Reading - How does MFW cover this subject in grades 2-6?

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teaching reading

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allgrace wrote:
Thu May 12, 2016 6:47 pm
I have a question about teaching reading. I used mfw k and first with my son, but he struggled with reading. I have been using All About Reading with him now and it is really helping. All About reading is great, but it has four levels and thus more time consuming, but at the end of the fourth level children should have the skills to read even high school level words.

I am now trying to decide if I should just use mfw k and 1st with my second child. I am wondering how reading is taught in my father's world after first grade and if anyone has had to supplement with another program as their kids grew? Is the phonics in k and first enough for most children or do they need more reading instruction? Thanks in advance for your feedback
I think many children can do just K and 1st, and then use the recommended spelling for 2nd to reinforce those phonics.

My oldest is dyslexic. I didn't figure it out until about 3rd grade. We added All About Spelling (didn't have All About Reading) and her reading really improved.

Next I have twins, one of whom is also dyslexic. I used what I learned about vowel teams and all the sounds that they make to teach 1st slightly different. Since you are using All About Reading, you know about all the vowel teams and "rules." I taught my boys all the sounds the letters make as they learned them. For my boy that wasn't dyslexic, it was enough.

For my dyslexic, I added All About Spelling as soon as we finished 1st grade phonics. That really helped reinforce all I had already taught him.
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Re: teaching reading

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Both of my girls (currently in 9th grade and 5th grade) learned to read just using MFW K and 1st. I didn't use any other program with them. The reading lessons in MFW K and 1st were enough. (If I recall correctly, MFW doesn't really have further reading instruction beyond 1st grade). However, my oldest needed lots of extra practice in reading. She wasn't a fluent reader until about 4th grade. During her 2nd grade year, I had her read a lot of leveled readers (you know...the Level 1, Level 2, etc). I collected a bunch of the leveled readers to add to our home library, and we checked them out of the public library, as well. I had her read aloud to me every day out of those leveled readers, starting during 1st grade and throughout 2nd grade. In 3rd grade, she started reading short, easy chapter books, and by 4th grade she was fluently reading a variety of chapter books appropriate for her age level and reading ability.

My 2nd daughter was different. She took off with her reading more quickly. She was reading many leveled readers and even starting some easy chapter books by the end of her 1st grade year.

Each child is so different, even within the same family. Some read earlier and with less struggle, while others struggle a bit. But, eventually, they do get it. Some just need lots of extra practice in reading and more time to really become fluent in reading. Reading aloud easy books to a parent, older sibling, or some other family member is a great way to practice reading well and fluently.

I would suggest you give MFW K and 1st a try with your 2nd child before trying a different program. It might just work for that particular child. I just want to assure you that kids can and do learn to read successfully just with the reading and phonics instruction provided in the MFW K and 1st grade programs. However, some kids may require more extra practice than others.

(You may notice in my signature that I have a 7yo son, as well. Like my daughters, he is learning to read using MFW K and 1st. I didn't mention him, though, because he is a unique case for me. He has almost a photographic memory, and once he learns a word once, he knows it. He taught himself to read before we started kindergarten. I am still doing the reading lessons with him in Learning God's Story (1st grade) to make sure that he has a good foundation in phonics, but he doesn't need much extra practice. So, he's kind of unique that way). :-)
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Re: teaching reading

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graceandjarrod wrote:Thanks for your replies. I am using AAS also. I am just concerned that I am doing more than I need to, and with other younger kids and a baby...I don't have extra time. I wonder if just having my son read and do AAS will be enough? Does anyone else have anything to add?
I can relate to not having extra time with little ones. :) My youngest at age 7 is still age 3 developmentally.

I think it really depends on the individual children what is enough for spelling and reading. Some pick up one or the other very easily and struggle with the opposite, some pick up both, and some struggle with both. When reading click though, in our home, I find it really clicks.

My oldest did only MFW1 phonics for reading instruction. He never really did have K instruction, other then my reading to him and teaching some basic phonic sounds for fun. MFW1 for him was enough for reading. He has read at a high school level since age 8 and did MFW1 beautifully for the last part of K and first 1/2 of first grade.

My second son did beautifully with MFWK and the blends. Natural speller. Reading came much later. He wasn't ready for MFW1 after MFWK. He could spell and write and not read (I never could figure out that one). So we did the Bible note book. I ended up teaching him reading with early readers that were more literature focused and the Beginner Bible when he was age 9. So the MFW1 phonics only didn't work because he wasn't ready, and I tend to be a fairly relaxed mom about kids being ready for things like reading. When he was ready he launched to a high school reading level fairly quickly and now at just turned age 11 is an avid advanced reader.

My third was somewhere in the middle. She did beautifully with MFWK and MFW1 note book and first grade phonics and reading in first. Her reading launched to a high school reading level at age 9.

I don't know if that helps at all. In my experience they are all so different. We have to work on spelling in our home. Especially with my oldest. I have done a lot with syllables and phonics sounding out for spelling. My second is the only natural speller. MFWs recommendation for R&S second grade phonics speller is excellent. I used AAS for one year and for us it didn't help. Dictation actually has probably helped with their spelling the most.

I am not sure if any of that helps. I thought the phonics in K and 1 for MFW were excellent. I do think the child though has to be ready to launch in reading when they use either of them, otherwise they can get stuck. Did that help?
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Re: teaching reading

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Yes, that helps. I don't think my oldest was ready, and now that he is reading well, I wonder if he just needed more time and not a different program. I am learning. I am going to use MFW K with my second child. She is almost five and already picking up blending and some reading.
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