Sibling Unity

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Sibling Unity

Unread post by Christy - Staff » Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:48 am

Here’s something I just read that I think is really helpful: “Cultivating Unity Among Siblings.” I can’t say I’m a pro at all the ideas, but it has given me some useful ideas to try in our home. ... -siblings/

My grandma was smart beyond her years…. When she watched me and my cousins when we were real young (every day while our moms worked), if/when we fought, she sat us at opposite ends of the couch. We were not allowed to get up until we talked out the problem and could get up friends again. No one was allowed in the room until we worked it out. I’m sure she stayed just outside the door listening to us many times and smiling. We never stayed mad at each other very long. ;)

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