The Ark Encounter

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The Ark Encounter

Unread post by Christy - Staff » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:48 am

Each fall the MFW staff and our families take a few days to rest. Many years we find ourselves at a local retreat center spending time together and relaxing. This year was a bit different. We were able to travel farther and visit two amazing places.

Our first stop was The Ark Encounter. We were in awe as the bus drove around the corner and the Ark came into view. Amazing! Wow! So big! That’s a few comments I heard from the bus.

Have you ever wondered how Noah and his family stored fresh water and food? What about circulating fresh air on each level of the ark? How did they separate the animals to keep them from fighting? What about all the waste? What did they do when a tool became damaged? How big were the doors to let in all the animals God sent to the ark? Were there dinosaurs on the ark? What does the term “animal kind” mean? What animals are considered to be clean and unclean? You will find at least one possible interpretation of the answers to these questions at The Ark Encounter.

My favorite portion of the ark was the living quarters for the family. The area had some vegetables planted and some in stored containers. This helped me to realize that Noah wasn’t told how long he would be on the ark. He had to prepare for an undetermined amount of time and trust that God would provide for all his needs. We must also learn to live like that – complete trust and reliance on God.

You can find more information at this website: If you find yourself anywhere close to Williamstown, Kentucky I suggest you make a stop at The Ark Encounter.
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