MFW only? Anyone ditch most everything else?

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beltran4christ wrote:Anyone only use MFW for History, Science, Bible, LA and Math?
I like the thought of only using MFW. It would save me lots of money ;)
Linda Mom to 6
1st year with MFW using Adventures!
For the K and 1st programs - no, we don't add anything to those. The MFW stuff is more than enough!

Amanda, Wife to a great guy since '99, SAHM to 4 fabulous kids! DD(7/96), DS(1/01), DD(8/03), and baby DS (3/09)!
Used MFW K, 1st, ECC, CTG, RTR, Ex1850, and currently using 1850-Modern!

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Hi Linda :)

I am a MFW-only mom. I think the thing for us was never having done any other program. I looked at other curricula, but MFW was where we began & we took their recommendations from the beginning. That said, we haven't had the, "Oh, but if we were using this, they'd be doing this."

Also, I must say, what we're doing has worked for my son. For example, Singapore math: my son's little brain just clicks with math. The logical, thinking approach has been awesome for him. My daughter is only in Kindergarten - if something doesn't fit her learning style, like Singapore, I'll be the first one on here asking for direction to what might. So far, our needs have been fully met and I haven't needed to try other approaches.

Financially, MFW has been a direct answer to prayer. We are giving our kids a Bible-based, Jesus-focused education and we aren't taking on debt to provide it. That makes me feel like I'm doing the best I can for my kids, for my family & for/unto the Lord. I hope to be a MFW family right up to GRADUATION!!

In your case, if you decide to try to transition over to MFW only, make sure you give yourself a real period of transition to see if it will work for your family. Changing math can be like taking on a new language. When we first looked at Singapore, I remember thinking, "What's a number bond?" It takes awhile. Also, with the LA, PLL can seem, at first glance, a bit on the old/slow side, but I have found it to be very effective, while not shoving the subject up my son's nose (he would hate that...). With having done another LA, you may not feel like you're doing enough. But I'd say give it a go, then you'll know. :)

I hope this is helpful & I pray God will guide you to your family's best!

Paige in NC

Anyone else ditch everything.... and just went with MFW?

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LoveBaby wrote:I'm a new homeschooler and am completely overwhelmed by the various curriculum(s) that I have chosen for my kids. I was going to "build my own" and it's been a disaster! Different math, LA, handwriting etc. So much so that we aren't even getting that much done.

So, I'm looking at MFW and I'm thinking how wonderful it will be to have everything laid out for me, organized, systematic etc, but then I worry... should I keep the program we have and supplement? what about XYZ...should I hold onto it, just in case?

Has anyone else just taken the leap, scrapped everything and just went with MFW and trusted the process? How did it work for you? For your family? for your kids?
Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 6:42 am

I'll admit. I'm more than a little biased in favor of MFW. :)

I did and it is working very well for us. I’m in my 4th year of MFW. My oldest is in 5th grade and we’ve homeschooled all along. In the early years, I thought, “Hey, I need to find the best program in each subject.” But when I did that, it seemed that each company’s product thought I had to spend 2 hours on just that subject. There was no way to pull it all together and not be exhausted (mom or child). MFW chooses top quality materials that are designed to be done in less time. It is a very efficient and effective program. So I scrapped just about everything. If MFW suggested it, we tried it. If we didn’t like something, we tweaked and then changed to something else only if we couldn’t make it work.

Yes, I trust the process, the products and the people. My kids seem to like the selections. The workload is manageable --- and I have an autistic preschool in the mix to deal with.

For our family – we probably wouldn’t have stuck with homeschooling without MFW. It's been an answer to prayer.
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Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:10 am

We are in our 6th year hsing and our first full year w/ MFW. We used all the books in Adventures last year w/ another program we were doing. When I first ordered ECC this year I thought it wouldn't be enough so I also ordered and planned additional LA, Hist, etc. After a few months I realized that MFW was enough so we scrapped the other Hist, Sci, etc. It's taken me a little longer to give up on the other LA - but we've been primarily using PLL and ILL last week and this week and it's going great and my kids love it. My dd who has always hated writing - not the handwriting part but writing about things - is taking the ILL book and actually looking for assignments that require her to write! If I were starting again w/ younger kids and doing hsing for the first time - I'd go all MFW. At first glance it's deceiving - but it really is a full, meaty program.
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Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 11:17 am

Yes I ditched everything to do MFW. I have always homeschooled but did not find MFW until my kids were 2nd and 4th graders. I actually started the year with another curriculum and after 6 weeks changed.

Like Crystal I feel that it has been an answer to our prayers and has helped me, along with God's call, to keep homeschooling.

From the ages of my kids you can tell that we never did MFWK or 1 since we were beyond it when I found MFW but I have wished many times that we had known of it. I have helped MFW at conventions and because of this have tried to make myself very familiar with K and 1. Every time I look at them I am amazed at how wonderful they are put together. They are sort of what I tried to do on my own but so much more thought out. Like you, I did a lot of my own planning up until I started with MFW.

Praying God will continue to lead you and give you peace for what to do next.
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Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 12:27 pm

I guess you could say we ditched everything and went with MFW. I spent my first year trying to be everything: classical, charlotte mason, units, fun!! I was frustrated and my children were unhappy. I didn't know how much to push and tried multiple programs in various areas and found they didn't work for my kids. When I heard David at our convention describe me perfectly in one of his seminars and describe their philosophy of taking the best of all the different philosophies and meshing them into one curriculum, I decided it was something I needed to do. I was burning out after one year.

MFW gave me boundaries, reasonable expectations, and a reason to relax and enjoy my children. We are all happier. I have found that as I have gone along I have made a few changes here and there but that didn't happen until we were moving along and I had a better sense of what worked for my own children and their uniquenesses. We did end up choosing a different math for my kids, but that is not to say MFW's is not a good one. Now I actually go back and implement some of their ideas.

I so understand the frustration. But I have relaxed since using MFW and it has made our home a much happier place. I needed it.

God's Blessing

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Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 3:14 pm

With my son's K year, I pieced. I survived & he excelled at what we did, but I was always left questioning my decisions - each and every decision. I had looked at MFW, but opted not to buy.

We continued this approach into Max's first grade year. In January of that school year, we ditched the "mommy" way, and bought MFW1 used (I guess I was still scared to take the full plunge!). It was the right decision for us, one I've never regretted. This curriculum has been just what our family needed, much more than we'd hoped for.

This year, there was no question as to whether we would continue with MFW. And now that we've started MFWK with my daughter, I'm seeing all that we missed out on with Max. That is my only regret.

Paige in NC
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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 12:57 pm

I was trying to build my own program before we started MFW, and I must admit I wasn't having much success, leaving gaps in my children's education and leaving me with a feeling of failure.

I didn't want to use workbooks, or computer school, but I needed some structure. MFW appealed to me because it brought together pieces of things and philosophies that I was already drawn to. I even purchased the Kindergarten program, because it was so compelling. We hadn't done any formal Kindergarten since my oldest did Five in a Row.

I really wanted to offer my kids more than math and language arts, with a couple of extras thrown in. I feel MFW has allowed me to do that. It has certainly helped me feel more relaxed about what we are doing, and I like that someone else is helping me make sure I'm not leaving unintended "gaps" in their learning.

I never dreamed I would be able to pull off things like celebrating the Jewish feasts, but somehow I have. There are a few projects I feel that are beyond me, so we skip them. For the most part, we have been able to stick to the program as written. If you have more time, you can do the Deluxe packages. If you have less, you can do the regular package. We've done some of both.

If you like MFW's educational philosophy and their materials appeal to you, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Remember you still have options for math and language arts too.
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Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:38 pm

Well, after a lot of soul searching, talking with DH, visiting with David Hazell and reading a *lot* about MFW, I made my order!

We are going to start with the basic K and basic 1st for now. When I spoke to David H. he indicated that DS should start K now and DD should start 1st now. I was planning on having them work together on some of the activites and letting my little one (almost 3) join in where he can.

I'm just so excited to get my box of goodies. It should come early next week, then I can take a few days to sink into the info. This is also the first time I've ordered a curriculum brand new, so that makes it even more fun!
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Posted: Fri Jan 12, 2007 9:53 am

I think it's a tough road for a new homeschooler to take an ecclectic approach, piecing curriculum together without some experience under the belt first. Jmho. A complete or "boxed" curriculum is definitely an easier transition into the world of homeschooling.

That being said, some complete curricula continue to work beautifully for the long haul. MFW is definitely such a curriculum, again imho. It is so nice to have our days laid out for us, and to open up our teacher's manuals and get our day rolling along without confusion or burden.

So yes, I can see one scrapping an approach that isn't working or is overwhelming and/or confusing, and instead enjoying the pace, content, and organized layout of MFW.

Postby Toni@homezcool4us » Sun Aug 31, 2008 11:41 pm

My own experiences led me to streamline my choices so they are in line with what MFW suggests (with the exception of math, but that is because we're 4 years into a program that works very well for us). I was a big supplementor, grabbing this extra and that extra "because we need it", and doing my own thing for language arts. It's not that I didn't like what I chose either. It's just that I've come to realize I've made it unnecessarily hard on myself in some regards.

We have the blessing and great benefit of Marie sorting through literally hundreds of potential options before she has narrows it down to those that make her cut. We have the same blessing and benefit of a TESTED curriculum that has been implemented in the homes of multiple pilot families (because many other curricula out there are NOT tested before release). The pilot family feedback is vital, as Marie can then tweak and adjust as needed before releasing the final product to us.

All that to say, I learned that I should simply trust what Marie has laid out for us. I finally did so this year and WOW, our year is off to a great (gentle, cohesive, effective, calm) start. But I had to align my own attitude and thinking first, it seems, and now the benefit of that is becoming clear to me.
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Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2007 5:25 pm

Hi- I have to add even though it looks like everything has been covered. I have looked around and even ordered other programs. I love to research and look for the "best." Although I agree that you have to be compatible with the basic approach of MFW, I think it is by far the best that I have found- in terms of cost effectiveness, wise use of time/efficiency, basing education on God's word/world, fun, age appropriate and simple enough that not overwhelming. I love it!! We have only done first grade (although I have looked at every part of the other programs that I can find!) and I too thought it looked too light but used some suggestions on other ways to use the phonics, etc. and it has turned out to be an excellent fit for us!!


Does anyone use most everything that they recommend?

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ChristyH wrote:Does anyone use most everything that they recommend? I am familiar with most everything they recommend except Singapore and Spelling Power. Have the recommendations worked out well?

I want to be more successful with our homeschooling then we have been, not to mention smoother. ;0)
Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:18 am

Raising my hand, I do.

It is commonly said, you can use whatever language arts and math you want. Well, I like MFW's recommendations and like to try them first and then tweak if needed and change it completely if necessary.

Here’s more than you asked for. :)

I've been using MFW for so long that we started before they had a math recommendation for elementary. I didn't switch immediately from the math I was using. This year my dh and I evaluated if that program was still working and decided we needed to do something different. I did take a look at Singapore Math because MFW was recommending it. We trusted MFW's other suggestions so it made sense to start there. We really like Singapore and are glad we switched. Lessons are short and effective and it's a strong math program. Good program. Singapore has a strong program for math processing skills (i.e. mental math). Lessons are short, effective and really help with building concepts. You need to add flashcards to Singapore because in the country of Singapore the teacher’s add drill in the classroom. That’s why it is not in the text or student book. Singapore uses concrete and pictorial ways to teach math. It helps you to help your child learn to think.

Language Arts:
We really like PLL and ILL. Like that Charlotte Mason feel to it. Covers a lot of language arts components.

All in One English -- we're liking that for 6th grader. It's got all of those rules and easy to do. Practice is quick. And it is set up so that you can’t just fill in the pattern. I used another program for “grammar” that was “easy” – but my child was just filling in the blanks and circling things. She had figured out the pattern of the lessons. With All in One, she has to slow down enough to read it and practice and think about it first. Hmmm…. This is reminding of why we switched math programs. But I digress.

Spelling Power -- I was set to use Spelling Power before I heard of MFW. I was thrilled to be able to buy it and ECC at the same time. I started my child too young in Spelling Power and pushed too hard and tried to short cut the whole method in spelling power and well.... it didn't work. Duh! Put it aside for 1 year. Now, we're back to using Spelling Power. We're using it the way it is supposed to be used, with no short cuts, and I like it. I'm glad I went back to it.

Writing Strands has a lot of good stuff in it --- learning to expand sentences, basic paragraph structure, how to write in different tenses, 1st and 3rd person writing -- lots of those little skills that need to be taught along the way. And it fits so well with short lessons. At first I didn’t do a good job with using the book. I spent too much effort making my child try to do this book on her own and had the objective to be “do this assignment so that writing is out of the way.” WS is not a book to merely hand over to your student and expect them to magically become a good writer. Nor did I bother to read the helps and hints at the back of the book (blush). Oh no no no .... I wanted a pick up and go program. {blush}

Once I started to use WS level 3 as a way to make sure that I was teaching certain writing skills to my child I liked WS. If I used it to “just complete this assignment” then I didn’t like it. I also like how it has little checkpoints for the student to evaluate their own writing successes and areas for improvement and to keep track of it. I like that in the back of the Level 3 book there are examples of problems to avoid. It makes a nice resource for teaching writing.

Maybe this will make sense: it’s like having math drills. Drills are a tool that are part of the big picture of your math program. Same thing with Writing Strands --- it is not the completion of each exercise that makes you go “ah ha! my kid can write.” WS helps you to say “ah ha! we’re practicing those skills and we can work on it while doing our other assignments.”

Welcome to MFW. It's for those of us who can say: ideal world meet real world. And MFW helps me succeed in my real world. MFW is an answered prayer for me with all of that.
microcarter wrote:I would really like to hear some opinions on the language arts recommendations (ILL, WS and SP) and on Singapore Math. Who really likes these, who doesn't and why? Is it best to at least try these recommendations first since this is my first year hs her?
Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 3:14 pm

My opinion is to give them a try and see how it goes. MFW likes to choose products that are going to help you not get bogged down with language arts and math.

I really like Singapore Math. It works really well with my strong math student (my oldest). And it works really well with my not as strong math student (my middle) to make her stronger. To start with Singapore, you need to take a placement test. Don’t be surprised if you test into a book number that is lower than your grade level. That is common because the book numbers in Singapore don’t necessarily parallel grade levels in the US.

Singapore has a very strong component to its program to help a student learn to think about how to solve word problems and to do some computations mentally. You will want to have some kind of manipulative (blocks, legos, straws, whatever) to help present the concepts in a concrete way. Then you move to the more abstract thinking stuff. The Singapore textbook has color pictures, thought process bubbles to help present the lesson. Then you move to the student workbook. Like with many math programs, you will probably need to add in some math fact drills.

The lessons are short and very effective and strong. I like the flowchart/rules feels to teaching Singapore.

Language Arts:
The language arts that are selected will help fill in the bits and pieces of language arts that are not covered in the unit studies of the main program you use. I should link to a post written by Marie Hazell, author of MFW, in which she describes the reason behind MFW ‘s recommendations for Language Arts. Here it is

I use MFW’s recommendations for language arts and it really seems to help us. Intermediate Language Lessons is fairly easy to use. Some of it can be done orally. I like that it covers so much in language (poetry, outlining, intro to debate skills, copywork, narrations, art appreciation study etc.), but the lessons are short. Some of them I have tended to update just a tiny bit to make it something else meaningful to my child. As an example, we changed one of the debate topics from whatever it was in the book to “give Mom and Dad the pros and cons of why you should go to the youth retreat this weekend?” So, I found ILL flexible and chock a block full of great language arts skills.

I just wrote something about Spelling Power. Let me just link to that thread instead of copying a long answer b/c this is already getting long.

Writing Strands. I find that WS helps me to coach my child with writing. It covers things that just aren’t being covered in other places. I personally don’t think at your child’s age it is a preferred route to just hand over WS to the child. But instead, use it as a guide with your child. There are a few bumps along the way in WS. If you use it and need help with it, chime in over here and we’ll help out. I’ve used WS 3 and am currently in WS level 4. It fits well in the day.

whew.... that was a long answer. Looking forward to hearing from others as well :)
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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:40 am

Actually that was just right, not more then I asked for.

Do you ever think you want to be something you aren't and then find out you were fooling yourself? Crazy, I know but stick with me here. I have wanted to set up my own program for school but it really isn't me. I want it to be me. I spend too much time planning and looking for books and get discouraged very quickly when children complain about it and never follow through because it is too much work. I feel shame faced it as I wrote that.

Can you see underneath all of this the desire to be a more consistant homeschooler who is not bogged in planning and philosophy? The Lord has been convicting me about it.
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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 1:59 pm

I know exactly how you feel and until I found MFW I was hopping around a lot looking for the right everything. So you do not sound crazy to me at all. Even tried the planning it myself too.

I have used everything as well and I can look back and see how these suggestions have been age appropriate and have gently moved our kids in the right direction.

Like Crystal the only thing that I used more as a tool than rigidly was Writing Strands. There is lots of writing in the history notebooks as well as in the English books so not until 6th or 7th grade did I start more formal writing.

We switched to Singapore the year MFW suggested it since my son needed a challenge and my daughter who was struggling asked to switch. It has been a great decision to do so. They have both improved a lot in this area.

As far as spelling I think that one reason MFW does not go to formal spelling until 3rd grade is some kids are still just getting a good hold on reading. This gives them time to naturally learn a lot from copywork, which they can continue to do even as they add a more formal approach. I like Spelling Power since they only study the words that they get wrong and they work at their level not an assigned grade level.

I hope some of that helps.
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Posted: Sat Aug 11, 2007 7:24 pm

We are using MFW suggestion for cursive handwriting. Dd likes it. As for their other recommendations, we've used some, combined some, and dropped some. I love the flexibility that MFW gives me, but also the structure within their program.

RJ - 8yod
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I have slowly tossed my other, non mfw curriculum choices...

Unread post by Teresa in TX »

This is year 2 of mfw for us. This is my 9th year of homeschooling. I have truly covered the gammot on curriculum for these past years. I have had many things I love, many things I don't love, many years I'd do overload while other years I did underload (if that's a word). We trial and errored on so many things. I feel I've finally come home with MFW!! I look back and realize that at the beginning of our venture this is what I was trying to create myself and I wore myself out in the process. It NEVER turned out like I planned.

Last year, using ECC, we had a very enjoyable year. I still stuck with my own language arts choices (which were very time intensive) and my own math choices. I usually disregarded the suggestions of copying and dictation in the manual and stuck with "my" plan. We did enjoy the year, but there were areas I felt weren't working for us. I didn't fully understand why until now.

This year, we are using 1850-present. We started this week. My 10yo ds is using ILL, spelling power & Writing Tales (I realize that is not mfw, but he LOVES it and it is not a heavy program). Anyway, I finally have the time to incorporate the copywork & dictation. I can see how he will be more able to write across the curriculum with history and science also because the time constraints just aren't holding us back like they used to. He wrote a letter to the president, did a science lab page, a nature walk page, and drew a diagram of an atom this week. I had more time to be thorough with his work, to look over his shoulder and guide him, instead of telling him to hurry to the next thing. I'm not ignoring the quality in order to get to the quantity like we used to. We are finishing a level of MUS right now, but I am seriously considering moving him into Singapore when we finish. I think I am finally able to "see" the purpose of these choices. They have the appearance of being "light" on first glance, but when combined they are perfect!

My 13yo 8th grade dd is using all of the LA suggestions. She is doing Writing Strands 4, Applications of Grammar, Spelling Power & will be doing a Progeny Press guide soon. The grammar is so wonderful because we can easily manage it this year, but it seems very thorough. I can tell she's not bogged down by it, she doesn't dread it, and her work is more quality. Again, I can see that she will be able to write more across the curriculum without overloading. She did the nature walk with us where we used to not have the time for that with her due to her huge amount of work.

I guess I just see that we will have time for art now and nature walks and projects. I plan to let this be our year to try these things and test at the end of the year. I know this is an odd comparison, and forgive me for it, but it seems like so many of my other choices and plans were like "law" and mfw is like "grace". I hope someone gets what I'm saying. lol I wish I had found mfw about 9 years ago and just stuck with it all the way. :)
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So far we have used: ECC, 1850-Present, CTG, RtR, High School Ancients and MFW K
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Unread post by ShanMom »

Boy I just want to second that. This is my 3rd real year of homeschooling. And it's so obviously going to be the best of the three. Last year I wanted to do so many wonderful things, but was never able to because I had to spend so much time planning that I failed on the execution. With MFW I don't have to do any planning, just execute. We had our first week and I have felt less drained after each day than I ever have homeschooling... My kids have enjoyed the history, the science, even the narrations, which they groaned about, were wonderful and beyond what they thought they could do. MFW has put together a wise and gracious program. I want to echo with you all how blessed I feel.
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Unread post by Paula J »


I too understand what you are saying. I'm using CtG with a 13 yo and this has been one of our best years yet. I thought I should go with advanced textbooks to get ready for high school, and I did for algebra and math, but I am so glad I chose to try mfw. It has been so awesome to be done with school by noon or 1 pm and it has been great to have time to do art and for the first time music. Up until this year our music curriculum was just guitar lessons. I think it has been good for ds to have a lighter more enjoyable year too as he has not complained about doing school even once.


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17 yo dd public school senior in the fall

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Does anybody use MFW using only their recommended resources

Unread post by 4littlehearts »

I usually hear of people using a curr. but never every facet of it. They might use a different math, or reading program or add to history or science in some way. I guess I am wondering how successful this program is at face value without adding anything and just using the Hazell's recommendations and that's it. Thanks!
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Does anybody use MFW using only their recommended resources

Unread post by Julie in MN »

4littlehearts wrote:I usually hear of people using a curr. but never every facet of it. They might use a different math, or reading program or add to history or science in some way. I guess I am wondering how successful this program is at face value without adding anything and just using the Hazell's recommendations and that's it.

I was thinking of switching over all of the way to what they recommend hoping that their recommendations would not be as stressful as the 3 R's I am using now.
I basically have done that for grades 3-6. Sometimes a co-op class or something would mean I put less emphasis on MFW art or something, but basically straight MFW as far as I remember... I settled on Singapore even before they did :o) I bought or borrowed almost every English program out there, but found myself perfectly happy with PLL/ILL & Writing Strands.

In 7th, I hit the area where I had homeschooled before (my daughter came home in 10th grade but was making up some earlier credits), so we've done some different science that I had done before etc.

But the MFW core program is still just exactly what I want in every facet.
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Unread post by wisdomschool »

We are only in our 3rd year of homeschooling, but it is also our 3rd year with MFW!

My oldest(ds) is 8, and just recently started Adv.(after completing "K" & 1st!) I am also now doing MFW "K" again with my 2 dd's, almost 6 and 4.

As far as the subjects that MFW covers in these grades we only do MFW recommendations--we don't add or take away(no need to, in my opinion)!

I've been wanting to write in a testimonial of sorts for people who ask this type of question esp. reading the "K" program and reading: I'll begin by saying that my son is on the "older" end of each grade as his b-day is in October, and he wasn't ready for "K" until he was almost 6!

I believe this has helped him be successful, as most everything is "easy" for him and that builds self confidence(he is naturally a perfectionist, and used to get very upset when he didn't understand something or didn't get something "right").

Anyway, my main point is that he is READING and SPELLING very well! Just as well(if not better) than friends his age who started school younger and/or use other programs/curriculum.

Like Crystal said, we add "other" stuff that we want our children to do/they are interested in, some is considered "school"--some not so much...

We do things such as: listen to a spanish cd that sings fun songs like the days of the week, colors etc(while we all fold laundry) watch Signing Time vidoes/dvd's, we go to church on Wednesday nights, and half the year that means my oldest is in a children's musical production, my oldest son takes guitar lessons, and the girl's take dance classes etc.....

We love MFW! I have been known to say that it is the most(out of any curriculum I've seen/researched/tried) like what I would write if I had the time(that says alot to me, as I do not feel comfortable teaching my children something that I don't believe they should know!)

Blessings on your homeschooling journey,

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Unread post by Toni@homezcool4us »

I fall into the "everything but math" category.
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Unread post by dhudson »

I didn't with my oldest and regret most of it. My twins (7yr) have followed MFW recommendations for the most part and have done great.

You have the freedom to choose other things but the more research I do, the more I come to agreement with their recommendations.
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Unread post by Lainie »

Raising my hand higher than Crystal (because I'm taller--hee hee)!!

Last year I thought I'd "add" stuff or do "different" stuff. Ran into problems over the course of the year.

This year, all MFW recommendations, we're getting everything done, it doesn't feel burdensome, just rich and complete and we're learning a ton and we're happy.

We're seeing everything integrate nicely and major bonus--Mommy isn't stressed out.

We are at church twice a week, music lessons for all three, ballet for the two and soccer for the one and it doesn't feel overwhelming at all. There is room for life and ministry and sleep at night.

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Unread post by HSmommi2mine »

The math, grammar and writing recommended in MFW are just that - recommendations and not required for the program. I don't use the MFW suggestions because I was already using things that worked and I didn't want to change. I am less CM and more classical in method.

I do use Singapore to supplement my chosen math program but only to slow down my math-loving dd. If MUS wasn't around I would use Singapore though. I was already using Writing Strands and I don't bother with the Latin root words in EFRU because my kids are learning a full Latin program.

As far as what the MFW TM covers, that is what we do and I don't add anything. It is a well balanced program and we are happiest when using it fully, w/o adding extra stuff.

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