Combining K & 1st - Both plus an OLDER program?

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Re: choosing MFWK and 1st

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fearnot wrote:I think I have complicated things by adding in phonics. I don't know if I should just use one of them. I love the Bible reader in 1st grade! I believe I can use the Bible, music, art, and I can use the science interchangably with ECC science. I wanted to make sure I will really use what is in MFWK and 1st (phonics or not) w/o too much overload from ECC...

Thanks again for sharing your experiences with me! ~Angie
Hi there!
There's a super post about teaching K and 1st together ... it may ease your worry a bit.

I would encourage you to teach MFWK and MFW1 as they are written, including math. In hindsight, I wish that I had stuck to the guides for math. The math is just perfect in the guides, especially if you are focusing a lot of your energies on reading. I love Singapore, but could definitely have reveled in the first grade math waaaaaaaaay more and my daughter would be in the same place as she is now ... perhaps even with more of a spark for loving math.

In my opinion, and this is just my experience (and I was an Editor for Harcourt and a K and 6th-grade teacher with a Ma in Ed with a Reading specialty so reading is my niche), but I've tried so many reading programs to my daughter's chagrin. :-) I have yet to find phonics instruction that is as seamless and beautifully woven with the Bible and Jesus as is done with MFW K and 1. It works. Just plain works. AND, it's fun. There are enough tactile activities in K ... crepe letters, sand boxes, jello ... and a balanced number of worksheets, and relevant activities for the sounds, and rich literature on top of all of that. First grade is so sweet. The phonics is integral (IMHO) to the reading workbook, the Bible reader, and to the precious Bible notebook. You can check out my blog as I post pictures of our Bible notebook and some of Gracie's reading workbook pages. It's hard to articulate, but phonics/reading is not a subject, and Bible is not a subject. They are the core of the program and so your child is learning to read about manna from heaven to reinforce phonics rules, or about Moses or the capturing of Jericho. It's lovely and time well spent. My daughter was a poor reader and with MFW has flourished while simultaneously developing an enviable knowledge of Bible history and people, all at 7yo. She does indeed love school and meets Jesus at every moment. Oh--the Proverbs in first are such a teachable tool and the copywork has made her hw blossom. Love it.

That said, the formal phonics instruction does cease at Day 124 in first grade. I know other families who are content with phonics through Day 124 and some use ETC or Pathways Readers. Maybe at that point your RP might be a good fit.

As I've been planning our upcoming year in which I'll have second grade (Adv) and two (one newly adopted from Ethiopia) in K (MFWK) and on in Pre (MFWPre & B4FIAR) I am constantly reminded of how I need to let MFW be as it is ... stop tweaking so much and supplementing. It is tried and true and no matter how many times I try to make changes, I come back to it as it is simply done.

BlEsSiNgS to you!

Edited ... I should have also said that K and First do not take a tremendous amount of time daily, and once you get into a groove of teaching them together, if you decide to (that link I sent before), you'll find that three programs is absolutely doable and you will do it well! ((hugs))
fearnot wrote:Erin Kate, Thank you so much for your response and the reassurance you have given me! I was all set to do MFW just as it is, then started questioning myself...and I'm sure you know how that goes! I also did not realize that the phonics instruction in 1st did not go through the entire year. Like you said, we can pick up more phonics if we need to then. I needed to hear again how the Bible is integrated or really IS the curriculum foundation, because that's why I was drawn to MFW in the first place. It is reassuring to know that the phonics is so I said I just needed to hear it again. I am also taking your advice for Math, again I was thinking that, but second guessing. Thank you for all your posts! I have to say I love this board and all the support and encouragement here! Blessings~Angie
You are very welcome.

I thought later on that since the phonics instruction goes through Day 124, you could also slow things down if you felt it moving too fast. Just another option.

I have to agree wholeheartedly ... this board is really special. Not like any other. I'm glad I could help a little. Have a beautiful weekend!
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How do I teach ECC, 1st, and K together?

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erin.kate wrote:How do I teach ECC, 1st, and K together? Or is it recommended that I combine two levels?

Ideally, Mae will be in ECC, Viola in 1st, James in K, and Jack MFW Pre. But, realistically, I know that's not likely to be successful, but maybe I'm not confident enough? I believe that Viola can tag along with Mae in ECC and glean what she does and have her own LA and Math. But MFW1 was a favorite year and I just hate to have her miss the Bible reader and notebook and phonics (I think she should know the rules even though she is a reader). I know James cannot do more than MFWK, so folding him into MFW1 is not an option. Maybe just the Bible reader, wb, and Bible nb from MFW1 for Viola, and the math, then all else from ECC? Or is ECC on any level just crazy thinking for her?

Thank you for your guidance. :-)
I think this post from Marie is helpful in teaching K & 1st, emphasizing different portions each year. Especially take a look at the paragraph on 1st & 2nd (change Adventures to ECC in your case):

And some users gave their experiences combining K/1st:

Now, for combining ECC in there:
K & 1st plus an OLDER program
1st & an OLDER program
K & an OLDER program
K -or- 1st & an OLDER program
K & Preschool plus an older program

I know that's a lot to read, but I'm hoping one of those experiences in there will be just what works at your house!
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Re: How do I teach ECC, 1st, and K together?

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Thank you, Julie! I read through all of your links and I think it will be completely doable to teach K, 1st (Bible, phonics, math only), and ECC together while my 3yo keeps us all in check.

Many many thanks for all of your help here, and with my K conundrum surrounding my little Ethiopian. :-) I love this group!
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How do I fit it all in?

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joyfulmom wrote:After a break from MFW, I am so excited to be back!

I'll be doing ECC with my 7th grader and my 3rd grader. I am doing K/1st with my 7 and 5 year olds and occupying my 3 year old with other things. :)

My question is how to schedule it all in. The sample schedule in the ECC book fills up a morning - and my girls need a lot of my help. My 7th grader will need help as she is going to be challenged with some of the work coming up. My 3rd grader is not at all independent yet - especially with anything to be written. So I will be with them alot!

Where do I fit K/1st into my day? How have you done it?

Thankful to be back at MFW!
Not speaking from experience because my children are still too young and my almost 14 y/o niece I'll be teaching AHL to in the fall will bypass the family cycle but from what I've read on the boards, the 7th grader can probably do some of the history and read-aloud reading with the 3rd grader who can also do some reading. While they do that you can work with the littles for 15 minute increments. Also when the older two are doing their math and/or LA independently you can work with the littles. Your day with them may be broken up but 15 minutes here and there will probably get it all done. Also check the board for the threads that explain how to teach K and 1st with an older program. I'm sure Julie or Crystal can link you up. Hehe

- Another Crystal
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Re: How do I fit it all in?

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Lori, Hi! I don't have as many kids as you do, but I struggle with these things all the time. I feel like someone is always being neglected around here, and I am like a juggler - or maybe one of those plate-spinner dudes - I just rotate through from one to the next, to the next, back to the first one, and on and on all morning, and lots of times into the afternoon, until we are done or my brain is too fried to do anymore, lol.

I do not know the answer. I just got on the internet to find some ideas for my 2.5yo who so much wants to participate, but obviously can't do much and...sigh. I hate February - glad it's almost over. Am I allowed to say that? Anyway.

The basic rundown of our day - in case it's even a little helpful is:

8 am - Morning Meeting - everyone participates. We do calendar, and a prayer and our memory work (we're working on Scripture, Books of the Bible and a poem). We sing a couple of songs. We do picture study. We say the Pledge of Allegiance. We don't do everything every day - some days we do poetry, some days picture study, but most everything else we do daily. I keep trying to work Hymn Study into this time, but I am disorganized and haven't started yet. Takes about 20 minutes and we finish with singing and dancing, which helps everyone get their wiggles out (boys) or energy up (dd & I).

Bible - everyone participates. Well, the 2 yo participates by yelling "Bahbuh (Bible)" over and over again while I'm trying to read, but, you know.

We move to the table and start math. 2yo has the option of playing in the living room or joining us at the table - he almost always wants to be with us. He colors, cuts, does playdough, plays with blocks, whatever I can keep throwing at him to keep him happy while I swivel back and forth between the other 2, helping them with their math lessons.

2yo gets down usually at this point, and starts begging me to play with him. If/When we're finished math, I take a few minutes to run around with him, then he has to play on his own for a bit.

Dd works independently for a while, while ds and I do his reading lesson. Independent work for dd is: writing strands or ILL (after I've explained/gone over the lesson), vocab work, preparing a dictation for spelling, typing lessons or Spanish. She just has to work through her stuff until I'm done with the 7yo. We are very inconsistent with getting to typing and Spanish. I just stink at getting it all done.

7yo takes a break and dd complains that it's not fair. ;) We do her dictation passage and everyone has a break and a snack, and I catch my breath and figure out where we are and what we have left.

Ds does copywork, dd continues with her independent work, I try to remember to pay attention to and do something constructive with (i.e., "homework" from one of his therapies - pt, st or ot) the 2yo. Everyone then hits the couch to read history, then to the table to do timelines/notebook pages, if there are any. Then the same for science, if it's a science day.

By now, it's at least 11:30, and I make everyone scram (outside if the weather's nice) while I clean up a bit and make lunch. And eat chocolate chips directly out of the bag. What, you don't?

During lunch, I might read, or like today, we listened to our composer study cd.

Quiet time! Little one takes a nap, big ones have an hour of quiet rest/reading. (My 7yo doesn't actually know the meaning of the words "quiet" or "rest" but we continue the routine nonetheless.)

This is when I eat lunch, check my facebook, clean up the lunch mess (oh, often the big kids are cleaning up the lunch mess while I'm putting little guy to bed), throw in a load of laundry, whatever.

After quiet time, we finish up what we didn't get to - art lessons, usually, and sometimes other stuff. Read alouds are usually done at bedtime, and sometimes include book basket books. Oh, book basket - yeah, that's thrown in there somewhere in the morning, or just whenever it seems like a good time.

I'm always done by 3 - 3:30, because I'm just done mentally by then, and I need to be thinking about dinner, etc. Speaking of which, I better get that finished.

Sorry for the novel!
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Anyone teach K, 1st and Adv. at the same time?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

monica626 wrote:Just wondering if anyone has ever taught K, 1st and Adventures at the same time? Or, if you've had some of your children very close together, what strategies you've used to teach them, before they were all in a history cycle together.

Or, if you have any words of wisdom for me, even if you haven't been in this specific situation..

Basically, I am about to lose my mind. I have a 7.5 year old, 6 year old, 5 year old, 2 year old and a 5 month old. The two year old is the biggest challenge. Keeping track of him and keeping him actively engaged is tough! My five year old (and only girl), just turned 5 at the end of September. She can be a bit dramatic when she isn't able to do something right away, such as writing her "S's". The 6 year old is able to focus as long as he has breaks on the trampoline. My seven year old son is interested, engaged and a big self-learner.

I currently have MFW K, MFW 1st, and Adventures, as well as some of the pre-school packages. We've been doing RS math and a phonics book on top of the MFW. I'm dropping the 5 year-old from RS because I may just lose my mind otherwise. ;)

This has been a really, really hard year for me. Lots and lots of trials. So, I don't have a ton of emotional and physical energy due to stress.

Loooong winded way of saying, HELP! What would you do in my place? My heart longs to enjoy my babies, enjoy teaching them and be able to fold the occasional basket of laundry. If you have any tips or suggestions, I am ALL ears. Especially if you've found yourself homeschooling through difficult circumstances such as family deaths, a child's (long-term) illness, etc.

THANK YOU so much for your help.

PS. We began Adventures this week and LOVE it. It is the only thing that seems to engage and excite everyone. So, YAY for that!
My suggestions (though I've not done all 3 at once, I do have twins :) ):

1. Do adventures (Bible, History & Science) with all.
2. Do only MFW grade-level math, phonics, and writing. So, do 2nd grade English & Spelling & Math with the 7 year old. Do 1st grade Phonics, Writing and Math with the 6 year old. Do K Phonics, Writing & Math with the 5 year old.
3. Drop the RS.

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Re: Anyone teach K, 1st and Adv. at the same time?

Unread post by monica626 »

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

As I was writing out all we were doing (in light of all our family has been going through), it struck me that *I* was the one driving us crazy. Sometimes it's a blessing to get someone else's perspective. Especially, when they aren't emotionally invested in your curriculum choices. LOL!

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Re: Anyone teach K, 1st and Adv. at the same time?

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

((((hugs))))) I have four children - 8, 6, 4 and 3.5 - my younger two are 10 1/2 months apart and I think some days those two can upset the apple cart the most. :)

I agree with the above recommendations. Do math/reading for each child's level, some days maybe set a timer so it only takes a certain time to accomplish math, then move on to reading and then set it aside and do it later.

Adventures has been my sanity saver. All the kids love it and the planning is all done. Some weeks, Friday is just an empty day for me to read, cuddle, bake, sweep up cereal or whatever. Nothing planned.

I am not using MFW K yet, so I don't know the particulars, but maybe start the school day with K? Then they have had their mommy time and can play??

When my two youngest were super little I used to put a gate up across their room. I knew they were safe, they had reading and cuddles with me and then they had to play in their room for an hour while I worked with the big kids. Then a snack, and if needed another half hour or so. I also tried to sneak some time during naps. My now 8 yo son was quite a handful at 6 and 7. My dh teased he never saw me cry so much. :) It was hard. One minute my ds is sitting straight in the chair, I would glance down at my notes and look back up and he's upside down!!! Feet where his head should be, head hanging under the table. Oh my. I remember having him bounce a ball in the hallway to keep him focused or playing with silly putty. One time he got so excited over a math fact he whipped that piece of putty and it flew around the room rickashaying off the dining room lamp, the french doors, the table...It was crazy. Heehee.

But remember, you are doing a great job!!! Your kids love you and you know their needs the best. If you need a break, take it. If you need to change things up, do it. Hang in their girl!! You are a fabulous momma. :-)
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Re: Anyone teach K, 1st and Adv. at the same time?

Unread post by gratitude »

(((hugs)))) I have taught all three, ADV & MFW1 & MFWK, at once. I have home schooled through the difficult birth of our youngest; although I stopped home schooling from the time she was born until she was 8 months old due to surgeries and multiple hospital stays.

It gets easier as they age. It also gets A LOT easier once the emotional and physical stress subdues. Home schooling is going really well for me again, but the first few years of my youngest life were difficult. Each day, each month, and each year though became easier a little at a time. So bit by bit it will get better. I think I prayed a lot, while walking around the house and doing, to get through it.

I had to learn to drop my expectations for a few years when they were so young and we had emotional stress on top of it. I can not do it all. I can though give them a wonderful education at home, better than the schools from what I can tell, and share our faith with them. I didn't fully see that though until somewhere during my oldest 2nd grade year.

I taught all 3 programs last spring, and I wouldn't do it again! I agree with Tricia. Focus on the 3 R's for your oldest, 1st grader, and K. Then do ADV for all of them. Have fun. Let ADV be your Bible, science, and history. My dd5, when she was 4/5 last year, loved her Jesus poster and coloring USA History sheets. She still goes around talking about the Statue of Liberty. Let it be fun so you have the joy.

So if you look at my siggy line I will explain a few things. At this point my ds7 is towards the end of MFW1 and the Bible note book, time-line, and Bible story is routine. If it wasn't I wouldn't be able to do it. I am starting ECC next week. My dd5 is doing MFWK and I do it last most days. Somedays, if the older two take too long, I give her a day off. She will finish it by June, and if we do it daily sometime in March or April. So I give myself some space in that area. I also realize with ECC I will probably need to pull her into that and focus on MFWK time for phonics & math & Bible. For my 3 year old I use the Lauri toys for something to do at the table with hopefully a siblings help, and I read at least 15 minutes to her daily. The reading happens sometime in the morning and can give me about 45 minutes of her playing on her own afterwards.

I hope something I said helped! It will get easier. I gave myself a lot of grace when they were 7,5,3, and 1 with medical issues. A lot of grace. I had to. Now I can do a lot more, and it is fun. In the meantime though just do what you can. Prayer helps a lot. God is always listening, and I did talk to him anytime/ anywhere.. I also find it helps to set 3:00 as our latest ending time for actual school work. Then I know the end of the day will be more relaxed for all of us.


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Re: Anyone teach K, 1st and Adv. at the same time?

Unread post by Mom2theteam »

TriciaMR wrote:1. Do adventures (Bible, History & Science) with all.
2. Do only MFW grade-level math, phonics, and writing. So, do 2nd grade English & Spelling & Math with the 7 year old. Do 1st grade Phonics, Writing and Math with the 6 year old. Do K Phonics, Writing & Math with the 5 year old.
3. Drop the RS.
This is exactly what we are planning to do. I haven't done all 3. In fact, I'm only formally teaching one still. He is in 1st. But, he is my oldest at just over 7 (in Oct). I have 2 sets of twins coming up after him and a single after them. So, my ages are just over 7, twins who are 4 turning 5 in a month, twins who are 2.5 and a 4wk old. I already know there is just no way I'm going to be able to have more than one core program running at a time and definitely not 3. So, I'm planning to do the above.

At some point, I will probably have 2 programs going at once, but I will cut out whatever I need to in order to get it done. I already do that anyway. LOL. Right now, we don't do a lot more than the essentials because our house is a bit nuts with all the young kids. Just today, while trying to do phonics, I put my 2.5 year old twins in the playroom. Next thing you know, my 4 year olds (after coloring and losing interest at the table) come over to tell me that the 2 year old have the vent out of the floor and are putting all sorts of stuff done there. Aahhhh!!!! So, phonics is only partially done and tonight, my husband will be nailing/screwing the vent to the floor. This is the type of thing that happens at my house CONSTANTLY. We just can't get everything done and are lucky when we get anything other than Bible (which is also history in 1st), calendar, reading/phonics and math done. I don't sweat it. I know as the kids get older and older we will be able to get more and more stuff done.

So, I would suggest cutting stuff out. Whatever you can't get to or don't need to do, don't bother and don't worry about it. And just do the basics and invite your youngers to join in with ADV. I can't wait to do that next year. :-) (Ever since discovering MFW, I've been most excited to do ADV. I can't wait..... ;) )
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Re: Anyone teach K, 1st and Adv. at the same time?

Unread post by monica626 »

Thank you all so much for your replies.

Sometimes it's nice to have 'permission' not to do things, KWIM? Since my oldest is only 7, it's really easy to fall into the "AHHH-I'm-not-doing-enough," trap. Really, what is more important is our home and family environment and having a mama who isn't a basket case.

Thank you again!

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combining k, 1st, 2nd , 4th, 6th, and 8th?

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

kayben wrote:I am asking for suggestions for next year for combining these grade levels. I would use K, first, and ECC, but my 8th grader did ECC last year with a friends older kids and my youngers did Adventures. She didn't use the full on program, but at least 50% of it. Thinking of maybe using Creation to Greeks along with K and first?

I know the recommendations are to use all of the K and all of the 1st.. Just not sure I can manage that along with all the other kids. But having done the programs in the past I don't really want to skip Maybe I'll hold off on K also as my dd will be 4.5 I just don't manage do anything with her unless I have a plan. I have the pre k program and idea cards and that just never gets done. Mostly we do real life teachable moments. I feel like the K program is workable and stretchable to do as we find time?

Hoping others with many grade levels can chime in with recommendations and organization ideas as far as using 3 programs. Thank you!
I have this year K, 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th grades. We are using EXP-1850, K and 1st. You could do it all, but it would be a lot of work.

For K I do most of the program but limit myself to one or two easy K activities during the week. Usually I do them on day 6 or do the day 6 activity. I read all the k book basket books to my K during the family Reading time.

For 1st I skip most of the bible activities, and science. I do not use any book basket books. I do all the phonics portion, basically the section that says Bible and reading. I do a different math and use the complete book of Math as a supplement. I do none of the art and music. I do read the science books but dont do most of the activities. Next year I may consider using first grade science with my then 1st and 2nd grader.

For EXP we do it all and the 1st grader and K are along for the ride.

Half way through the year I discovered white out, lol.. I have a copied grid for each kid, which is their record and time sheet (missouri requires hours of instruction). On their grids I enter in their individual grammar, spelling, writing, reading (more like a log of what they did read) and math. Then I get out my whiteout. I whiteout anything we will be skipping, for example the whole math block on my 6yos or the science on my 7th graders. Then I fill in what we are doing, like 7th grade DD s Apologia, or 6yo Math U see work. We do something different for art (god and the history of art on DVD) so I white that out and fill in what we are doing. If I don't plan to do an activity, I white that out. If my 6yo sits in on a K or 5 year cycle activity I enter that in. I write the time in the bottom right corner of each square (Missouri thing) and mark the date at the top of the grid. When we finish something I use a highlighter to cross it off.

If I could redo last year I would have my 6 year old do all of K with my 5 year old along with the phonics from 1st. Then this year I would have had him do all of 1st with her except the phonics portion, while doing his own math, grammar and spelling. Or if I knew in August what I know in January I would have made my 5yo wait till we finished 1st with my 6yo to start K. Clear as mud? Lol. Basically I wouldn't do 1st and K complete in the same year again. I would just do all of one and part of another or make one child wait till the older was in the 5 year cycle before starting K. Luckily I will do this again in a year. Lol.

No one has to miss anything, it can just be later. Also CTG and First are very similar overlapping some activities. So you can read through booth and pick and choose when everyone will do the same activity. It just takes some creativity and a little whiteout. :-)
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Re: combining k, 1st, 2nd , 4th, 6th, and 8th?

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

I wanted to add the plan for my two youngest will be like this 2014/2015 Lily will be 5.5 and finish first grade, solomon will be turning 4 and quentin will be 2.

The following year, 2015/2016, my son Solomon will be turning 5 that fall so I will do K if he is ready. Quentin will be 3. Lily will be in the 5 year cycle.

In 2017/2018, solomon will be 6 in first and Quentin will be 4.

In 2018/2019, solomon will be in the 5 year cycle at 7 and Quentin will start K at age 5.

2020/2021, I will have quentin in first grade.

And by 2022 I will sell my K and 1st program. Lol.
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Re: combining k, 1st, 2nd , 4th, 6th, and 8th?

Unread post by kayben »

LOL! you crack me up with the selling the k... I know how you feel! My 17 year old is getting married in August %| but my then 4 year old will keep me young!

thank you so much! The White out is a great idea!

I really appreciate your detailed explanations of how you work your schedule. I think I might just wait until the following year to do k with Ellie when she is 5.5 Maybe do Rod and Staff preschool books in the meantime. (Sounds like you started K early with your Lily? How did that go...would you wait if you knew what you know now?) and then won't be trying to combine too many levels. I also think I am going to combine by 3rd with my first for the Bible and History and phonics as she is struggling with reading. Then allow them to be a part of the feasts etc in Creation to the Greeks. I know that things will work out in the end. I just have a history of getting nothing done but the Math and LA if I start to feel overwhelmed...We don't have such rigid requirements in Maryland. We have to have a portfolio and show a years progress in 7 subjects, but it's pretty subjective. We meet with the liaison twice a year...

Seeing that you are doing something very similar I am soaking in your advise! Thank you again!!!! So helpful!! I am impressed with how you have it all mapped out! :-)
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Re: combining k, 1st, 2nd , 4th, 6th, and 8th?

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I did start early with Lily. She was ready and did fine. She loves it. I had started the 6 and 8 year old boys right after their 5th bday so it put them on different weeks of school then the rest of the kids and I wanted to try Lily on the same schedule as the others so that we could have a summer break. The 8 year old did K really fast, he started in December and finished in May and then started first the following fall. But my 6 year old could have waited till the following school year, it took him 18 months to finish K because he struggled some and I took it slow. He had no trouble in first but we started it early and worked through the summer.

Sounds like you have a good plan started, just stick to it!
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