MLK Day... And Black History Month in February

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MLK Day... And Black History Month in February

Unread post by Julie - Staff » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:46 pm

Martin Luther King Day – The 3rd Monday in January
AND Black History Month – February

(AKA National African American History Month)

We always spent some time on MLK in January. Or, some folks like to include Black History Month activities in February. If you are looking for a little something to do, here are a few ideas -- new ones and old.

Bible Connections

Museum of the Bible gives a quick, 1-minute overview of the role the Bible played in music and speeches of the Civil Rights era in their video, “Martin Luther King and the Bible”:

Here is a list of Bible references in the I Have a Dream speech (and a link to verses used in other MLK sermons): ... am-speech/

Books Books Books

I Have A Dream illustrated by Kathleen A. Wilson.
Just the Dream speech, with impressive illustrations. We've read this many times.

A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr., by David Adler.
Or watch the Reading Rainbow guy read it aloud while showing the book's illustrations. It seems fitting that this story of a pastor's life is filmed at Dr. King’s church, begins with the Golden Rule, and plays Amazing Grace in the background. (9 minutes - actual reading starts at 2:15)

Martin’s Big Words, a longer picture book by Doreen Rappaport.
This has been recorded by several people on youtube, but this old-fashioned version may be my favorite, with its deep-voiced narrator and choir in the background. Younger kids might prefer one of the more upbeat, mom-type readings. (11 minutes)

Speech, Composition, Art

(1) I love the I Have a Dream speech, and we would often follow up by drawing or writing our own dream. I would put it on the fridge for a while and then in my son’s notebook. Here are some of the types of ideas I have used, but you could easily make a page yourself.
(2) Reading speeches aloud with a lot of enthusiasm can be fun. You could even take turns, practicing some of those public speaking skills. The transcript of the Dream speech is on this website: ... adream.htm

(3) Listening to the speech aloud is also meaningful - the link above also has the original audio recording of the Dream speech.

Historic Sites

(1) The National Parks Memorial in D.C.: ... morial.htm
(2) The National Parks Historic Site in GA: ... center.htm
(3) Virtual tour of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN, where MLK was shot, and it's the 50th anniversary this year (April 4, the day MLK was killed, is a city holiday in Memphis):
(4) Nobel Peace Prize Q&A (and other links): ... g-faq.html
(5) A new Civil Rights Trail covering over a dozen states with potential field trips:


(1) A 3-minute cartoon with "fun facts" about MLK, including how he and his father ended up with Martin Luther’s name:

(2) A cute young boy narrates a bio of MLK on youtube: (3-1/2 minutes)

(3) A simple biography that explains segregation etc. (6 minutes)


Scroll down the page to find a brief timeline (plus other possible activities):


In Memphis, there is an emphasis on doing service to commemorate these events.
Poohbee wrote:
Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:33 pm
I have a VHS copy of an animated movie called Our Friend, Martin. It's a time-travel adventure, but it has actual historical footage. My kids and I enjoyed watching that each year until our VHS player broke down. Now, I get out all of my books about MLK, Jr. (I've collected quite a few), and have the kids look through them and read a few each year. It's good to remember both him and that period of history.
hsmomof5 wrote:Last year, We watched the I Have A Dream Speech on the History
We checked out Library books and created a MLK notebook on his life. We got a lot of printouts for our notebook from
The year prior to that, we took a visit to the Civil Rights Museum.
I don't have any big plans this year. We are going to view some documentaries on his life. ... 253#p46253

I'd love to hear more fun traditions for this Federal Holiday!

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