. Or simply select “View New Posts” under "Quick Links" near the top left of the Board Index page.

When you are logged in and reading a topic of particular interest, you can choose "Subscribe topic" by clicking on the tool (wrench) menu near the top and bottom left corners to get e-mail notifications when someone posts a response.

Posting on the Board
  • The “Main Board” is the place to begin new topics – to ask a question or post a new topic – by using the "New Topic” button.
    • To reply to existing posts, choose "Post Reply" at the top or bottom of the page. An empty box will appear where you can compose your reply. HINT: Scroll down to see the original post(s) you are replying to.
  • The other “Current Discussions” boards are organized by topic and you can add to the existing threads.
Guidelines for Posting

Please keep a positive, helpful tone that promotes unity in the body of Christ.

This board is sponsored by My Father's World; please do not post links to other companies. This is the only "official" My Father's World board. Any other boards, e-mail groups, or social media groups that discuss My Father's World are not monitored by us. We are not opposed to these other boards, but because we cannot verify the content, we may remove links to them.

Please do not buy or sell curriculum or other products on this board.

Prayer is important and we encourage you to build a strong local spiritual community to hold you up in prayer. We welcome homeschool prayer requests; we encourage you to share other needs (health, personal matters, etc.) with your local body of believers. Prayer requests will remain on our board for 14 days.

Your post may be edited or removed based on the above guidelines. We try to monitor this board for a positive, helpful tone consistent with the spirit and philosophy of MFW. If we choose to remove a post, our goal is to contact the individual directly about the reason for deleting the post. During our busy seasons, this may not always be possible.

When a poster requests or needs an official answer from My Father's World we may lock the thread to give us time to respond with a thoughtful, thorough answer within 7-10 days. If the original poster needs the answer before then, please call our office.

When posting on our board, you grant My Father's World permission to use your posts in our catalog, on our website, in promotions, in teacher’s manuals and lesson plans, or elsewhere for the benefit of our current and prospective customers. If we do so, comments will include at most your username or a first name and last initial.

Signature Lines

After you have posted on the board you may set up your personal signature:
-Click on your username and then “User Control Panel”
-Choose “Profile” tab
-Choose “Edit signature”

Signature lines may include:
-Family information, i.e. ages of children (You may choose not to share names to protect your family privacy)
-MFW programs used
-Blogs related to My Father's World

Signature lines may not include:
-Personal business information
-Other personal information

We're excited to have you join us. Enjoy the learning adventure in our Father's world!

David and Marie Hazell
May 18, 2004


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