Christmas is Coming!

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Christmas is Coming!

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Today begins a special time to prepare for Christmas called Advent - the four weeks before Christmas.

How do you prepare for Christmas – the birthday of our King? We’d love to hear!

When I was young, each Sunday we lit one more candle on our homemade birch-bark advent wreath.

To help you prepare for Christmas, we’d like to share a short video with your family about Jesus, the Prince of Peace (“Shalom”).

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Re: Christmas is Coming!

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When I was young, we only had an advent wreath at church. But when my four older children were not so little, I began reading "Jotham's Journey" as an advent devotion at bedtime, and had an advent wreath at home, and I did so every year for many years. With our youngest, who is only 5 and the only one now being homeschooled, we still have an advent wreath at home, but we read a devotional book at bedtime that is more appropriate for her age, called, "Children's Book of Advent", which was written by the pastor who officiated at our wedding and who baptized our youngest :) This year we are aslo adding a booklet that was given as a gift from our current church, called, "Countdown to Christmas", to read when we light the candles.
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Re: Christmas is Coming!

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Thanks for sharing Lourdes! Our family also loves Jotham's Journey. :) Arnold Ytreeide has a few other books for Advent and one about Easter. We've read a few and they are just as good. Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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