Talk to me about science experiments in ECC

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Talk to me about science experiments in ECC

Unread post by scrapper4life » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:37 pm

Hello all you helpful mamas!

I am looking into ECC and I really love all that's here. I just wanted to know if someone could shed some light on the science experiments for that program. My son LOVES experiments. Our current curriculum does two per week and I still bought an extra kit for backups to feed the monster :). What is ECC science like for experiments? It looks like the AIG book is the spine and I can't find a good look inside to see if there are corresponding activities throughout. Even if they aren't schedule in MFW guide, we'll probably do the if they are there and it would save this momma a whole lot of time coming up with her own :)

Also, if we go with this guide, it will be for a 4th grader. We will do our own LA which includes writing and I'm wondering what the writing/research/vocab load is like across the curriculum. If we go with this LA will be the only swap out.

Thanks, all!

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Re: Talk to me about science experiments in ECC

Unread post by Julie - Staff » Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:42 pm

While you wait for moms who are using ECC now to have a chance to reply, I thought I'd start the conversation.

The AIG book, Properties of Ecosystems, has a hands-on activity in each unit. We recommend that younger students focus on these activities, since the reading can be a little dense at times, especially at the beginning of the year. POE includes activities from observing frozen freshwater vs. saltwater to weighing your family's trash for the week. If you look at the sample pages for Week 9, you can see a POE activity on Tuesday regarding greenhouses: ... manual.pdf

The ECC Teacher's Manual schedules additional hands-on activities, from identifying trees by touch to observing the action of celery xylem using food coloring. In the sample week above, you can see a terrarium activity on Thursday.

And finally, weekly nature walks are highly recommended during ECC. For my own family, ECC was the one year where we were really diligent about doing nature walks, experimenting with different methods of observing nature even during our frigid Minnesota winters. In the sample week above, a zoo trip is one suggestion.

In all of these cases, there are also Book Basket suggestions for learning more about the topics. Some of the books listed will have additional activities you can do, as well.

Hope that helps you visualize the year in science!

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Re: Talk to me about science experiments in ECC

Unread post by allgrace » Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:40 am

We are on week 16 of ECC. My oldest is in 3rd grade and I have 4 younger children including a baby so I probably am not the best person to answer this because we don't do all of the scheduled science. But, I know we have done some and skipped some experiments. I think there might be some in the POE book that are optional. I think if your son wants more experiments you could look some up based off the science topic being studied. We have the Apologia zoology 3 books and we sometimes read those to learn more about the animals in the continent that we are studying. There are additional activities and experiments in there also. We also go on and look up animal facts and videos. I have heard the next year CTG has a lot of science experiments so he probably will enjoy that.
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