Anyone in Monterey, CA?

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Anyone in Monterey, CA?

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Hi, we moved here 4 years ago and having a very hard time connecting with any other home-schoolers. Everyone at church goes through a charter school or Classical Conversations and they all have there own groups. The town we moved from had so many great home school groups! Pretty desperate for any type of support from others in same situation.
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Re: Anyone in Monterey, CA?

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We are in Santa Cruz County and I understand that everyone seems to be in a charter and/or with CC. We do neither. I do know a couple of other families in our area that also use MFW but they are part of a charter. I don't spend much time checking the message boards but was on it the other day and noticed your post. We go to Monterey for the aquarium once a month or so and also the symphony educational concerts.
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Re: Anyone in Monterey, CA?

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Hi! We are not in Monterey but we (DH and I) are originally from Monterey County. We now live in South Santa Clara County. However last year we ended up in Marina 2 days a week. It’s about a 45 minute drive for us. We did the reading center at csumb two afternoons a week for my dyslexic son last year and we figured we’d make a day of it since we made the trip! We did a class through ocean grove—- science & art in the park and then once a week we did a nature exploration class from 9-12 from the ventenna wilderness society. My kids loved it! We paid out of pocket but got a scholarship so it was super affordable and the kids got to ride together in a van so I only had to drop off / pick up!

I also researched a co-op called living waters that is Christian. It sounded like a very sweet old fashioned co-op. I wanted to join because we actually don’t have anything out here like that (it’s all cc or pricy classes) but he got approved for services for OT / reading locally through ocean grove this year. You could look into that co-op it was very affordable and all just enrichment classes of parents choice to teach.

I feel you though. We’ve considered cc but it’s just not a great fit for us. Ideologically as well as having a big family too costly unless I tutored which I don’t want to really do with 3 kids under 5 right now.

Things we’ve done to met people have been joining a local homeschool group for park days / field trips via a local church and Facebook. We joined American Heritage Girls and met a lot of great homeschooling families that way, too. We also met families at a ranch in San Juan Bautista for horse riding—-they are an OGCS vendor so have lots of homeschool kids but you don’t have to be Ocean Grove and they are quite affordable- Dreamor Ranch. My kids also met kids just from doing after school programs and taking homeschool classes. Like right now my oldest girl is doing a theater class for homeschoolers.

We do use the charter homeschool ocean grove although I don’t know if we will continue past 8th grade. So far using mfw hasn’t been a problem honestly and the funding helps us living in the Silicon Valley on one income, but totally a personal choice.

Hope that helps! Feel free to PM me!
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