CTG subbing MOH1 and Geology

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CTG subbing MOH1 and Geology

Unread post by lea_lpz » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:40 pm

Do you think it would be worth it to do CTG if we decided to substitute Mystery of History vol 1 for Streams if Civilizations for a 7th and 4th grader next year? I was also thinking of using a Geology course for my 7th grader. I could potentially do the science with my 4th grader included maybe? We used mfw for the early years k,1st, and adventures but then did our own thing the past 3 years or so, but have 3 young children and feel like I am getting overwhelmed with the planning. Thanks!
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Re: CTG subbing MOH1 and Geology

Unread post by Julie - Staff » Thu Dec 13, 2018 8:04 pm

As you wait for replies during this busy time of the year, I wanted to share a couple of FAQ that Marie and David have developed about the book Streams.
Why is Streams of Civilization used?
We use Streams of Civilization Volume 1 as a resource for parents and for older students so that they can understand history from a Christian perspective. How did we get different races after the flood if there was only Noah and his family? Who were the Hittites? We don't read every page - just the relevant information.

Why is Story of the World Vol.1 not used? (Not your question, but along similar lines):
My Father's World uses the resources that best present the information. For the time period of Creation to the Greeks we believe the most accurate and ancient "original document" is the Bible. God gave us a great history book that is full of action, intrigue, motives both good and evil, and His interpretation of events and people. We want to lay a foundation for kids to see God at work in history so that they can study further history with a correct perspective. The Bible is used as the main history spine for the entire year with other books supplementing as needed. We want kids to hear God's incredible words to mankind.
There are families who sub books in and out and are very happy. But in case it overloads your day, it's good to be aware that you don't read every page in Streams - just the relevant information. Often there are only small segments scheduled in Streams, which may support the Bible readings and show the student that the Bible describes true historical events.

You also don't read it to the youngest students. Creation to the Greeks is suitable for a family with an oldest in grades 4-8, plus their younger siblings. What you read and discuss with an 8th grader will have some depth and what you do with a 2nd grade sibling should be mostly hands-on.

In the sample weeks online, you can see both ends of the spectrum -- I don't see Streams scheduled at all during Week 10, and then in Week 11 the sections about Egypt are scheduled daily (one section is only for Advanced students). However, other books and activities are also scheduled during both weeks: https://www.mfwbooks.com/itemFiles/9520 ... Sample.pdf

Most importantly, on the sample you can see at least a chapter of the Bible (biblical history) is read every day (except it looks like Tuesday of Week 11). I wouldn't want to add so much that you don't have time for that :)

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Re: CTG subbing MOH1 and Geology

Unread post by allgrace » Fri Dec 14, 2018 7:11 am

We are in week 13 of CTG right now. Streams of Civ. Is used but only small parts so far. The readings add more detail to the part of history being studied. For example, as we learn about pharoahs in Egypt, we read a bit about pharaohs from Streams. We read about a women pharoah and who she succeeded and how. At the same time, we were reading through the OT and were studying the life of Joseph. I can see how MFW uses parts of various books to flush out the big picture and uses the Bible as the spine. I have looked at Mystery of History, but it seemed to summarize the Bible instead of reading straight from the Bible. You could always have it and use it as a supplement when it works. My oldest is 4th grade so I sometimes sumarize Streams and sometimes I don't. I think you could sub the Geology science. We really like the Science though. I would personally just pick and choose which experiments to do from Science in the Beginning because it's a good course.
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