CTG 8th grade questions

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CTG 8th grade questions

Unread post by NCMomof2 » Wed May 31, 2017 6:12 pm

We are finishing up LUOA 7th grade and I want to do MFW CTG for 8th for my daughter and my 3rd grade son. Can someone share with me what their 8th grade CTG daily schedule would be including MFW deluxe package, an English/Lit/Writing program, science, math and one or two other things (health, foreign language, etc)? How much one on one time is needed for each kid with the mom? My daughter did an online course for two years and last year I did my own curriculum for our son, so we were free to do what we wanted. This is our third year homeschooling, but our first with a box curriculum. My daughter works very, very slowly, but my son rushes through things, but does well with accuracy in his work most of the time. I want to do Easy Peasy and LOF for our Grammar, LOF for math and Apologia for 8th grade science and Abeka for health (once a week). I feel overwhelmed already! How can we make it less than an 8 hour school day and still get everything in? How long should an 8th grade school day last? Thanks!

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Re: CTG 8th grade questions

Unread post by Julie in MN » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:16 pm

The time frame in the Teacher's Manual is 8 to noon, with read-alouds, art or music, and foreign language sometimes saved for afternoons, and 7-8th graders needing more time for science, math, and language arts.

When my son was in 8th, we followed public "school hours" - we started at a firm time (around 9:00) and ended when the local kids got home from school (around 3:00). It helped that we had things ready to go in the morning, and we didn't take a lot of breaks (usually listening to something even during lunch), but we also took one day off a week for other things. I just had one student, but I also often had a toddler in the house as well as medical issues in the family, so we really had to dedicate certain hours to school and get it done.

With MFW, I think it helps that you do a lot of things together. That keeps everyone moving forward most of the time - as long as you don't get sidetracked together just as much as your student would on his own :) Family time will be about 2.5 hours, which includes the 3rd grader's science.

Science, math, and language arts can be pretty independent in 8th grade, with the exception of corrections and feedback on writing. It can help to start the 8th grader a week early and model with him how to complete those subjects on his own.

CTG is not a heavy year for an 8th grader, but if you want to lighten the day, you can do the Old Testament in the evenings as a family. We have great memories of doing CTG Bible together. Many families also do the read-aloud at bedtime or lunchtime. I encourage you to take advantage of this last year before high school and be sure to create some memories together!

There a few schedules posted in the CTG Archives: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4082
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