Skipping kindergarten

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Skipping kindergarten

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Trying to figure out how to help my daughter without hindering her love of learning. My son is finishing up K. My daughter has sat with us for most of it. She knew how to read before he did. I should mention that my son is 6.5 years old and my daughter just turned 5 last Saturday. I feel like if I do K with her this coming year, that it would be too easy for her. Has anyone done 1st with a 5 year old who would be in kindergarten? She is very smart for her age. She can even do basic addition just like her brother. Also her handwriting is wonderful as she has been writing since she was 3. I looked at the questions to determine if she was ready for first. I was able to answered yes to all but the one about the age question. She won't be 6 until next May.
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Re: Skipping kindergarten

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It's possible for a 5 year old to be ready for 1st, especially with a sibling so close in age, and having sat in on K with the older sibling. I'd say go ahead and do 1st with both children. There may yet come a point in the future where you have to slow things down for the younger child while continuing on with the older child, but for now, if she's ready, go for it :)
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Re: Skipping kindergarten

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Hi and welcome!

Generally, we recommend doing all subjects together as a family (up through 8th grade) except language arts and math. Family subjects are based on the oldest child's program, just as you have been doing. So, a family with children aged 5 and 6 at the start of the year would use 1st grade for things like science, art projects, music, read-aloud literature, and possibly Bible and history. Then each child would work on math and language arts skills with you individually (even twins).

When it's time to work on language arts and math with the 5yo, even if already reading, we do recommend our kindergarten program. There are ideas in the Teacher's Manual for using the program with a reading child by introducing spelling, etc. That way, your 5yo can have some time at her own maturity level each day. A few families start 1st before age 6 (and may stretch it out for more than a year), but we hear back from a lot of families whose kids start to get overwhelmed and resistant, not because of a lack of ability but because of their maturity level. We like to keep the whole child in mind and prevent burnout.

As for science, art, music, hands-on crafts and activities, etc., you can skip the K activities, since she has already done them, and invite her to join in with your 1st grader for those subjects.

Here is a post on the Message Board from our author, Marie Hazell, which may be helpful as you visualize teaching your students together: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=191

If you do decide to go ahead and start 1st with the 5yo, then we still recommend teaching language arts and math individually, rather than teaching both students together in those subjects. That will help you to see when either of them needs to slow down, etc.

I hope this gives you some ideas to start, and other families may pop in with their own experiences as well. (Woops, I see you did receive an experienced reply just as I was typing!)

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