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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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Thanks, Sandi! This is encouraging! It always helps to hear these testimonies from those ahead of me. A big "YAY!" to your son for doing well on the ACT!

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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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as a newbie who is asking a lot of questions, and very fearful, I really appreciate your post, it's not at all silly. I think it is Gods' timing! What you say about the whole "outlook" of MFW is what has attracted me, and now you saying that you can do all that, and get a good academic education is like the cherry on the cake. I was just asking in another post today, basically, if I could "trust" the MFW choices for LA etc.

I've already missed so much of the enjoyment of HS by stressing over those things, and my eldest is only 10!
Thank you so much for taking time to post and best wishes to your son, I'm sure a bright future lies ahead.

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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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:-) thanks for the encouragement. I actually needed to hear that today. This is week two (day 8) of my intro. unit to MFW K. My daughter is my oldest and first to homeschool. We didn't ever plan on homeschooling either, but circumstances lead me to the conviction that this would be the absolute best choice for my daughter. That said- I still had made every attempt to find "extras" to do with the intro. unit because it seemed "too simple". This morning, after finishing the MFW K teaching notes I proceeded to move on the "the extra activities" and realized that this was the point my dd eyes began to glaze over. I figure lots of newbies make this mistake, of overloading, and having a notion that bigger is better (more activities, better mom, etc.) but I am really learning to embrace less is more. I know that as we were reviewing the letters and numbers we've learned so far, following only MFW K guidelines, she's learning so well with much less drilling (drudgery) on her part. This is a child who before pulling her out of her preschool could not write her own name, could only recognize 1 number and less than a handfull of letters. Her teacher was recommending we get her tested for learning disabilities. Now, 8 days into our MFW K and she recognizes about a 2/3 of the letters we've learned up to S and all her numbers up to 10, and can write her own name without having to copy it as well as spell out loud from memory! I am so blessed to have had the Lord guide me to MFW K as I prayed for God to lead me to something that would work for my daughter as well as me. Thanks for letting me know that MFW K has worked for your son! I needed some reassurance that trying to do too much was not going to benefit me and to step back and appreciate that less is more!
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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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I read this and I am encouraged!!!

We are switching over "fully" this year. After completing ECC and doing our "own" math and language arts, next year it will be CTG, Singapore Math, PLL/ILL, etc. Looking forward to it and glad you posted!

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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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That is fantastic and very encouraging! Thank you for sharing and congratulations to you and your son!

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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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Just what I needed to hear today. thank you for the encouraging post.
(and congrats to you and your son)
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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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Thank you so much for posting this. We strayed once to another English because I just wasn't sure if ILL would be enough. It didn't last long, about 6 weeks and my son was great with coming back to ILL! Not that the other program was bad...but it was grammar overboard and very intense on memorizing the helping verbs and things like that - he was totally lost - ILL however is finally starting to work. He still doesn't understand what the author means sometimes, but I bought the teacher's manual and that has helped me better explain what the goal for each lesson is to him. I have steadily seen his writing and sentence structure improve, and this was his weakest area. Thank you again for posting this...and I am happy for your son and your family too!
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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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Oh how I needed to read this! We're just getting ready to start MFW K and ECC and decided to go with all MFW recommendations, but I kept having second thoughts. Dh had told me to start getting rid of all my other curriculum; do you know how hard that is? Especially in math and language arts as I felt I needed to hang on to that stuff, just in case. 8| Now it will be easier to let those things go.
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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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Thank you for this post! I am just about finished with my first year of homeschooling 1 of my kids. Next year I will be homeschooling all 3. I have only used MFW and was constantly second guessing if I should be doing "more" - even if that meant just researching different curriculums and homeschooling styles "more". Why I felt this even though Adventures in MFW has been so much fun I am not sure...maybe because I still feel lost sometimes in this homeschooling world. I don't even know what half of the abbreviations used in this Board are even though I have been on it different times throughout the year (I SO love this board!) Anywho, it is encouraging to say the least to read your post. Thanks for taking the time. And by the way - WOOHOO!! should be bursting with pride for your son!! I think that is awesome!! :-)
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Re: you need to read this and be encouraged!!!!!

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Thank you so much Sandi! I wasted several hours this afternoon on "the grass is greener" syndrome &) .

Congrats to your son.
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Considering MFW for next year!

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texasmom77 wrote:We are in our first year homeschooling! We did [a computer-based program] this yr and don't like it all. For next year, will have a 6th grader and 5th grader and K! I really like the look and sound of MFW but my husband is worried it wont be "enough". He was Ps all the way while I homeschooled from 5th grade on so I am more comfortable with not being on the traditional path for school! ;) But I am curious how older kids who have done MFW for a few years or the whole time are doing in highschool and if they take any standardized tests to check their progress how do they do? Just want to be sure our kids are well prepared for college or whatever they choose to do!!
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Re: Considering MFW for next year!

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I've done Abeka (K-2nd) and MFW (3rd-7th; younger two 1st-3rd). My oldest has been old enough to test to have tested her 3 times, and she has scored just fine (except Math, but that's not MFW's issue, she is dyslexic).

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Re: Considering MFW for next year!

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Oh, <<hugs>> to the worries. We all have them sometimes.

There are some good threads in the archives, especially in the "Choosing Curriculum Archive," about academics, whether MFW is enough, whether MFW kids test well, etc.

My youngest has used MFW from 3rd grade on. He's now an 11th grader and taking 2 college courses per semester, alongside his MFW credits. I also have two older kids, one of whom is an engineer, so I'm aware of what's ahead. I feel there are pros and cons to everything, but MFW has provided a solid framework for academics, which of course looks different with every parent and each particular student, but for my lackadaisical youngest, never destined to be a bookworm, I feel he's received a solid education with MFW as well as room to delve into his weak areas when I feel we must. He's had an entire sweep through history, covered every state and president, been exposed to most areas in science (such that most experiments at the junior and senior hi level he's already done), is an excellent math student, has had time to learn about how the arts connect to the worldview of the culture, and he's had to think through what he's learned and how he'll summarize it in his notebook.

And don't forget that academics is not the only concern and may not even be the highest concern. Using MFW has also insured that we were in the Bible daily, that my son had a systematic exposure to the Bible rather than random verses (which can easily be refuted by someone else's random verses). While at the same time, he hasn't been bashed over the head with Bible, but instead has had the heart of God's love and God's plan in all things MFW, which very much reflects the author's heart as a long-time missionary.

Best wishes as you think all these things thru,
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Re: Considering MFW for next year!

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Hi! My oldest is only in third grade do I'm not much help with older kids. Just wanted to share though. We used bju distance learning last year and other workbook formats the year before. This year with mfw has been amazing. We don't have the arguments over school and she actually enjoys it! She is learning so much and this year has been such a drastic difference for us. Gods luck to you as you decide!
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Re: Considering MFW for next year!

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Thank you for the replies! Very encouraging to see how well your children have done with MFW! Both boys are hating school this year :~ and I don't blame them!! I feel they would enjoy MFW or something like it so much better!! Always hard to know which direction to go and so many choices! I will be reading over this forum religiously in the days ahead!!:)
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