3rd-4th grader - Adventures vs. Years 4-5


3rd-4th grader - Adventures vs. Years 4-5

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ADVentures - Years 4 & 5 already include this!

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 5:58 am
EX1850 and Year 5 are the in-depth versions of studying history over the same time frame as Adventures. So, in order to include the whole family, most (if not all) of the Adventures lesson are included as part of a 2nd/3rd grade supplement and written in the TM for those years.

The 2nd/3rd grade supplement for EX1850 includes the key living books from Adventures in My Father’s World to help make history come alive for younger students. All of these books are conveniently scheduled in your lesson plans for Exploration to 1850.

Right now those 7 books are packaged together for about $39.95. Those books are
American Pioneers and Patriots
North American Indians
Red, White, and Blue
The Fourth of July Story
Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims
The Courage of Sarah Noble
Sarah Whitcher’s Story
And of course you adjust book basket for each child.

The weekly grid has 2 portions --- the main grid like you would see in ECC and then there is a supplemental grid for the 2nd/3rd grade on the opposite page (just for the history stuff). The idea is that the younger children can skip the world history sections that older kids are doing and just do the American history.

I've noticed that all (or almost all if not all) of the Adventures program is scheduled in there. We're doing the same hands on projects that the Adventures history program does. The science is different, but just as much fun for my 2nd grader. And it is all scheduled in the TM!

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:11 am
The supplement for EX1850 contains a lot of the Adventures materials.

But the supplement for 1850MOD contains 3 of the read alouds from Adventures, but other than that, it is not from the Adventures program the way the supplement in year 4 is.

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Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2006 4:30 pm

OH! IT IS?!?!?! That's wonderful! I didn't know that! Awesome! That's so cool. I am loving MFW more and more each day! "smooch---smooch---smooch!!!!" (not kissing you)
- Tracey
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Starting late in 4th vs. waiting until 5th?

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Chris B wrote:I have 3 daughters ages 10, almost 8, and 3. We're just finishing up a long study of early American History. I began searching for what to do next, thinking about world history and came across MFW.

If I wait to start ECC until next year my oldest will be in 5th grade, which means she'll miss year 5 because she'll be in 9th grade. So, should I start ECC now so maybe we'll be ready for CTG by next year or should I just start ECC next year?
Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 1:55 am
I would just wait and start ECC in the fall. That would give your second grader more time to be ready to join in on a few activities. By the time your fifth grader is in ninth grade, there will probably be a high school level program for year 5. If not, then probably a pilot that you can help test out. Also if you feel you have thoroughly covered American History with your oldest maybe you could skip year 4 and go straight to year 5. Just another thought.
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Re: Starting late in 4th vs. waiting until 5th?

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Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2007 10:46 am
I agree with HopeAnn that you shouldn't try to squish ECC into the rest of this year.

If you do start ECC now, then I would just do it at the normal pace, and plan to start CTG around this time next year.

Doing it that way, you would lose the advantages that HopeAnn talked about in terms of your middle child's age. But you would gain those extra months which can come in handy if life throws anything unexpected your way in the future (speaking from experience, here :o)

So whenever you start, I would suggest enjoying ECC to its fullest. Get all you can out of the materials -- you have purchased them, they are very good, so I'd hate to rush through them.
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Missing out on Adventures?

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my4darlings wrote:Hi! We just finished up K and ECC and will be starting 1st with my 6yo ds and CtG with my 10 and 12 yo dds.

I know that my now 6 yo ds is supposed to jump into the 5 year cycle with RtR when he's in 2nd. Here's my dilemma... I feel like he (and I) will miss out on not doing Adventures! I really want to go through this program because it looks wonderful. Has anyone else felt like they were missing out by not doing Adventures? Is it possible to do Adventures along with one of the years in the cycle? Please let me know your thoughts or suggestions on this.
Posted: Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:59 pm
Hi Angelique,
We missed Adventures -- because it wasn't written yet when we started!

However, this year ds did EX1850 for the last half of 6th grade. There are often "Adventures-type" activities in the manual. They will sometimes say "optional" or "for younger kids." Things like making a canoe or a tinfoil ship. Of course, some of the activities are for all ages. Things like cooking Turkish Delight or making a bowling game out of plastic water bottles. We've done lots of fun stuff.

Ds is reading all the Adventures read-alouds as independent readers. And the book basket lists in EX1850 start including separate "double-starred" books for each state that you study. These are probably right out of Adventures, I would think.

As dh told me back then when I was missing doing American History with a young one -- we're now spending TWO years on it and that will be plenty to fill us up!

So don't worry, you'll get there soon enough & enjoy it all just as much!

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Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 5:28 am

When Logan is in 3rd grade, you'll use the EX1850 younger student supplement of books and activities. Those history supplemental readings and activities come from the Adventures program. yeah!!! So --- that child isn't going to miss it at all. He can wait until 3rd grade and then you'll be teaching from one manual.

Like Julie, our family missed ADV because it wasn't written yet. My 2nd child was 2nd grade when we were doing EX1850 and 3rd grade in 1850MOD. It worked out fine to use the younger supplement. The summer after RTR and before EX1850 --- we ended up doing a lot of the Bible/Science units from ADV just for fun summer stuff. But there's no need to do it that way.


oh wait...Just thought of something else...... one thing to consider from ADV might be to buy your child his own Bible. My middle child loves having her own.

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Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:38 pm

We did ADV last year ('06-'07) and thoroughly enjoyed it. So yeah, I feel ya on this one. BUT...(were you expecting it?)

Then I remembered that Halle did experience ADV, only as a K'er. Does she remember much? No. But she enjoyed her K year & her participation in the ADV activities we did.

Also, and probably most importantly for me, I remembered how dead-on the recommendations that have come from MFW have been for my family. If they say it's too much to do two older level programs, they probably say so with good reason. My guess is that in trying to get the best out of each program, you end up scrimping on the little bits that really make a MFW year jive. Now, that's not to say that it can't be done or that the MFW people couldn't make a mistake, but my thinking is that they REALLY break things down to the nuts & bolts before they make a recommendation. After many years with MFW, that goes a long way for me.

You've gotten a lot of good perspectives here, but I just thought I'd throw that little bit of something in there, too. Whatever you choose, I hope you have a GREAT year!! :)
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Challenging enough for my 4th grader?

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Momto3 wrote:I'm concerned that my youngest hasn't had any education on USA and my older, not much. I've thought about starting them both in Adventures, but I think it will not be challenging enough for my 4th grader. Any thoughts?
Posted: Thu Jul 24, 2008 6:41 pm
Do ECC. If you stick with MFW you will do US History in Exp to 1850 and 1850 to Mod in much greater detail. It will also all have a historical background to fall into. For instance when you study the reformation (in Rome to Reformation) and you realize how little religious freedom there was and the persecution happening throughout Europe, it gives you an extra appreciation for why the Pilgrims traveled to a new land to be able to have that freedom for their families.

We did Adv and loved that but ECC is a better fit and your oldest will be able to fit in the perfect 5 year cycle before high school.
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Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2008 3:06 am

You have enough time to get through the whole cycle so don't worry too much, it will come.

If you want though, a quick Summer study of the states might be fun. You can look up each state or get a book about each state from the library. Do it very superficially but it gives them basic information. My kids have a great wooden puzzle that has the states and their capitols. On each is a picture of the sate flower or something the state is known for.

We won't use ADV

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baileymom wrote:...are you sure we won't miss out on anything? Doing "Thanksgivingy" things this week makes me feel sad we won't have a more "age appropriate" curriculum for DSs 2nd/3rd and K/1st next year.

Using Exto1850 with supplement will cover it?
Hi Kathi,

The history from ADV is included in EX1850: that means the book basket lists for ADV are in EX1850 book basket, most of the cooking projects or similar recipes are there. side note: for those reading this who have done ADV, you'll get some new recipes too. Most history fun activities are there.
Read alouds from ADV are there, except for Mountain Born. Mountain Born is a read aloud just in ADV and is related to Jesus is the Great Shepherd. Other read alouds are more history stuff, so they're in EX1850/1850MOD

So, make sure you get the younger sibling supplement for EX1850. it's in there :) and all in one manual.

What's in ADV that isn't in EX1850:
ok, the 3 day thanksgiving fun activities. But you can have some thanksgiving fun right now and enjoy it. make some fun crafts, costumes, play with pumpkins, etc.
The Bible and Science in ADV is not included in EX1850/1850MOD. Instead you get Bible and Science in year 4 and 5.

I remember a few years ago, we had finished RTR. Oldest was going into 5th grade, middle going into 2nd. During the summer after RTR and before starting EX1850, we did a condensed version of the Bible and science in ADV. Long story.... but I had purchased the basic package well before knowing that there was going to be a younger sib supplement. Well, since I had the ADV manual there and the books, well, we used them in the summer. just for fun for a little bit of time each day.

eventually, we read Mountain Born, but it wasn't until after we had finished year 5! I bought it thinking "oh we never did this book... and ....." so we did it.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Re: We won't use ADV

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We completed ADV last year and I saved the ADV manual.

Although we are in ECC, we took a break last week and I pulled out the ADV manual and we did some of those things again and added in some new activities. The Thanksgiving unit is just nice to pull out and use again for that specific week!

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4th grader without much US history

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shera wrote:Right now they are in 3rd and 1st. I am still trying to figure out how to place them. I do understand the cycle but we have not done much US history so I am thinking of ADV.
You could always add in American field trips, videos, music, etc. for fun.

We went to a Civil War Reenactment at the beginning of our school year that year long before we ever got to the Civil War in ADV. My ds (and dh) LOVED it. Cannon noise and all. My dd and I, not so much. ;)

I took lots of pics and when we did reach the Civil War in ADV I brought out the pics (and a few fun goodies I picked up while we were there such as civil war men like army men) and we 'relived' the experience again with conversations beginning with remember when... My ds also loved that he met an actor portraying Abe Lincoln. The man also gave him and his sis each a penny with the current year on it.

My ds didn't have to study it. He felt more like he lived it. Even if it didn't line up with our studies it was a great learning experience. I will probably bring out the old pics again when we revisit this time period when they are older.

I think you would be fine with ECC if ADV doesn’t work out. ADV was a great year but ECC has been life changing for our family so with either program you start with I think it will all work out.

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Beginning MFW this fall...need some advice

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sos2010 wrote:This fall, I am switching to MFW curriculum for my son who will be in the fourth grade. The course schedule indicates that he should start with ECC. I'm wondering if we should begin with Adventures in MFW instead? Does this one-year study help introduce the five-year cycle? Is the one-year course helpful or will the information in ECC be sufficient? Basically, I'm wondering if we'll be starting "mid-stream" with ECC and will need back-track to pick up any information covered in Adventures. Thanks in advance! :)
Welcome to the board! If you have a 4th grader, start with ECC. That's the beginning point for that age. Adventures is written more targeted for the needs of a 2nd grader or some 3rd graders.

tagging on with your river/mid stream analogy... Think of ADV as a ending point for ages up to 3rd grade. It finishes off the "first cycle" (in terms of classical education cycles) rather than being an intro into the 5 year programs. Then you switch to a new stream. So, ECC isn't jumping in mid stream at all. It's the beginning.

History wise, students will do the history from ADV later in the years when they do EX1850 and 1850MOD. Also, there are some weeks for USA study in ECC.

sounds like you'll be fine :)

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Re: Beginning MFW this fall...need some advice

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Ditto!! Start off with ECC. ADV really is for those who have 2nd/3rd graders who are the oldest in the family. We loved our year of ADV but it really is something to meet a special need before going into the cycle.
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Re: Beginning MFW this fall...need some advice

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Hi! Welcome! :)

Adventures is written for an oldest child in the family who is in 2nd or 3rd grade. ECC starts the 5 year cycle for 4th-8th graders. We have never done Adventures but it is my understanding that most of what is covered in that will be covered at a higher level in the later years of the 5 year cycle. It covers US history but at a younger level. Your 4th grader will get that time period covered in the history cycle and at his level. You are at a perfect time to start the 5 year cycle starting with ECC with your 4th grader. You will be able to finish the 5 year cycle before high school.

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Re: Beginning MFW this fall...need some advice

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Agreeing with everyone else. ECC would be the best place to start.

When we came to MFW my ds was starting 3rd grade and it was a perfect fit for him but I don't think it would have been enough for 4th. We loved ADV but ECC has been a great year for us and a great foundational year for the rest of the 5 year cycle. It would also give your ds time to complete the 5 year cycle before high school.

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Re: Beginning MFW this fall...need some advice

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Great advice, guys! Thanks so much! That really sets my mind at ease. I'm excited to begin MFW! A dear friend of mine has been using it for the past four years and I've always heard a lot of good things about this curriculum from her and others who are or have used it. For the past two years, I've been making my own curriculum, but I know if I want to retain what little sanity I have left that I must stop such non-sense! ;)

Happy Mother's Day to all!
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Thoughts on using Adventures w/older children

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leeandrea wrote:Probably due to the fact that my 4th, 2nd and down have no idea why we are celebrating July 4th, I am really feeling like we need some U.S. history around here. I keep looking at the Adventures program and there is so much I like. I already own about 1/2 the books, the Bible portion looks so sweet and I think we would have a ton of fun with it.

I realize that I obviously can't use ADV as written with the older children, but I was thinking of supplementing up. I have tons of historical fiction, bios, Landmark books, various US history texts, etc. that I can use to beef up the history portions for 4th grader. I noticed that Homeschool Notebooking has notebook pages with both primary and regular lined pages to go along with MFW Adv., so I could use something like that for 4th grader to do narrations. I think it might be good to work on that this year and focus on this area before getting into the more challenging years.

I would have 7th grader in US history, but probably not in step with the Adventures program. She'll be doing her own science already. I could use the PP lit guides that go along with the US history and get the the state report package from year 4 for her. There are a few other books in years 4 and 5 I might pick up, like the Kay Arthur book and Building a City on a Hill, A Young Person's Guide to Knowing God, I have to check into them. I have the Guerber AM history books and Coffin books to use as "spines". Or I could get a Beautiful Feet guide and maybe have her go through The Last 500 Years as well. Or maybe she could just totally focus on Home Economics and only have a reading list for history. The more I think of it, this could be a year she could really focus on something that interests her and just keep her toes in AM History.

And it would also be a lot less expensive to get the ADV program since I already have a lot of it and so many other resources. This would be a big thing if I decide to go with MFW highschool for 9th grader since I'll have to purchase all of those materials.

After this year, I would have an 8th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader and 1st grader using MFW1 and ECC. Then when 8th grader went into HS, we would still all be in Creation/Greece together and she wouldn't be doing back-to-back Creation/Greece). The only flaw in this timeline is 4th grader to be would only get through year 4 of the rotation before HS, but honestly, I feel like I need to worry about what is best for this year and let 5 years from now take care of itself.

This got so long, I think I think better with my fingers :-) I can't find anywhere stories of anyone using ADV for higher than 3rd grade, so maybe this is totally unrealistic. Having never seen it (other than the sample), I am flying blind. I guess I'm just a planner/tweaker at heart. I don't want my 4th grader to feel like I'm treating him like a baby, but at the same time, I believe he would totally enjoy the subject matter presented in this way, and I know it's dead on for my 2nd grader and even my K'er would enjoy the read alouds and Bible portions/activities and science. My 7th grader couldn't care less what I do w/her. If I let her do 2nd grade work forever, she'd be happy :~

Well, IMHO, it sounds like too much planning to me. MFW as written doesn't require much planning. With you age span I would really recommend going with ECC. I think you could drive yourself nuts trying to pull it all together to make it work. The youngers will get the Am Hist info in the latter two years of the 5 year cycle.

We did do ADV when my ds was in 3rd and it was a great place for us to start. It was our first year with MFW. But I would have had to beef it up too much for 4th and up.

One thing we have been doing this summer has been a sort of mini study of the 4th of July and the founding of our country. We have worked on a simple lapbook (from currclick.com called We Love the U.S.A.), I've read a few of the books from ADV (you can borrow them or something similar from the library if you have access), and we have been watching Liberty's Kids from Netflix. Maybe you could do a mini study over the summer or something. There are all kinds of unit studies available. homeschoolshare.com might be a great place to start for free resources. ECC does spend 2 weeks in the U.S. You could maybe expand on that a bit rather than spend a whole year expanding.

This is just my opinion and others may differ but that's ok.

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Re: Thoughts on using Adventures w/older children

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After ECC, you can potentially go into EX1850. Almost all of Adventures' history is in there, plus things for your older kids.

I've also heard of folks (Crystal?) who used portions of Adventures as a unit study over the summer. I know that I used portions of the MFW-1st for Proverbs copywork in 8th grade :) So you can be a bit creative.

But I agree on not making too much work for yourself.
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Re: Thoughts on using Adventures w/older children

Unread post by gratitude »

I agree with the others that it sounds like more work than I could do. You though sound like one of those moms who can take an amazing amount of curriculum, put it together, and make it work. My little input here though, rather than advice - my children are too young for that, is to share a week of life in ADV to give you a better idea of what it is like.

Our week in ADV recently included:
1. Two science readings/two science narrations/one science experiment/dictated to me science hypothesis - observation results that I wrote in the notebook.
2. One U.S. History reading/one notebook page to color during the reading/narration of story read/summary sentence that I wrote out/summary sentence copied onto the page that was colored at the top during the reading.
3. One read-aloud book.
4. 4 pages or so of art drawing.
5. Foreign language
6. Math
7. Spelling/English
8. History hands on activity
9. Bible hands on activity
10. Bible reading
11. Nature walk
Did I forget anything?

So in life my memory, a little fuzzy this morning, remembers the following from last week: Two glasses of water, one with salt & one without. The egg floated in the one with salt. I remember making 'you are special to God' name cookies for all of our family and all of a neighbors family. I remember reading some U.S. History. I remember my 7 year old complaining because his summary sentence was longer than he wanted to copy and then growing in confidence when he copied the entire sentence with 4 very long words. I remember reading the U.S. History story while my 7,6, & 4 colored the page then my 7 was the only one who had to do the summary sentence and copy it. I remember yesterday at the parade pointing out the Viking decedents in the parade, decedents from Iceland, that were parading their heritage (they make up a little town north of us) and my children knowing what I was talking about. I remember them learning a little more about Jesus loving them.

I hope this helps and gives you a little idea about 'reality' of the program. I love the beauty and simplicity of ADV for my 7, 6, & 4 year old (she joins in a little). I have no idea what I would think with a 4th & 7th. I hope the above information though helps a little.

As Julie said you could get all of this in 1850 to modern the year after ECC with your oldest in 8th before high school. My understanding is that exploration to 1850 & 1850 to modern tie in a lot of the books and materials from ADV for the younger students. Oh, last thing U.S. History is the first 1/3 or so of Adventures, then it is a tour of the 50 states with one state a day for an overview of our country in regards to geography and some information about each state to give them an idea of the place we live. One more thought: Has your oldest already done an ECC type program? If so you might want to start a thread regarding starting with Exploration to 1850 with 2nd/3rd supplements and see what some of these experienced moms say. ECC is the heart of MFW, but just a thought... if she has already done a lot of world history, missionaries, & world geography.
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Re: Thoughts on using Adventures w/older children

Unread post by rjsmomma »

Here is my suggestion (hoping it does not confuse you too much :) ).

Two weeks are scheduled in ECC to quickly cover North America. Could you take that time (maybe make it last 4 weeks instead of 2) and cover some early American History using the books that you already have from SL. Give all the kiddos a good review/introduction on early American History. Cover those important topics that you feel they are lacking. Then finish out the year with the rest of ECC. Then the next year do 1850 to Modern (using the 2nd-3rd grade supplement with your youngers) which would set up your eldest to start Ancients for High school and the others would do Creation to the Greeks. Though the eldest and the youngers would be separate at that point it might make it easier on you to have them all in the same time period:)
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Re: Thoughts on using Adventures w/older children

Unread post by kerby »

I have a friend who used ADV w/ a 4th grader and they had a good time.
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Is it possible to use Adventures with a 4th grader?

Unread post by cbollin »

Allison TX wrote:I used Adventures several years ago with my boys and have such fond memories of it. We especially loved the Bible portion.

My two olders are using something else next year, and then will start MFW high school the year after that. So I just have the 4th grader to think about now. I have the Adventures and ECC guides and have been reading through them. The science does seem significantly lighter in Adventures than ECC. BUt I think I can add something to the science fairly easily. (I think I could also up the level of book basket) ECC also seems to have a lot more hands on crafts, and looks like it will be a little more work for the parent. Am I right?

I am due with baby #4 at the end of August, which is why I am considering Adventures. ECC just looks like it will involve more time and planning. If I decide to use Adventures, I will of course have my daughter in grade level math and LA.

Any thoughts? Has anyone used Adventures with a 4th grader? Thanks!
which will be more time and planning for you? (individual answer here...)

1. using ECC and trimming back when needed
2. using ADV and beefing up and scheduling on your own... more Bible, more Science , a little bit more history, more unit study based language arts...

hmm..... also... longer term... will it matter in your family if you don't complete the cycle by end of 8th grade?

lots to consider on it.....

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Re: Is it possible to use Adventures with a 4th grader?

Unread post by gratitude »

I am just finishing it with a 2nd grader, and I wouldn't encourage it. There are beautiful parts for the younger children, but I think the material/readings and writing required would be much to simplified for the intellectual jump that occurs in 4th grade children (I know this from teaching, rather than experience as a mom).
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Re: Is it possible to use Adventures with a 4th grader?

Unread post by MOMS »

We did ECC with my 5th grader (9-10yrs this school year) & ADV with my 2nd grader (6-7yrs this school year) but we ended up doing both curriculums as a family (even including the 4 yr old).....

ADV was nice to reinforce what my 5th grader already knew & he enjoyed it but no part of it challenged him. & my 2nd grader learned lots from sitting in on ECC with us & he enjoyed it~for the most part. & just remember YOU are the teacher~you don't HAVE to do ALL things in the book, it's simply there if you want to :)
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