Family Life Movie

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Family Life Movie

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Family Life is releasing a new movie -- “Like Arrows.” I saw an early screening and it has a powerful message about our journey as parents. This would be a great date night!

You can see the trailer here and buy tickets. It's in select theaters May 1 and 3 only.

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Re: Family Life Movie

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Wow! What a powerful reminder of the importance of making Christ the center of our lives! The movie was fantastic! It made both me and my husband cry, laugh, and think deeply about our parenting. Family Life Ministries partnered with the Kendrick brothers to make this film, and they are offering their curriculum, “The Art of Parenting,” free online at I can’t wait to go through it with my husband. We have ten children and feel like we need all the help we can get :-)

Thank you, Marie, for sharing about the movie. I pray that many will take advantage of Family Life’s generous offer of free curriculum. We all need wisdom to help us navigate through this wicked and dark generation we live in, and we are so thankful for tools to help us do just that.
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