Using High School level for an Advanced Middle Schooler

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Using High School level for an Advanced Middle Schooler

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We are newer to homeschooling. This is our second year. I never thought I would be a homeschooler, but we are loving it. I am excited to use MFW for my soon to be 4th grader next year...its perfect for her. I do not believe it will be a good choice for my 6-7th grader...technically she will be going into 6th grade next year but she is doing 7th grade level work and its not even challenging her. She is bored. I am concerned, looking over the Creation to Greeks, while it will be interesting, it will be way to easy for her. I was thinking about skipping ahead and trying out the HS Ancient History and Literature with her. Has anyone done this or have any opinions on this. She is an extremely independent learner. She learns by reading on her own. I could teach or have her watch videos and its in one ear and out the other. She and I both would like her to be challenged next year, but is the American History and Literature a full curriculum or will she be lost as she has not had any Ancient History before.
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Re: Using High School level for an Advanced Middle Schooler

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I would not do AHL with a 7th grader. There is a maturity level needed for the topics covered.

I would have her do CTG, but do the extra projects in the front of the chapters of Streams of Civilization, and make sure she is doing the book basket books. Maybe add a progeny press guide or two for a couple of books. You could let her do the reading to the younger one.
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Re: Using High School level for an Advanced Middle Schooler

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Hi and welcome to homeschooling! So glad to hear you're loving it already!

I agree with Trish - MFW high school programs are not recommended for younger students. Using our high school programs for advanced students has been tried and just has not produced the fruit that the programs were designed to accomplish.

I am not sure whether you have already done ECC (Exploring Countries and Cultures), but that has a special 7-8th Grade Supplement, so your 7th grader could be working on country reports, research, and more advanced biographies. After ECC, you could continue with the same pattern, assigning similar projects. When doing Creation to the Greeks, as Trish mentioned, you can add projects from Streams of Civilization.

I encourage you to continue to teach most of history (along with Bible) up through 8th grade, guiding your children through these values-laden subjects, rather than relying on text authors to do that for you in these years before high school.

Meanwhile, history is just one subject each day. As Trish mentioned, our 7-8th graders are diving into formal grammar, literature study, and middle school science with their own experiments to set up, as well as moving toward algebra. It's also nice to take advantage of those last couple of years before high school to fit in some interesting electives such as shop, home ec, or foreign language exploration.

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Blessings as you try to do what's best for your thriving young lady,
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