Bible - What Translation is used for the memory verses?

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Bible versions

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MommyMc wrote:I realize that I could change it, but I notice on the sample lesson plan sheets it is already typed out. Does anyone know off the top of their head what is used?
Creation to the Greeks uses the NIV version for all but Psalm 23 (memorized over weeks 16-20). The Psalm 23 lessons use the KJV.

Last year in ECC, my son did his memory work mostly using the NIrV for early readers, which is now used in the Adventures program. It wasn't the version in the ECC manual, but it went very well.

I read my son the verse in both the teacher's guide and his NIrV Bible (and sometimes more versions!). Then I allowed him to choose which one he wished to write/memorize. It was a good lesson in Bible translation, to go along with an ECC theme :o)

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Your dc never need to see the teacher's manual so it is very easy to use the Bible version of your choice. We have memorized and or done copywork of all our verses in KJV.
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What Translation is used for the memory verses?

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In Adventures we use the recommended Bible, and the lesson pages coordinate with that. HOWEVER, there are ALSO lesson pages with the same picture, for example a lamb, that do not have the verse pre-printed on them, allowing you to choose the version of your choice.
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Yep! Sure can use other translations. We do all our memory verses and copywork (and Bible notebook) in Spanish! Let alone another translation in English, lol!
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