How much of K would you use for a younger child?

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How much of K would you use for a younger child?

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I have been considering whether to buy the kindergarten program to use with my middle child. I also have a fifth grader doing ECC, and a toddler. The amount of time I can carve out to work with my middle child is very limited. Our budget for homeschool resources is also quite limited. What parts of the kindergarten program are most important? What would you skip? I'm thinking about just working with him on learning to read (with Reading Reflex) until he is ready for first grade, then starting him in Learning God's Story. But, I don't want him to miss out on kindergarten. I did not do My Father's World in kindergarten with my oldest, but I did use other resources.
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Re: How much of K would you use for a younger child?

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I would get the basic package (or just the manual and student sheets if basic package is over your budget at this time-though you would be missing the alphabet flashcards and foam letters which are really needed for phonics, and Cuisenaire rods and Cuisenaire alphabet book which are handy to have for math), and do just the math and phonics instruction with the K child-the weekly lesson grids have calendar time, 100 chart, and all other math and phonics activities briefly listed, and more detailed instructions are in the Teaching Tips pages found after the Creation unit, and in the yellow pages at the back of the manual. For the other subjects I would let the K child participate as much as desired with the ECC child (and get your K child their own ECC student sheets if possible).
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Re: How much of K would you use for a younger child?

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Hi, arosemalone!

We did ECC and K together (years ago :)), and the two actually go really well together. As do Creation to Greeks and the 1st grade curriculum. You'll see what I mean as you go throughout the year.

Lourdes is right, the basic package has everything you'll need. really, it does! so no guilt! :) It has a lot of simple hands-on activities that keep things moving (but don't take a lot of time to set up each day!). If you have a public library nearby, you'll be able to access most of the books recommended for 'extras.'

And you'll enjoy doing K again with your toddler later.

Enjoy K & ECC - - - They were our favorite year!!

Blessings to your sweet Family! ~
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Re: How much of K would you use for a younger child?

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I'd say even the Basic Package is more than necessary. (I've taught MFW K 6 times, on my 7th now)

You need the Teacher's manual, student sheets, the alphabet flashcards and some sort of movable alphabet around 1-3" in height--lower case. I had been given a Melissa & Doug letter magnet set the right size, so I took the lower case ones and used them the first 6 times through MFW K. They were flat, so to give texture I used regular white glue to place tiny dots, waves, or lines on the letters. It dried clear. When I became lax in my school storage they started getting lost, so my new kindergartener got the Lauri set MFW sells. Both sets work(ed) great.

I would try to get cuisinaire rods at some point, the book has merit, but your library may have a similar book you could check out now and then.

You will need some sort of globe, any classical music will do but if you want to utilize MFW's lovely corresponding activity suggestions, you'll want to find the same selections--again the library out to work.

My library system does not have the Dinosaurs book and didn't used to have For the Children's Sake either. The rest of the books in basic and deluxe I've gotten from our library, as well as almost all the book basket books.

Maybe next time when the toddler gets to K do the butterfly garden. We have only ordered the caterpillars one time, but it was great and we'll do it again soon. The children use the cage for catching caterpillars and other critters constantly, but only once did we get a cocoon.

As far as the limited time to teach K, that's fine! You'll need to familiarize yourself with the TM and method, then after that you can make K as long or short as you want. You can skip every single project and science lesson (they'll do some ECC with you). When you go through it again when toddler is older, be sure to include the middle child.
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