Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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I want to find a homeschool planner that works well for a parent who teaches two levels of MFW, Kindergarten and CTG. I want it to include space for menu planning and household tasks as well as homeschool plans. It would be great if it also had space for planning workouts. What do you use?
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Re: Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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There have been conversations over the years about using everything from online planners to paper printouts: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3238#p14947

To cover all the things you are looking for, DIY might be your best option. Maybe start with something from Donna Young? She has household and homeschool planners, although you might be looking to merge them somehow.

There are also lots of options for purchasing homeschool planners nowadays, with names like The Ultimate, The Best, and The Well Planned Day. CBD has an entire category for homeschool planners that you might check out.

Hope you hear from someone with experience being very organized :)

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Re: Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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I use a planner for nearly everything; I have found I need to keep things fairly organized in order to accomplish home schooling and our home.

As Julie mentioned, Christian Books on-line has a number of homeschool planners including the two I have liked.

I used to use the Well Pllanned Day, and it has spaces for everything you mentioned. The lesson plan pages also have a place for dinner plans. It also includes a calander, shopping lists, year plan, etc. I used this one for approximately 3 years and it worked well.

Currently, I use Debra Bell’s Ultimate Homeschool Planner. The focus is prayers, goals, accomplishments, and a weekly planner for homeschooling. In addition, I have a homemaker planner from Christian Light Education that has a place for meal planning, appointments, shopping lists, etc. This home maker planner I use year round.

The samples on CBD should give you an idea, and they also sell a number of other options.
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Re: Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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I use the Ultimate Homeschool planner by Debra Bell. It has 52 weeks in it. I use it as an all in one planner and write the days of the weeks on the left side. I have a column for myself( I write in homemanagement, meals, to do lists etc.), then one for our together subjects (this is CTG this year) and each school age child (their language arts and math) and one for my littles. I also use it as a journal. I like having everything in one place. I also love the quotes and Bible verses throughout.
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Re: Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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I love my planner from "A Plan in Place." You can customize it to fit your needs. It has sections for menu planning, book lists, and much more! The main part of the planner is a weekly planning page(s). I'm teaching Adventures & Kindergarten this year, and I use my planner every single day! It works great for teaching multiple levels.

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Re: Anyone use a homeschool planner?

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I previously used the Well-Planned Day planner by Well-Planned Gal for all of my household tasks. She also has a Homeschool planner that I think includes space for the household stuff as well.

I just started looking into Tauna Meyer's printable planners from Proverbial Homemaker. She's got the Rhythms and Routines Homeschool Planner as well as the Proverbial Homemaker Planner (which appear to be in a bundle on sale right now). I watched some videos of her explaining her systems and they seem really versatile!
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