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Re: please help me to choose wisely...

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Just wanted to say welcome! In the past I've used Veritas Press History and enjoyed it very much. This year we moved to MFW for some of the same reasons you stated. We're thoroughly enjoying our year.

Many Blessings!
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Re: please help me to choose wisely...

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As I see it you have two choices:

You can start with ECC as MFW tends to recommend.

The advantage of this is that, I think, It is easier to deal with when you are going to have a complicated year. There is a pattern to it and since you study most countries for two weeks, you have a bit of flexibility to move readings and activities around as needed. It was a bit more relaxed of a year for me in comparison to the history years because of this added flexibility. I also think that it is easier to add a first grader into ECC than into the history years. Maybe that's just because I did it, I don't know.

The disadvantage is you interrupt the history cycle.

You could also start with 1850 - Modern times.

The advantage here is that you simply continue your history cycle without interruption. You would want the basic or deluxe package based on your financial abilities and you would also need the younger sibling pack. Much of modern history is graphic and violent. Although you would still be doing the bulk of reading and activities together the younger sibling books help them to concentrate on society and the lives of people, instead of wars so much.

The disadvantage here is that it is a bit more challenging to include the first grader and overall you are dealing with bigger issues, although with Jr. High students you are going to get unanswerable questions no matter what you choose!

As for the first grader..... Most people will tell you to give him his own program and they have very good reasons for that. However, I am going to suggest that if you already have a good phonics program for him and it is working, just keep doing that and include him in the main program as he fits. This isn't the first or even second time you have taught first grade. Since this is your 4th first grader, I am going to guess that you have a good grasp on what he should be learning and what is appropriate first grade work so you won't have unrealistic expectations. Allowing him to follow along and just join in with the siblings will be easier on you with a new baby and a rampaging toddler.

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Re: please help me to choose wisely...

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Dear Robin,

Thanks for your interest in My Father's World.

We recommend new families to My Father's World begin with year 1, Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC), for all the children in your home in grades 2-8. ECC is an integrated geography program that prepares students to more effectively retain history and more detailed geography during the following years of chronological history. In our opinion teaching history and geography at the same time without a strong foundation in geography causes overload and a lack of retention for the student. During this year we also study the book of Matthew helping families to understand and embrace God’s heart for all His people and His creation prior to studying history, allowing history to be seen and understood from God’s perspective. Through Exploring Countries and Cultures your family is better able to understand a Biblical worldview that is others focused, discovering God’s great love for the world. A sample may be viewed here, You will add grade level math and language arts for each child in grades 2-8. In 7th and 8th you will also add a grade appropriate science program and additional grade level projects. Our recommendations for these programs may be viewed at the following links:

Math -
Language Arts -
Foreign Language -
Science -

To insure this is an interesting and challenging program for 7th and 8th graders we offer a supplement for ECC ( ) Scroll down until you find this package). The Teacher’s Manual provides extra lesson plans that incorporate these supplements. You may view the lesson plans in this sample of the Teacher’s Manual, .

You may skip to year 5 the following year. For more input on continuing in the cycle for your family, please contact our office at 573-426-4600.

For your First Grader we recommend our First Grade program. It is a complete package including everything needed for first grade. We recommend you omit most of the hands-on Bible activities (such as making a pottery jar) and science lessons in MFW 1st grade. Instead, let your 1st grader join in some of the ECC hands-on activities and science lessons. Do not expect the 1st grader to do any of the writing in ECC. He will have plenty of writing through the First Grade Program.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by mail at or by phone at 573-426-4600.

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just wanted to say "hi" :)

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I haven't been on the board lately... but thought I'd stop by and wave at everybody. I see lots of new names though... who have no idea who I am. But here goes anyway. :-)

We're in Ex1850 now (need to update my info) and enjoying it very much. And expecting baby #7 in July. Still loving MFW. And excited about the new student packs that will be available with the new editions, especially since my printer/copier is dying and I live in the middle of nowhere, very far away from Staples and their copy center. :)

Anyway, that's it for us. :)
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Loving MFW with 5+ kids

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We will be starting ECC late summer/early fall with a 4th grader, 2nd grader, 1st grader and a 4 y.o. and 1 y.o. around for the ride(and new baby coming around October).

We are finishing up our 4th year with MFW and love, love, love it! One of my favorite things about MFW(though I have many :) is that I can combine teaching and have my kids all working together! I have loved MFW kindergarten, 1st and Adventures, but I am so excited about getting to ECC(one TM!!!!!!) this is what I've been waiting for!

Blessings on your journey!

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Never just one?????

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Hi, I am planning on starting MFW Kindergarten soon, and Adventures starting in the Spring. And then I plan to move into the 5 Year Cycle.

I was wondering when I would be to the point of just teaching ONE program. So I wrote out what grades each of my children would be and between now and 2017 I will have 2-3 programs each year! I have 5 children, ages 6 and under, so I will have someone in K and/or 1st EVERY year! 2017 is the first possible year of having all my children in the 5 year cycle with no K's of 1st graders, BUT, I have to have a 2 year gap between my new baby and the next one for that to happen. I have never done that before, so I am counting on a K'er that year, lol, and a first the next, and probably another Ker the next year, and so the cycle continues, lol.

Anyways, I thought that it was interesting and wanted to share! I have been pouring over these message boards and learning a ton. I can't wait to start!
cbollin wrote:Think of it as you will have some children in the learning to read stage for some time while some children are in the learning to love to read stage. That's a big picture reason of using K and 1st with younger kids. You use the portions of those programs to help them for the stage they are in. Then, you invite them to join in the main program for extras. The good thing is that MFW K and 1st are not major time consuming programs each day.
I agree Crystal, And that is one of the things that I think that I am going to love about MFW.

UPDATE Posted Tue Mar 08, 2011 8:04 am by Mexmarr
We had our first Adventure day, yesterday, and I wanted to share how it went! We started and went straight through every (not including the additional math, spelling and PLL). My the 4 oldest, ages 7,6,3,and 2 all participated, and when we finished, they said that we surely couldn't be done. So, we did day 2! The Toddlers did move onto something else, but I wouldn't try to ask them to sit through 2 days of 2nd grade, lol.

Then DD moved on to math and did SIX lessons! We had started in Singapore 1A last week,, so she was familiar with it. Then spelling and PLL with no problems.

We finished up and she sighed a big happy sigh and said, "I sure do LOVE Adventures"

So, I'd say that it went well! :-) :-) :-)
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Re: Never just one?????

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Same here, Misty, and my dc are more spaced than yours. I DID plan it out so I have to only teach 2 programs at a time - I don't want to do K, 1st, AND a 2-8. There will be 1 year that I have the 4 olders in the cycle together...but I figured that out before Simon was born, so he will most likely be in K that year, and then Isaac will be in 9th grade after that, so I am in the "never just one" category too. But it will be okay!! :)

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Re: Never just one?????

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This thread makes me laugh :-) Last year I had 5 kids doing 4 programs in our home. My oldest was doing Senior level work, non-MFW because it isn't written yet. Next dd was doing AHL. Then I had my ds and an extra kid doing 1850-Mod. And my youngest was doing K. A bit crazy, but believe it or not, it was doable with MFW !!

This year I am down to 3 kids in 3 programs. It almost feels too easy ;)

Loving MFW all the way !! !! !!

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Re: Never just one?????

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Im in the same boat, almost... Next year I dont think DS3 will be ready for K, so we'll have one program then. He could but I doubt it. And DS2 went into first a might early (he's just 5 but completely ready and unusual!) so he'll be done and in second and DS 3 probably wont be ready for K. So I'll get a break before jumping in again with 2 programs.
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MFW teacher question

Unread post by dhudson »

Julie L. wrote:For those who have a few children, I am curious if you have gotten tired teaching the same history level 2 or more times? I mean you don't dread doing like R&R again etc do you? Or is everything new and exciting with each child?
I just got to thinking I am going to have to do all the levels at least twice and didn't know how much fun that was going to be reading the same read alouds and doing the same projects over again.

Julie L.
I had those very same thoughts but now that I am going through the cycle again, I am excited to teach to my younger kids what I did the first time. Not to mention, I find that because I understand what's coming, I can emphasize what needs to be emphasized and I the projects and science experiments are easier the second time around.

I can't wait to do CTG again. I loved it the first time and I think I can do a better job of all the feasts and festivals now that I know how it all works.

Did I mention that get bored easily? I am not bored the second time around and neither are my kids, so it's working great!
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Re: MFW teacher question

Unread post by cbollin »

ditto to everything Dawn said. (down to the bored stuff. I had no idea that she and I were similar on that.) that's my experience too. it was easier the second time. You chill out and enjoy more. stuff like that.

I've done ECC twice
I've done CTG twice
doing RTR for the second time.
next year doing EX1850 for second time.

It's five years apart. you get to do it all over again and you feel less like a rookie teacher. It's working fine. Each of my children is so different (I'm sure they're mine, but.... they are so different) that it makes it a whole different emphasis now that middle gal is the one in RTR.

There are times that I thought I would dread parts of RTR this year. So, I tweaked and had fun with it. I knew that I struggled with one book (Aug. Cae. World) so I changed how I taught from it.

There are times that I get full of self doubt and pity and think there's no way I can do EX1850 next year, but then, wow... God provided something cool to help with that. That's the year we do the full year study and memory of book of James. And then, wow, on some Black Friday special from some homeschool thingy, there was this free downloadable adventure style computer game all about the book of James. wow... so God's good.

I know I'm looking forward to doing 1850MOD again. just have to wait to get there.

Haven't you ever revisited a zoo with your kids? we go to the same zoo several times a year. some stuff is slightly different. some stuff is the same. The kids don't seem bored at all.

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Re: MFW teacher question

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I had a very similar concern when I first started using MFW, but I thought I'd cross that bridge later. I still am a few years from cycling through the 2nd time. But this year I had an epiphany.

In August I pulled out the 2nd grade Math book I had used for my older daughter to use with my middle girl. Because I have more than one child I realized that I will always cycle back through curriculum. No matter what history or science I use, unless I am constantly switching curriculum, I will most likely use books two or three times. And MFW is so fun and so full of ideas I can't imagine it ever looks the same way twice- unlike my scripted, unexciting Math book. :-)

The great thing is instead of teaching from three different history books every year I am using the same history book three times. I like that Math! It wins me time, time and more time!
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Re: MFW teacher question

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What they said - I'm doing ECC for the second time this year, and it's been really wonderful. Some has been familiar, but nicely so, and some is stuff we didn't get to the first time, so it's all new. Plus, the kids I'm doing the program with now weren't old enough to do it before, so it's all brand new to them. REALLY fun! I find I'm getting more of the crafts and experiments done, and I'm more relaxed because it's not so brand new to me.

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Re: MFW teacher question

Unread post by Julie L. »

Well this makes me feel better.It is apparent they won't be bored and it seems after 5 years I will forget some stuff too and have fun with my children who are learning it for the first time.

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Re: MFW teacher question

Unread post by mamabear23cubs »

By the time we get to ECC again my younger two will actually be ready to do the work and read the books. I am already repeating K and 1st with just a math/LA program and it's going well.
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Inspired by MFW family of 7

Unread post by Zigmommy »

We've homeschooled 3 years now and the change to MFW will mark my 3rd (and hopefully last) major shift in curriculum. I love unit studies but I need to find a middle ground for organization and structure.

First, let me just say I am thrilled to have been introduced to this curriculum! I have a friend that has 7 little ones and their homeschool runs so well, fun and cohesive and organized...they're a HUGE inspiration to me, and they've always used and loved MFW!
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Considering MFW, but not sure

Unread post by baileymom »

Laurie in MN wrote:We actually tried MFW ECC, AHL, K and 1st grade 2 yrs ago. And it went well for a few weeks, until my baby's weight gain slowed down tremendously. Then we basically went into survival mode and did only math and language arts, and had the children read for an hour a day. We have tried several things since. The last one was to be the curriculum for the rest of our homeschool years, but had concerns about some of the book choices and crafts. We are very conservative in our book choices, but thought we could make that work, but there was too much to tweak. I don't see that much tweaking to be done with MFW. But I'm not sure. A Scriptural emphasis is very important to us, but now we put a little more emphasis on the Torah than we used to.

My husband is willing for us to try MFW again, but he wants whatever I decide to use to allow time for sewing and cooking lessons, Polished Cornerstones, piano and recorder lessons/practice, and a preparedness/survival study, and still allow for some free time. We have listened to about 1/2 of the cd "What Should 21st Century Christians Be Teaching Their Children?" and have found it to be very informative and eye-opening. I've had it since trying MFW, but had never taken time to listen until now. I wasn't even considering MFW, until their new catalog arrived a couple weeks ago.

Oh, I suppose I should give an introduction. :) My husband Mike and I have been married 25yrs and have 10 children ages 24, 23, 21, 18, 14, 11, 8, 6, 4, and 2. We live in MN, dh works on a dairy farm (went to school to be a pastor), and we have always homeschooled, but never found that perfect fit for us due to babies and illness. I would classify myself as a combination of unit study, CM, and unschooling. I would love to be the free-spirit type that can just pull my own together, but sadly, those types of things either just sit on my desk, or I practically wear myself out trying to do everything and do it right.

My 18yr old has one year of school left and just needs to finish up some Math and English credits, and a couple of electives, my 14 yr old is not ready for high school due to learning delays so I would probably have her do ECC with my 11yr old who has sensory integration and asperger's challenges. My 8yr old still struggles with reading and handwriting, so she may need to do the 1st grade with my 6 yr old, though I'm not sure either is ready for that. My children have all struggled with learning to read until something seems to click by age 9, except for my oldest who learned in K. And after all this, I'm not sure that I'm asking anything here; I guess I'm just needing a little nudge.

Hi Laurie!

I don't have a whole lot of time right now, but I just wanted to say that MFW is probably a perfect fit for you right now, it's working very well with our large family.

I would call the MFW office and let them know where you are, what you have, and see what they have to offer as far as a "where do I start."
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Re: Considering MFW, but not sure

Unread post by jasntas »

I only have two but I think MFW is easy to tweak if needed with time left over for other activities. And there are lots of heads up in the TM for any books that might seem to be questionable or sentences/sections that could be left out or summarized if deemed inappropriate so you don't have to do all the screening yourself.

I totally agree with Kathi. Place a call into the MFW office for the best advice. :)

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Re: Considering MFW, but not sure

Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

I know that it's not the way MFW recommends doing things, but when I had a first grader, I just got her math and LA at her own level and we all did ECC together.

I think that you will remember that MFW is very careful about listing anything possibly questionable from a recommended book, in their guide so you won't have to worry about unexpected topics and issues in your literature. Since you already have the materials you have nothing to lose! :-)

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Re: Considering MFW, but not sure

Unread post by gratitude »

((Hugs)) Our heads are just coming above water too after going through medical issues (similar, but different), with our youngest (4th born) who is now 2 & 2 mo.. We had at least 1 1/2 years of survival mode. ((Hugs)) It does make home schooling a challenge, and you had the older ones while doing it!

I just wanted to tell you that the Bible, activities, science, art, etc. in MFWK, MFW1, and MFW ADV are all very sound. I haven't seen any red flags from those programs. We are currently using ADV, and we have enjoyed all 3 programs. MFW 1 is my favorite of the three. We too are conservative with books, and want to lay a solid foundation of Biblical truth & our faith before explaining all the controversies and things we disagree with (although those issues have come up naturally, even at young ages).

I have been researching the other programs by looking at some of the books in the library and bookstore, and I bought a few of the history books to have an idea of where MFW is coming from for the cycle. If you have the time (with 10!), it could be helpful to know ahead time if it will work for your family; or if there are books you rather not use.

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Re: Considering MFW, but not sure

Unread post by lisaha »

Hi, from another MN farm! ;) I prayed and prayed over curriculum. I was looking for a good one that was Bible based, easy to use, flexible but yet set up for me to open and go teach! We have 6 children to (from almost 10 to 4 months) and I wanted to teach them together as much as possible. This fit perfectly!

We used Adventures last year and ECC this year. There are lovely read alouds for the subjects-but you aren't spending hours reading aloud. All of the children love to gather around and listen to the books, even my 3 year old is sharing things he learns from listening! :) My 2 year old loves the pictures and my 4 month old loves to cuddle and listen...until she cries then it's nursing and reading time...or time for a break! ;)

The Lang arts is good, anytime I change lang arts their day gets longer. I don't even look ahead to see what is coming, just open the teachers manual and go! When I will be missing a day or two in a week, I can stream-line and hit the highlights to fit two days into one.

This year with a new baby I don't have the time to do many science experiments, missed alot of music and art was hit only bc my 10 year old DD loves art so she finds the projects and leads the other children in doing them! ;) But there are so many good books we cuddled up and read that I don't feel like they missed anything! They really have enjoyed it and love to share what they learn with others. My 5 year old, 7 year old and 9 year old did this together this year. I enjoyed that we could get school done in the morning and it was all laid out for me with the books I needed right there-easy to do with a new little one and many little ones! :) ...and I learn something new every week too! :)

Pray about it! The Lord will lead you!
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Didn't have it all together but...

Unread post by fdjoyce »

One of each wrote:Yesterday we started ECC. I don't have their student sheets in binders, I don't have notebooks for English or all the craft/science supplies for the week. But we started anyway because we needed to get routine back into our day. It was so liberating being able to open the TM and go. In the past, I procrastinated starting school because of all the decision making. Yesterday, I didn't have to second guess my materials or wonder if it was going to be enough for the day.
WE did ECC last year with 11,8,5,3,& newborn & never got it all together BUT it was an awesome year!!!!! Life changing curriculum- really. My boys learned SOOOO much geography- they can locate countries I can't even begin to spell (although I learned a lot too!) & the missionary focus is amazing! My 8 year old son now wants to be a missionary after he gets too old to be a Navy SEAL. Which I think is awesome- what could be better training for a missionary? Tough men on a mission for Jesus- I love it!

Don't worry about having it all together just enjoy the ride!
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Re: Didn't have it all together but...

Unread post by MrsRobinson »

Because of MFW I have gotten more done this year than I have since the last two children were born. No doubt about it, this is the right choice for us. I have given up researching curriculum (Curriculum Junkie here), it is so refreshing. When my honey questioned the cost of buying what I needed for this year all I had to do was explain the teacher's manual. (He has never questioned me, but money has been tight this year) :~ He knows me well enough to know that the TM is what keeps me going.

Some weeks I have it all together. 8[]
Most of the time the TM gets me together!

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Re: Didn't have it all together but...

Unread post by AnnieMarie »

Me too! We started 1850 to Modern and first this week and IT WAS AMAZING! We are basically done by lunch.

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Scheduling ideas needed...

Unread post by cbollin »

Resa wrote:Hi,
My family is new to MFW (1850-Modern times.) I was thinking that i would just follow the manual blindly but then thought other wise. I have 5 kids that I am homeschooling (2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th & 8th.) Would someone please share their experience with me that have had to juggle many kids? We have a busy schedule and i do not want to wait any time so my kids can still have some free time too. does that make sense?
God bless you
Welcome along!

One thing in my mind as I read your post... I'm wondering if the suggestions in the intro part of the manual give some ideas for you? There's a section called Help! How did I Fit it All In? it's written by the MFW author, and she's a mom of 6 children and they run a business and have a busy schedule. They used "time boxes" to work through materials, and had a Daily Independent Task White Board for the children to stay on pace. hmmm... somewhere on the forum there is a picture of that sample white board.

on time boxes.. What I mean on that is that I think MFW tries to schedule it so that you move along in a subject for a certain amount of time. say 15 minutes for spelling or 30 minutes for math. Either you finish the lesson, or you finish the "time box" for it and move along and just pick up the next day. Not in a way of "oh no! It's been 15 minutes and 3 seconds, eek! I'm off schedule" kind of way.. but more of a "oh... let's wrap this up, save some for later in the afternoon on your own, or until tomorrow" kind of way.

I'd share my ideas in my family, but I might have to wait on that due to time of day. I only have 3 children (10th, 7th and special needs 3rd grade), while working part time.
Resa wrote:hahaha! I am just laughing at myself.... Thanks Crystal! I skipped that page. So, now i can say i read it and it did help. I am soooo visual and I am in need of some examples/illustrations. I would love to see that daily independent task white board you talked about..... what a great idea! However, my school room is detached from the house so i would need 2 white boards I think.

Does anyone one have the link to the example of the daily independent task white board?
Here is a short cut to that picture ... aos#p46300
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