Alternative to "M" stories for ECC

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Alternative to "M" stories for ECC

Unread post by LemonadeLover » Sun Aug 26, 2018 8:49 am

We live overseas and my husband does not want me to bring the following books into country: Window on the World, Hero Tales, and Christian Heroes Then and Now. I found Christian Heroes on kindle, and we already own Operation World on kindle or plan to use Joshua Project for prayer points. But as for Hero husband would prefer we read stories to our children that exemplify "normal people" living out their faith in different contexts, rather than only glorifying the profession of M-work. Any suggestions on books that contain these type of stories? I don't want to just skip all of these books since it seems to make up the bulk of the Bible portion of the curriculum (from what I've gathered reading online descriptions).
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Re: Alternative to "M" stories for ECC

Unread post by Julie - Staff » Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:09 pm

If you are mostly wanting to avoid stories about people called to plant churches, then I wonder if stories of people with different ministries would work? I am not sure there are many stories in print about the day-to-day lives of nondescript (though worthy and valuable) people, but there are stories of people with a range of ministries that have impressed others enough to write about them.

Some of the choices will depend on the ages of your students as well as the direction you are wanting to go, but here are some books about people whom I wouldn't classify as traditional missionaries:
  • Kisses with Katie is about ministry to orphans - this book is in the ECC 7-8th Grade Supplement
  • Brother Andrew, also in the 7-8th Grade Supplement, is very inspiring - he smuggles Bibles and such, which is a little different twist on missionary work
  • Paul Brand was raised by missionaries and determined NOT to be a missionary - he was a doctor who ended up specializing in lepers and discovering the cause of leprosy’s terrible effects; he has written wonderful books like Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, and there have been books written about him from YWAM and others
  • Ernest Shackleton was simply an explorer, but I always felt he exemplified leadership (the Bible is only briefly discussed when the crew is letting go of their belongings); there is a book about Shackleton on the ECC Book Basket list
  • Snow Treasure is another book I remember from the ECC book basket list - a children's chapter book based on true accounts of Norwegian children who used sleds to smuggle their country's gold bullion past German guards
  • Corrie Ten Boom is always inspiring, depending on the ages of your students - there are also other stories of hiding Jews during WWII and some also ending up in prison camp like Corrie and her family
  • C.S. Lewis biography?
  • If your family won't get through the entire Investigate cycle before high school, then there are inspirational read-alouds in all the other years that you might read this year; for instance, two books from the Daughters of the Faith series are used, and that series is about children who were influenced by the faith or ministry of their parents, such as the founder of the Salvation Army or the young Harriet Tubman, who wasn't a missionary of any kind but was influenced greatly by her mother's faith
Not sure if I went in the direction your family is looking for, but I always enjoy a good book discussion!

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Re: Alternative to "M" stories for ECC

Unread post by arosemalone » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:32 pm

If your husband is assuming that the abovementioned books focus only on missionaries, I would point out that that is not the case. Window on the World in particular has quite a few stories about ordinary people living out their faith. I think Hero Tales has some, too. Christian Heroes Then and Now is a series that encompasses many missionary biographies, but not all the books in the series are about missionaries in the traditional sense of the word. I assume that you left out the name of the country where you live on purpose, but is the problem that ordering or taking such books into the country would be a security risk? I think YWAM has a series of "Heroes of History" books that may be more like what your husband would prefer. I am not suggesting that you go against your husband's wishes, just letting you know that if it is still up for discussion, you may want to tell him what the above books are really about. I am sure you could find more information about the contents of these books online. There are several people mentioned in the volume of Hero Tales that came to me with ECC that I would not call traditional missionaries: William and Catherine Booth, Martin Luther, Samuel Morris, George Muller, Menno Simons, Harriet Tubman, William Tyndale, etc. I am not saying that they weren't missionaries in the broader sense of one who shares the gospel. I just think that you might find that these are stories that your husband would consider appropriate.

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Re: Alternative to "M" stories for ECC

Unread post by allgrace » Sat Sep 01, 2018 9:12 pm

If I am remembering right, in many of the chosen read alouds if not all, you see the main character being faithful to minister in their home country first. The books show their process of maturing spiritually and the result is that they are active in ministry and follow wherever God leads them.
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