Updates -Student Sheets, 2nd editions etc (office responses)

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Updates -Student Sheets, 2nd editions etc (office responses)

Unread post by Scott Sorrell »

Second Editions for 2010

For your convenience, and in response to numerous requests from our customers, we now provide Student Sheets for all curriculum packages (K-8). No more photocopying from the appendix of Teacher's Manuals. The only significant change in the new "Second Edition" Teacher's Manuals is that we have removed the student pages from the appendix and created enhanced, consumable Student Sheets. New second editions for 2010 include Adventures in My Father's World, Creation to the Greeks, Rome to the Reformation, and Exploration to 1850.

Purchase one set of Student Sheets per student.

With minor adjustments the new Student Sheets can be used with first edition Teacher's Manuals, if desired.

Second edition changes:
Adventures in My Father's World - new Student Sheets include Notebook Pages, 50 State Sheets and Flashcards, and State Flag Stickers.

Creation to the Greeks - new Student Sheets

Rome to the Reformation - new Student Sheets

Exploration to 1850 - expanded Student Sheets include Notebook Pages, State Sheets and Flashcards, and State Flag Stickers

Other 2010 changes:

1850 to Modern Times - MFW Student Sheets no longer include an extra set of Student Pages for Story of the World Activity Book 4. Some photocopying is required from the Activity Book for siblings or Story of the World Student Pages can be purchased at http://www.peacehillpress.com.
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Student Sheets (David Hazell response)

Unread post by david »

There is a lot of conversation on forums and messages boards about MFW’s decisions to create enhanced, consumable Student Sheets. Here are some of the questions we have heard:

Will we still be able to use our first edition Teacher’s Manuals?
Will we be able to copy the new Student Sheets? If not, why not?
Will the Teacher’s Manual still have the student sheets in them?
Will I need to buy a new Teacher’s Manual for my younger kids?
Is MFW becoming like other companies whose first goal is to make money?

I would like to share some helpful background information. MFW has been and continues to be committed to providing its customers with the highest quality, least expensive academic curriculum that focuses on service to God and His Kingdom. We have not changed.

New enhanced, consumable Student Sheets (one set per student) were created to better serve our customers. Benefits include colorized pages (the 11 story books in the new student materials for Kindergarten are in color), two-sided pages making activities easier for children, pages printed on card stock and various colors of paper, and grayscale handwriting lines that do not photocopy well. Examples include State Sheets in Adventures, The Geography Game in ECC, and Benjamin Franklin’s Almanack in Adventures. New Student Sheets also allow us to begin including stickers and other niceties for little additional cost. Photocopying would eliminate many of the enhancements provided in the new Student Sheets giving additional students a “second class” learning experience.

Because of our commitment to affordability, we worked hard to reduce the costs for additional students using the same program. We started by printing materials written by MFW at our warehouse, therefore eliminating the middle man. Lower printing costs mean lower prices for our customers. Next we reduced the price of Teacher’s Manuals to $90. This means that Student Sheets with limited special pages only cost $12.95, therefore keeping package prices more affordable. Generally we have been able to lower the cost of student materials through the use of Student Sheets. Last year Adventures student materials included State Sheets and Cards ($12.95), State Flag Stickers ($2.25), and copying costs for all the appendix pages. This year new expanded Student Sheets for Adventures will cost $19.95 each instead of $15.20 each, plus copy costs. When including paper costs, printer/ink costs, and labor, it almost impossible to copy all Adventures’ appendix pages for $4.75. It is always our goal to save customers money.

New Student Sheets will cost:
Kindergarten colorized student materials reduced to $29.95
First Grade student materials (includes Student Workbook-$14.95, Bible Reader-$14.95, Student Sheets-$14.95, and Bible Notebook-$9.95) - $49
Adventures Student Sheets - $19.95
ECC Student Sheets - $14.95
CTG Student Sheets - $12.95
RTR Student Sheets - $12.95
Exploration to1850 Student Sheets - $16.95
1850 to Modern Times Student Sheets - $9.95 (see website for more information). A Second Edition will not be released until 2011 so that our current customers who are using Year 4 can complete Year 5 under the original system.

As you can see these are priced very reasonably and the first set is included free in the package price.

Finally, the question of first edition manuals and upgrades: First edition manuals with appendix pages are still completely usable as long as you own the books referred to in the Teacher’s Manual. With minor adjustments new Student Sheets can be used with first edition Teacher’s Manuals, if desired. The Student Sheets have been enhanced to provide a better product for the customer. Therefore older editions of Teacher’s Manuals may not have instructions for some pages in the new Student Sheets. These can be discarded or used at the consumer’s discretion. Because of these changes, we will provide upgrade packages that include revised Teacher’s Manuals, new books, and Student Sheets at discounted prices for current MFW customers. Because of our commitment to serve our customers, we will discount these upgrades significantly, often as much as 50% on items published by MFW and 25% on items published by others, and offer a trade-in option for older manuals that you purchased from us. We are not creating these revisions and upgrades to make more money. We would rather provide an opportunity for our customers to give generously to God’s kingdom through organizations like God’s Word for the Nations.

If for any reason you want to make absolutely sure that a current Teacher’s Manual will exactly match the Student Sheets in the future, you will need to buy extra Student Sheets this year. Our recommendation for using a program a second time with younger siblings is to buy the discounted upgrade package described above, if one is necessary.

We continually seek out the best books on the market for our customers and work with publishers to improve books. One great change for this year is that MFW has been able to work with 3 large publishers to remove almost all references to evolution from their publications. We will continue to work with publishers to improve the best books, making them even better. These kinds of changes will be reflected when possible in the upgrade packages.

I hope this information provides answers to your questions about our Second Edition Student Sheets.

We thank you all for your loyalty to MFW.
Have a Great Day in OUR Father's World,

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Re: New Student Sheets

Unread post by Kelly1730 »

We were fortunate enough to use the new ECC this year and are loving it! Having the student sheets prepared and "ready to go" is wonderful. I'm looking forward to using the new student sheets next year with CTG. Thanks MFW!
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Re: New Student Sheets

Unread post by Amy C. »

We are new to MFW this year and used ECC 2nd edition which had the student sheets.

The student sheets were a great asset to us. I would have hated to have to copy all of those pages. Not to mention the great quality that you would not get with a copy. I was thrilled to see that the upcoming years will have them. They are definitely worth the money! Thanks for making MFW so affordable. Even with the changes, it is still a great value. Thank you for your commitment to God and to your customers! We are blessed to have people so dedicated to making sure other homeschoolers have the best curriculum at a really affordable price! We have been greatly blessed by MFW. Thank you, Hazells and all who serve in this curriculum ministry!

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Adventures - More Timeline Figures in Student Sheets?

Unread post by mlbuchina »

I have the copyright 2005 edition of the TM for Adv. and the new student sheets. I was looking through to see how to put them together and noticed that there are more timeline figures in the new student sheets. This may be a silly question 8| but I'm guessing we are just going to not study the new additions to the timeline since they are not scheduled in the old TM?
cbollin wrote:It is possible that the events/people are studied in the older version but just didn't have a timeline figure with them until now and it will all work out.
If the events/people in the extra timeline pieces aren't somehow covered in the regular stuff, then, you can grab an extra book here and there in book basket for it.
After digging through my TM, I have discovered that it does cover all but two timeline events.
cbollin wrote:The good thing with ADV, is that it is taught chronologically, so if you seem to skip over a "new piece" while making your timeline, you'll know when to fit it in. I'm assuming the new pieces have the date on them like the older ones did.

That's right. They are set up and look like the old ones. They have the same type of line drawings as the old ones and have a caption and the date under the pictures.
cbollin wrote:You do have me curious -- about how many timeline pieces are "new" and can you share a few of them? Maybe we'll be able to tell you which week it is in ADV and then you can jot a note in the manual.

There are nine new timeline pieces. The two that are not covered are Daniel Boone opens the wilderness road in 1775 and Thomas Edison invents the electric light in 1879. I think that these will be easy to at least work in with book basket books. I think I will be able to get Edison in there, but I haven't quite figured out where Daniel Boone goes. I do have him narrowed down to be after week 5 - Mayflower and Pilgrims and before week 8 - Benjamin Franklin. Maybe he is in American Pioneers and Patriots, and that will tell me where to add him in at.
cbollin wrote:Daniel Boone and Wilderness Road is week 17 with Kentucky history and American Pioneers and Patriots reading I think.... (and a few titles in basket)

Thomas Edison -- week 33 and there are already book baskets on him.

yeah! it was easy! and they are already covered. enjoy.
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Student Sheets Question

Unread post by TriciaMR »

microcarter wrote:This increases the price of MFW for multiple children households versus the older 1st editions where the student sheets were part of the appendix in the TM.

We had a big discussion on this over on the Yahoo loop... (and maybe somewhere on this loop, too)

Basically, it depends on how much it costs you in time and money... This year I went to a local copy shop, and it was approximately $15 for me to copy all the pages in CTG for one student. And that was me providing my own card stock (they didn't have any) for the temple activity, plus about 45 minutes to an hour in time.

Even if I copy at home on my ink jet, well, the ink is not cheap for my ink jet, so if I'm making 3 copies (which in a couple of years i will be) it would likely use up an entire black ink cartridge AND half a ream of paper (or more). And, it would take me longer, because I'd have to copy one sheet at a time, because it doesn't have a feeder like the copiers at the copy shops.

An equation we used to use is time = money. So, you have to consider how much is that hour of time worth to you...

Now, if you have a black and white laser printer that runs about 3 cents per copy, and you got paper cheap, then you might save money with a version 1.

For me, I don't like spending a hour at my local print shop, nor would I like trying to sit by my ink jet for 2 or 3 hours to make copies.

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Re: Student Sheets Question

Unread post by cbollin »

I'm getting ready to do RTR for the 2nd time this coming year and I'll tell you up front --- I'm using my 1st edition manual of RTR but definitely bought the new student sheets. For $12.95 I get it all done for the whole year! and it is way higher quality than my cheap printer. and I mean way better! And the parts that needed to be on cardstock were already done. No spiral binding to deal with. AND -- big improvement here ..... in RTR 1st edition, you know what? I had to go back to these black line map masters --- MFW did each one for me already! and get this -- it included a cover/title sheet to slip into the 3 ring notebook binder so it looks really neat. It is so nice to be done with all copying for the whole year!

Overall, the price did not change from 2009 did it? Another thing to remember --- if you buy 2nd edition package -- you get one set of student sheets. You don't even have to copy for the first student b/c it's included in the package. Are you seeing that part of the equation too? I don't mean to sound rude on it --- I'm just saying some people in previous discussions didn't make that observation.

This just means that your extra kids get a set of really top quality sheets at the "extra price" (minus the real cost to you of making the copies). YES!!!! $13, whole year.! yeah mama! and yes, I'm using RTR 1st edition with those new sheets. It's the same sheets. somewhere between 60-70 sheets - some are on cardstock too. It would cost me about $17 for one ink cartridge alone in my cheap HP printer, and that much copying, yes, on my printer, I"d use most of the cartridge. So, to have higher quality copies, and all done and on the cardstock and all of the maps...... I'm in!


Some exceptions out there:
there are pages in year 5, Story of the World Activity book -- you can photocopy those.
some of the books like God and the history of Art, or World Geography, and other things -- there are things we can copy.
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Re: Student Sheets Question

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Don't forget, LA, that MFW takes care of us, too :o)

When they came out with a new Apologia edition, they still got me the lesson plans for the old edition that I had. When they came out with ECC second edition, they provided a lower cost package upgrade for me. And they made the price of the manual and the copies to about equal the old price for manual & copies.

I do like the old way myself, because I'm from "old school homeschooling" where you pull things together. I sometimes think I like to "play school" :~ But a new generation of homeschoolers is out there where having things at hand is very important. MFW was considering their feedback, I know. Then a few other things came up, like the opportunity to have a ready-made gameboard in ECC and having the answer key to some science books provided in the teacher manuals but then the manuals were getting too huge. I think somewhere the balance was tipped towards the "student sheets."

Well, that's how it played out in my mind.

But I agree that you can never be "too clear" on a website or message board. More details about the student sheets would probably help someone else, too, because for every one person who speaks up there are likely more who don't.

Meanwhile, be assured you will be able to ask the MFW office to take care of your needs, and I think they will :)
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Re: Student Sheets Question

Unread post by meagabby »

This will be new for us long timers, but might be a great selling point for new users. Deep down I am like Julie and LA, wanting it all together and 'complete' all the time.

My reality is that as my littles grow up, one at a time adding into our school day with actual school work, those pre printed pages sound nice. In the past I've copied as needed. It would have been nice to just pull from the file. Looking very forward to buying student sheets next year! ;)

I guess, I'm a middle-roader. oh well, I love the product and will adapt.
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Re: Student Sheets Question

Unread post by 4Truth »

Oy. I just skimmed the other responses so maybe this one statement has been answered and I missed it, but I wanted to comment on and clarify this one thing:
microcarter wrote:This increases the price of MFW for multiple children households versus the older 1st editions where the student sheets were part of the appendix in the TM.
MFW did lower the price of the TM when they made the Student Sheets a separate purchase. Also, the Student Sheets pack now includes the state sheets which were previously a separate purchase (in the form of a coloring book), so that cost is built into the price of the Student Sheets, too. So ultimately, you're not paying anymore than you would've with 1st edition. Especially if you aren't able to get photocopies done cheaply. Where I live, I'm fortunate in that the nearby UPS store is very friendly to homeschoolers and we get discounted copies, so it only costs me 4 cents a page. However, without that one store and homeschooler's discount, I'd be paying about 10 cents a page. :~
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Re: Student Sheets Question

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Dear Ladies,

Thanks to each of you for your input on this thread.

We are sorry for the confusion about the photocopy rights of the MFW student sheets. Just to clarify the MFW student sheets are consumable and copyrighted so that they are not to be photocopied therefore you will need one for each student. Some great points have been made about the advantages of this and that if you need more sheets in years to come that if they are significantly changed, MFW will have a solution for you at that time. Even now, the 2nd edition student sheets will work well with most of the 1st edition Teacher's Manuals. The exception would be with year 1 Exploring Countries and Cultures, but even those can be adapted to use with a 1st edition. For more information please contact us at the office at 573-426-4600.


What do the ECC student pages cover?

Unread post by cbollin »

SusanH wrote:What exactly all do these cover? I wish I had looked at them more closely at the convention but I wasn't sure until after I got home that we were switching to MFW. Does anyone have pictures on their blog or something? I'm just a visual person - and I can't find any samples on the website. We will be doing ECC.

The samples aren't on the website. Hoping Trish or someone might have some great blog pics for you.

There are many kinds of sheets in the ECC student pages.

You'll get a set of what we commonly call "the geography game" -- all in color and the countries are numbered, you get boards to play the game, and the cards that go with it.

You'll get various maps that are part of map work and various things with maps.

You'll get coloring sheets for country flags
You'll get coloring sheets for John 3:16 in many languages.
There are worksheets that go with the science text Properties of Ecosystems. -- some are ways to summarized information learned in the text, others are for recording data from the experiments.

There is a make a model airplane for when you study Nate Saint

I'm sure I'm leaving out something important. and hope others can help you see the unseen.

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Re: What do the ECC student pages cover?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Oooh, raising my hand... I like the "notebook cover" page that's now included! Our notebooks look much nicer this year :)

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Question about new Kindy Sheets

Unread post by kanderson »

BHelf wrote:Hoping someone can answer this for me--our convention was yesterday and I bought MFW K and Adventures. I've been reading through the K manual and mine doesn't say anything about cutting out a pre-made badge. It just says to make a badge. If my manual doesn't have those type of changes in it, does this mean I got older student sheets? I didn't want to open the sheets to see in case someone could just tell me and I could exchange them. Do the new student sheets have a different cover page or something that would help me determine this? I know it's not a big deal to have the older sheets but I was really looking forward to the pre-made badges as it is one less thing for me to have to summon up some creativity in order to do. ;)

I ordered new kindy sheets this year and the first page looks the same as last years (it's yellow). I don't believe the manual was going to be changed this year for kindy but I could be mistaken.

Everything was the same except for upgraded color story pages and the pre-made badges (6 badges to a page i believe) they are on heavy cardstock type paper and although I have put all my new sheets in a 3 ring binder already I believe all the cardstock pages were at the back of the set, so to answer your question - you can probably feel the back of the new set - if it's hard than it should be the new set. Hope that made some sense - sorry I'm in that first trimester loopy pregnancy brain.

btw the new sheets are awesome!
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Re: Question about new Kindy Sheets

Unread post by fdjoyce »

don't know if this helps anyone but-

I just got the new K sheets last thur- it's easy to tell them w/o opening- the cover looks the same but if you flip them over tehy have one of the color sheets on the back.

also, I called MFW before ordering & they assurred my that my manual (from 2006 i think) would correspond fine- obviously it will not say, cut out premade badge (since they did not exsist my first time through) but using the 2 together should be easy- according the folks at MFW
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

dottedmom wrote:I am new to this board. I don't like to copy the sheets in the appendix because I always get the spiral on the copies for the kids. I have tried to put paper over the spiral--but don't like it as sometimes it covers some of the page. Is there any place I can download?

thanks for your help.
I'm not sure what level you are doing, but MFW now sells "student sheets" for most levels. These are nice copies without spiral and some are colored or on cardstock. They might be just what you're looking for!
Julie, married 29 yrs, finding our way without Shane
Reid (21) college student; used MFW 3rd-12th grades (2004-2014)
Alexandra (29) mother; hs from 10th grade (2002)
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Re: Files?

Unread post by cbollin »

And in most of the years those "new" student sheets are very usable with older manuals. And I think it is more cost effective to buy the sheets from MFW than it was to use my cheap printer. My printer isn't as high of quality as what MFW produces. And it's all done for me. no spiral binding to deal with. Things that are supposed to be done on cardstock are done. all maps are there.

I'm doing RTR again the cycle and went ahead and bought the "new" sheets. They aren't different from my original manual. I'm pumped about it. I think you'll be pleased with the quality of buying them separately and the cost is good compared to my cheap printer and cheap ink..

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I'm worried they will change things again

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

Joyhomeschool wrote:And another Q... Have you been able to reuse TM's more than once? Im worried still that they will change things again and I'll need new TM's or my student pages will be out of date by the time I go to do a year the second or third time through. ;)
Postby Julie in MN » Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:21 am
As for re-using the manuals, that's an individual preference. MFW doesn't change their program yearly. I've been using it for going on 7 years, and there has only been one major change. However, there are going to be minor changes along the way when a book goes out of print (or into print) or when a typo is spotted. I personally kept my old manual because I had so many good notes in there, but I purchased the new ECC manual because I wanted to have that, too. $100 for all subjects for an entire year seemed like a bargain to me, and two manuals on the shelf isn't much for a book-lover like me. I actually reference things in them from time to time. But I know everyone's not like me :)

Postby cbollin » Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:28 am
I wouldn't worry about any of that. MFW really doesn't change the programs that much or that often. If you keep all of your books and your manual, don't get too worried on the student sheets. Most of those student sheets are MFW produced to begin with, so it's going to be ok.

and they really do look for ways to help upgrade things if needed. It will be ok.

But here's part of my story that might help you a bit.

I've done ECC twice, reused the manual, but for fun bought a new one anyway (like Julie did.)
I've done CTG twice.
I'm now doing RTR for the 2nd time. I am still using all of my old books and my old manual. And I had the fun of buying the so-called 2nd edition sheets. It's the same sheets that are in my first edition manual.
It's not really a 2nd edition program -- it's a 2nd edition of the same manual and sheets just in 2 pieces instead of one manual where I have to do the copying.

I really think it will all work out.

Over their 10 years, MFW really hasn't changed all that much. And they work so hard behind the scenes to get reprint rights when package books go out of print.

Postby HSmommi2mine » Thu Aug 19, 2010 8:55 am
The recent changes that MFW has been making are really the first of their kind. Generally things are only updated slightly when a publisher puts out a new version of one of the spines or something goes oop. Even if they do a complete overhaul, you can use your program again as long as your books match your TM. At the moment I am using ECC for the second time and I will use it once more before all of the kids have graduated. I could get the updated version, but we liked this one the first time and I see no reason to change things.
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Box Day!

Unread post by baileymom »

1850-MOD and PreSchool 3/5 arrived at our doorstep this afternoon! Very exciting!

*And* although I was skeptical over buying Student Sheets, I have to say...that the TM is much easier to handle without that HUGE Appendix in the back!

Thank You MFW!
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Lucy- With regard to the coming price changes... 2012

Unread post by cbollin »

my3sons wrote:Can you tell us what changes, if any, are coming to the curriculum itself? Any updates? Thanks!!
I'm not Lucy or any staff...

The page about which prices are going up and which are going down says
Kindergarten Second Edition is the only significant content change in 2012.
I would guess that means only Kindy has significant changes in content. It's otherwise minor up/down in prices of packages due to market changes.

Here is the info on changes to K.
My Father’s World from A to Z Kindergarten

Second Edition Available March 1, 2012
The core of the program has not changed. However, the Second Edition Teacher's Manual, now over 220 pages, includes the following revisions:

New grid lesson plan charts for each unit
More hands-on activities
Expanded Bible lessons
Extensive booklist for each unit with many new Book Day storybooks (new in 2011)
Deluxe items are scheduled in the manual

Student Sheets are essentially the same as first edition but now include the following:

New thematic math sheets (such as farm theme math sheet for the horse unit)
New sheets with animal pictures for scheduled activities
Badge patterns to trace
May be used with either a first or second edition Teacher's Manual


A-Z Textured Letters are included in the Second Edition Basic Package.
Inflatable Globe is included in the Second Edition Deluxe Package.
Say Hello to Classical Music (CD) replaces Introduction to Classical Music.

Re: Lucy- With regard to the coming price increase...

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Thank you for your questions. The information Crystal has provided for you is all right on. The increase in prices does not reflect changes in the curriculum, although minor changes are made every year to T.M.'s as errors are corrected and changes made by publishers to books are reflected in the T.M. There are no further significant changes being made to any year accept the revision and release of the Kindergarten 2nd edition March 1, 2012.

If you have further questions, please let me know.

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Re: Lucy- With regard to the coming price changes... 2012

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Amy C. wrote:What is the price increase going to be for Exploration-1850? I don't really have the funds to buy right now, but if it is going to be a significant price increase, I might try to make some kind of arrangements to see what I could do. Thanks!

P.S. I just wanted to say a thank you for giving us a heads up on the upcoming price increase. That is kind of you. I just need a little more info. :)
I'm sure you could call. But my suspicion is that the prices aren't finalized yet. A lot of things have to come together for that, including any changes that any of the various publishers might make. When I've helped at conventions, there are always various book covers that change and new page numbers that have to be updated in manuals and the like coming in from the publishers, not to mention books that weren't reprinted when expected or MFW had to reprint themselves, and I know the staff has had to get all that info together for us at the booth so that we can help customers. I imagine there is a lot to be worked out before the final catalog is set, with the final prices.

If you find out any differently, let us know!
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Re: Lucy- With regard to the coming price changes... 2012

Unread post by cbollin »

agreeing with Julie that it might not be finalized yet.

Based on looking at the other prices that are listed... most of the ones that went down, it was by about $10 ish. so I'm guessing increases in others will be 10-20 range. However, it looks like they are praying and finalizing how they will do shipping changes too. So, it's not going to be huge net jumps on it. So, if you don't have funds right now, I think it's going to be ok and not huge jumps. I wouldn't go into debt to get it now, but plan for 30 dollars more and it probably won't be that high.

In other years of using MFW (and I've used their stuff since 2003), most increases have been tiny in that range.
Amy C. wrote:P.S. I just wanted to say a thank you for giving us a heads up on the upcoming price increase. That is kind of you.
and I wanted to say thank you for the special on shipping! Praying that the Lord will give you wisdom for shipping costs for the rest of the year.

and Thank you that for the packages that are going down in price, we can have the lower price already and not wait until March! that's just sweet!

Thank YOU! and thank you MFW for wowzer fast shipping. wow..... Ijust ordered that this morning and it's in the UPS system already?!?! but but but.... YEAH!

I'm giggling at myself... Ihave this collection of MFW catalogs over the years and started looking. Prices on packages have stayed close over the years. not big wide ranges at all. I can't believe I have a catalog from 2004. 2005 06 07 08 ... giggle.... giggle... when RTR was new.... deluxe was 345... compared to 349 in 2011, 340 in 2012.

I remember 2005 convention.... it was a Feb in Indiana.... LOL LOL. I still can't believe MFW was able to get catalogs to such an early convention.
oh oh oh oh... that was the year that I just froze when I saw Adventures. My first thought was "wow... I'll be able to teach my middle gal and my oldest on same history..." no one told me about EX1850 with a supplement. LOL I figured it out.

I can't believe I have all of these old catalogs in a folder on my shelf. LOL I"m just a mfw nerd.

Hope that helps :)
Amy C.
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Re: Lucy- With regard to the coming price increase...

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Crystal, thanks so much for the info! I had not seen that. Thanks for the link! And thanks to MFW for posting that info for us so we would know the price differences!!! :)

Amy C.
Bret Welshymer

Trading in Teacher's Manuals

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Now that we have more experience with trading in Teacher's Manuals for upgrades to 2nd edition for ECC and K, we are willing to do trade-ins at conventions. Just bring your 1st edition TM with you to the convention. Please remember this offer is for families who purchased their original TM from MFW or a retail bookstore selling MFW curriculum packages. We hope this makes it easier for some families to get these 2nd edition TMs.

Posted Fri Feb 01, 2013 9:31 am by Bret Welshymer
You are welcome to upgrade your K, 1st, or ECC Teacher's Manuals at conventions. Bring your TM with you and the trade in cost for those who bought the original TM from MFW or a MFW retailer is $45.00
lea_lpz wrote:Is that only for new editions? Do they let you get new Manuel's for less if it's just like beat up? My k manuel is not looking so good... :~
Posted Tue May 21, 2013 9:53 am by Bret Welshymer
If you purchased your original Teacher's Manual from My Father's World or an MFW retailer, you can replace the TM for $45 by calling our office or ordering at a convention. To receive this discount you will need to turn in your original TM by mail to the office (573-202-2000) or in person at a convention.
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