Struggling reader 2nd grade

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Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by bethinga »

I might be better off calling the MFW office on Monday for help, but posting here to see what advice I can get in the meantime.

My 7 yr old 2nd grader (soon to be 8yo) is still struggling with reading skills. She shows some signs of dyslexia, but we've hesitated to get her tested since we are seeing improvement.

She completed MFW 1st grade reading on an average level for her age, but not fluently. I didn't feel like she was ready for spelling at the beginning of 2nd grade, so instead of using R&S spelling, I used another phonics program for the first part of this school year.

I now feel like she is ready for spelling, so I've ordered the R&S book (which she's excited about) and I have stopped the phonics program. She wasn't want enjoying it; she was having trouble remembering the "phonograms" and I felt like more progress could be made with reading aloud to me daily (which we've already been doing) along with the spelling.

I'm wondering if I should go back to reviewing pages with her from the MFW 1st grade phonics workbook, or if I should just stick with this for now? Also, if we're seeing improvement, but still several signs of dyslexia, should we have her tested right away, or just wait and see? How much is normal 2nd grade fumbling, and how much is concerning?

Our first child was reading well by the end of Kindergarten (also homeschooled using MFW) so we don't know if she's way behind or if he's just advanced. It's difficult to know what is normal with not much to compare to.

I'll try to post some of the signs we see in another post.
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Re: Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by bethinga »

From the following website of signs of dyslexia, I've listed the ones she DOES exhibit (not constantly, but often). The others she DOES NOT exhibit. For example, she could speak early and had a wide vocabulary at an early age, and she comprehends what's she's reading well. She narrates what is read to her beautifully. Another sign is tying shoes late. She learned before her older brother. Most of all, she enjoys reading right now, even though she's had trouble. I'm hoping to keep it that way.

Here are the signs from the above link that she DOES exhibit:

* The dyslexic may reverse letters like b and d, or p and q, either when reading or writing.
* He may invert letters, reading or writing n as u, m as w, d as q, p as b, f as t.
* He may read or write words like no for on, ratfor tar, won for now, saw for was.
* He may read or write 17 for 71.
* He may mirror write letters, numbers and words.
* When reading, the dyslexic may put letters in the wrong order, reading felt as left, act as cat, reserve as reverse, expect as except.
* He may put words in the wrong order, reading are there for there are.
* The dyslexic may write letters in the wrong order, spelling Simon as 'Siomn', time as 'tiem', child as 'chidl'.
* He may omit letters, i.e. reading or writing cat for cart, wet for went, sing for string.
* Misreads little words, such as a for and, the for a, from for for, then for there, were for with.
* Omits or reads twice little words like the, and, but, in.
* Adds little words which do not appear in the text.
* Letter inconsistencies in writing.
* Irregular letter sizes and shapes in writing.
* He may understand the term 'adding', yet be thrown if asked to 'find the total'.
* Confuses words like yesterday and tomorrow.
* He may have a difficulty with mental arithmetic.
* Guesses wildly at words regardless of whether they make sense or not.
* Reads slowly and hesitantly.
* Loses orientation on a line or page while reading, missing lines or reading previously-read lines again.
* Reads aloud hesitantly, word by word, monotonously.
* Substitutes another word of similar meaning, for example dog for pup.
* Omits prefixes, omits suffixes or adds suffixes.
* Spells words as they sound, for example 'rite' for right.
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Re: Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by ruthamelia »

I'm sorry I don't have experience with dyslexia to help with but I'm sure others will! I just wanted to offer one idea. One of my nephews was much slower than the others to develop reading skills- and looking through your list I could have said a lot of those things of him as well. I used Pathway Readers with him along with the corresponding workbooks, and it worked wonders. Altogether it was quite inexpensive, and he actually really enjoyed the content of the books as well. I'm generally not a workbook lover, but the combination of the readers and workbooks worked well. Since he wasn't reading independently at the time, this was what he did for Reading on the grid, and was still able to do an age appropriate amount of work in the rest of the curriculum (we did RTR last year). I also didn't do spelling with him at the time, since the phonics portions of the workbooks seemed more appropriate to his needs, and he is now doing spelling power at a higher level than I thought he would.
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Re: Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Similar to ruthamelia, I don't have direct experience with dyslexia but I do have experience with some kids just taking more time to get through learning to read. My grandson struggled to read until he was 9, plodding slowly through sounding out words and often repeating, but finally he was comfortable moving to the next level (becoming secure enough to look beyond the letters to the whole story). Now he likes to read. I enjoyed the story on this blog about how taking until age 10 to read did not affect a love of reading:

I was a tutor at a center where I listened to dozens of students, preschool-12th grade, read to me every day. You would be surprised how inaccurate most readers are (maybe especially good readers) and how amazingly our brains fill in for these inaccuracies. Often my readers would mistake a singular word for a plural, and then their brains would try to consistently use the plural throughout the page of text, only becoming tongue-tied when the number of substitutions got too complicated (e.g. if you said "boxes" instead of "box," then you have to say "were" instead of "was," and so on). Skipping words was also common, and I tried to only stop the student if the exact word really made a difference in meaning (e.g. "a" and "the" can actually change the meaning sometimes, but "and" isn't always necessary for comprehension).

Sometimes I wonder whether we just over-analyze our slower readers and notice the reversals and such that our faster readers did, as well, but we weren't paying such close attention.

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Re: Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I suspect two of my kids are dyslexic.

My oldest was a big talker, but exhibited many of the other symptoms. (Like yours, she could narrate easily, comprehension was high, etc.) She loves to read. Doing All About Spelling with her really improved her reading.

My other child (a boy) that I suspect is also dyslexic (more dysgraphia than anything, now) is now a super fast reader. Again, doing All About Spelling for a while, but he struggled remembering the phonograms. So, we started doing Sequential Spelling. I've also heard a lot of people with dyslexic kids like Spelling You See.

It might take you a couple of trial-and-error times to figure out what program might work best.
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Re: Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by bethinga »

Thank you all. Your posts have been encouraging enough that I'm no longer worried. I will just be patient and keep letting her read to me everyday. She started R&S Spelling this week and finished the first lesson in two days. I was so surprised, I truly thought it might take 3 days or longer. She read to her brother today and he so patiently corrected her when she couldn't figure out a word. I love her enthusiasm to keep trying! She did really well. She told me that she read a Bible verse aloud at church tonight. So proud of her progress! <3
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Re: Struggling reader 2nd grade

Unread post by allgrace »

I don't know your daughter, but I think sometimes we are too quick to label kids as having a learning problem :-) when they are still young. Your son who was reading well at the end of kindergarten was ahead. I used to teach first grade in the public school and many children aren't fluent readers by the end. I think first grade moves quickly unless the child is very ready to learn to read. My son needed an extra year until he read fluently. Some kids don't read fluently until 9 or so. I would give her time and practice and of course pray that the God who gives knowledge will help her learn.She is still very young. Don't worry or feel pressure because of "grade level" expectations. Just love her and teach your child. She will thrive with that and if she is still having problems after a year, then you can consider testing her for dyslexia. Oh, my son did some of the things on the dyslexia list. He doesn't anymore but if I tried to diagnose him when he was younger I might have said he was dyslexic. Please know I am just trying to be helpful and since I don't know your daughter this advice might not apply. Praying that God will show you what she needs.
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