Convention - What is said by MFW that gets people so excited

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Convention - What is said by MFW that gets people so excited

Unread post by cbollin »

What is getting people so excited on MFW while at convention?

Wow. Where do I start with that question? First, pray about it. That is what matters. I have always believed that MFW was an answered prayer for my homeschooling needs.

So much I want to say, let me pare it down a bit.

When I first saw MFW 4 years ago, I had never heard of it. I didn’t hear any of their workshops until I had been a customer for 3 years. So it certainly wasn’t anything specific said at the convention. It felt like an immediate answer to prayer. I remain with the curriculum because it is a rich, complete curriculum that is Christ centered and is doable in my real world.

Eventually, I did get to hear some of the workshops. It was not something specific or some special marketing slogan. It was just the “realness” of hearing David Hazell talk about the curriculum and the overall design of it. I like that some topics (wars, greek myths, etc) are held off until the children are older.

It was just such a breath of fresh air to hear a home schooling dad talk about home schooling in the real world and understanding the struggles and realities that we face. I laugh because it felt like he had a web cam in my house and had been there, done that and ready to help.

It is just nice to hear the stories of the Hazell family with how they didn’t do everything right and want to keep me from making those same exact mistakes. And I like hearing the stories where they did get it right. It is nice to know that their children are doing well in university and in life. And I like the stories that inspire me to want to do more service projects as part of school and to get my children thinking about how they will serve the Lord.

I like to hear about the Bible translation fund that MFW gives a lot of its profits to. WOW! I was a business major in university and the idea of profit with a purpose is nice to hear.

That’s just a few of the things that I have liked hearing at convention. I sure do look forward to hearing everyone else’s experiences too.

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Unread post by kellybell »

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:34 pm

What hooked me at convention? We went to convention to decide between two other programs for our first year homeschooling. I had an old Cathy Duffy guide that mentioned MFW but only for K and 1st (because that's all they had when the guide was written). I decided to NOT go to vendor demos because I didn't want to get confused. However, the off-the-internet list of speakers failed to put a * next to David's Love or Learning speech and therefore I didn't think it was a "vendor demo." I got there and discovered it really WAS a vendor demo.

Instead of walking out, I sat there because my feet hurt! I ended up liking what I heard and figured out that this guy had the same learning philosophy as I did; what he said made sense. So we added MFW to the list!

And, I liked how they let me sit down with a TM in the booth and browse through it for a half hour. And, they had student notebooks there that looked good. The others didn't click. But, I was looking at this third option, MFW, that just made sense. No turning back.
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Mini-conference highlights?

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

TammyB wrote:Did anyone here go to the mini-conference in SC? I'd love to hear about it if anyone cares to shares highlights.
Posted: Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:55 pm
Highlights- woooh! just too much to cover!

David spoke on the stages of learning- Pre-reading, Learning to Read, Learning to Love to Read, and Learning by reading during the Occupying Preschoolers seminar. It was great to be reminded how to work in the little ones, and to work w/ them first thing in the morning for a few minutes. I know I always feel guilty by the afternoon when my 3 yo hasn't had any time w/ me and its now time to take care of the house/dinner, etc. I got some great tips on some different things to do w/ the preschool toys as well.

David reminded us what causes chaos in a home, that it can be self inflicted as well as unavoidable. That we need to set realistic goals and use our energy credits wisely. He gave us some practical solutions to chaos, such as never having kids do chores before school, but always after, before playtime, so they are motivated to do them. To offer incentives to keep them on track and to be creative in their schooling-i.e. learning math facts by memory in the car. We got tips on implementing the book basket- (his) kids must hold a book for 15 minutes. period. they eventually would read them.

He spoke on how we should homeschool our children- exposed, isolated, or insulated. Exposed wire sparks and causes trouble, short circuits. Isolated wire is useless as long as it remains on the shelf. It cannot serve the power grid; brings no light to others, is ineffective. Isolated wire is effective but protected. It is filled w/ power and brings light to those it serves. It affects the masses positively and is sought after.

There was much, much more. My favorite though is how, and I forgot exactly how he put it, Adventures is designed to give your 2nd/3rd grader (oldest child) enough info so they won't be ignorant of basic American history and culture! That was hilarious! You don't have to go into detail at this age, but give them enough info to hold them over a few years til they get it again in the cycle.

All in all, a great weekend. Thanks everyone who had a hand in putting it together!
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David Hazell in person...

Unread post by hollybygolly »

Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 10:45 pm

I just had to jump on to say that hearing David Hazell in person was absolutely fabulous!

With this being convention season, if you have the chance to hear him speak, take it. He has such a heart for this curriculum and for the Lord, and I left the seminar today feeling encouraged and excited about my homeschool and so eager to be a better and more involved mom and teacher.

It was a blessing and now I plan to order some of his other talks on CD...there was so much I wanted to share with my husband and it kind of got lost when I tried to give him a run down. : )

I also got to peek at future years (Adventures, ECC, etc.) , and they all look so thorough and promising. Again, I praise the Lord for leading our family to this wonderful curriculum. Have a good night...

Convention questions

Unread post by cbollin »

AES wrote:Can you purchase tapes of the workshops at the convention (or are they already available)?
Does anyone know when the convention schedule will be ready for next year (we have to make travel arrangements)?
Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 7:08 am
For next year, I'd start checking the website in about late January, early February. To help with that planning, most (but not all) of the conventions tend to fall very close to the same weekend or at least in the same month from year to year. That doesn't always happen. I've noticed over the years that April-July are the busy times for most of the vendors. You can get a flavor for this year's workshops from the convention and event page

You could always call the MFW office in the fall to check on a specific state convention or the possibility of a local mini-conference. If you know ahead of time which city/state you might be visiting, then you'll have a better idea of piecing it together. The other thing that may not be well realized is that a lot of times vendors and conventions just aren't confirmed in the fall.

In terms of recordings, right now MFW is not selling most of the workshop CD's directly. However, yesterday at the Indiana convention, MFW had some workshops on CD available for purchase at the booth. Occupying Preschoolers while Teaching Older Children. And Working Dads can Homeschool Too. and maybe something else.

Here is where it gets tricky. What will be available from a recording company at your convention??? Usually the companies that record any workshops at a convention will have on-site sales of those talks. But that is up to each individual recording company. Also, they do not always record each "vendor" session.

This weekend at my state's convention, it wasn't David who gave the MFW vendor workshop. He was in MN (Hi Julie) so another MFW speaker gave the session here in Indiana.

If you want to hear any of them now... check out a thread in the archives for purchase information and reviews.

hope some of that makes some sense for you, but keep asking if not. I've really liked a lot of David's workshops. But it depends a bit on what you want to hear about.

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Unread post by 4Truth »

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 9:12 am

Amy, if you have an idea of where you're headed next year, you might contact the organization or homeschool group that hosts the convention for that area and see if they have anything tentative penciled in yet. Ours does convention the same weekend every year, so it's easy for us to plan ahead.
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I'm so thrilled and I just have to share!

Unread post by Tami H »

Posted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:52 pm

I was able to get to the convention for a short time over the weekend. We had a lot going on and then our grandson arrived 5 weeks early (he's still in the NICU) which added much more to the chaos.

Anyway, I was on a tight schedule but really wanted to meet David Hazell at the booth. Everyone one in the booth was SO helpful to me and I did get a few minutes with David. He said something on one of the CDs that I have that has really hit home with us. He encouraged everyone to teach to their grandchildren and all future generations.

I just had to share with him that we learned that lesson 10 years ago when we adopted two children from foster care. We knew we had to break a cycle of abuse, neglect, etc., so we started thinking toward our grandchildren. Please believe me when I say that there is a HUGE difference in the way you raise/guide/disciple your children when you do it with that mindset! We have 3 birth children (now all married) and 5 adopted children and we see that difference! PLEASE take this lesson to heart!

Also, we stared K today as a review/cement for our 6 1/2 yo twins. I know they are going to really enjoy it and I'm looking forward to going through the projects and games with them! Our 2yo is enjoying his new activities, but he is really thrilled with scissors. He spent most of the morning at the table happily snipping paper.

My biggest joy is the highschool program. It looks WONDERFUL! I'm actually planning on going through it myself (though not as thoroughly as I'd prefer). I'm hoping to get started on it in the next week or so.

I have to give MFW a huge THANK YOU! I'm ecstatic with my purchases!
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Box Day, in person, with MFW staff

Unread post by mamanamadee »

Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 6:29 pm

We got our ECC and K curriculum at convention yesterday and it was so exciting to open the boxes and finally be able to look through everything in person!

The MFW staff at the booth was sooooo wonderful and David Hazell's workshops were fantastic! AND dh was VERY impressed with the curriculum after attending one of David's workshops. AND, two other families very near us are starting ECC next year as well. How exciting is that!?!

Just wanted to share my joy! God is SO GOOD!!!!!

Okay, I think I've used enough exclamation points for one post. Thank you, MFW. :-)
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Just returned from my 1st conference

Unread post by inHisgrip »

Posted: Sat Jul 12, 2008 3:33 pm

WOW!!! I've just returned from a day at my first homeschool conference (CHEA in Long Beach, Ca.). I feel so encouraged!! We arrived just in time to hear David Hazel speak. The room was packed. There were people sitting in the aisles and outside the door and down the hallway. It was so much fun so see other families as excited as I have been about this curriculum. The exhibitors hall was awesome too, and it wasn't overwhelming because I am sure God lead us to our decision to use MFW. Perusing the hall just made me even more confident in our families decision to go with MFW. It was wonderful to be able to get a good look at the years to come...which just built on my excitement. It was so great to be together with so many like-minded Christian families. I pray for the beautiful confidence and Christ-like attitude I saw in so many of the mothers there. I have to say the kids that I saw there were different than the kids I see around town. These kids had smiles on their faces, they looked relaxed and confident, and they looked people directly in the eyes. What a breath of fresh air!!

Blessing to the Hazels and the other families that are sharing/introducing this excellent curriculum to people all over the country and world!!

I had to share my excitement. God Bless!
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Convention talks helpful

Unread post by extrafor6 »

So, after thinking I knew just what I'd be doing next year (and it wasnt MFW), I went to hear David Hazell speak at the homeschool convention. And it turned my plans upside down. It was such an answer to much prayer. The first thing that became clear to was that I DO want to keep my family learning together. I spent some time at the MFW booth and felt like many of the things that I was concerned about (like ecc getting boring) were not going to be much of an issue. So, my major revisions for next year will be to drop the workbook programs for my then 1st grader and go with MFW1 all the way. I just loved what Mr. Hazell said about little ones learning and what they need. This is a big leap for me :)

So, I'll be ordering the deluxe ECC. We already use Singapore math and I had picked up writing strands already. oh, my dc will be in 4th, 3rd, 1st and a 3 yo ball of energy!
This board seems very supportive so that's another positive. Thanks in adavance!

Okay, that's really!
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SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by kw4blessings »

I wanted to give praise and encouragement to MFW staff (and volunteers??) in regards to the convention booth. Our VA convention was this past weekend, and while I knew to expect a large and well displayed booth, I had no idea!! It was so easy to browse each year and see clearly what was involved.

My favorite part, absolutely blew me away, was that there was a notebook of "completed" student sheets for each year out on display. That, I'm pretty sure, is something I've never seen at another vendor's booth. It makes so much sense, as it's hard to picture what might get filled in a lot of those pages unless you're actively involved in the curriculum. Hats off to MFW!

I've heard this posted before, but wanted to reiterate how helpful all the booth folks were. I love that each person I talked to is actually a MFW mom/dad, with experience. Awesome. Thanks!!
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by momxnine »

I wish you could "like" a post on here like on Facebook. lol
I totally agree with what you wrote! I thought the same thing at the SHEM convention in MO. I hung out at the booth much of the time because I loved it so much!
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by BusyMom2Many »

I was also impressed with the MFW at the VA convention this past weekend. I bought ECC there and I'm so excited to start it with my children in August. The ladies there were extremely helpful to me too. I've wanted to try MFW for so many years and kept talking myself out of it for some reason. This year I just knew I had to try it. I'm tired of trying to piece things together for science, bible and history.
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by momma2boys »

I'm planning to go to our home school convention for the first time next weekend! Don't know why I've never been to a convention - think it never lined up right with our schedule or something. Anyhow, I'm super excited to check out the MFW booth. :)
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by CindyLou »

I just wrote a note of praise to MFW and thought I'd chime in, here, as well! Went to our homeschool convention today and was SO IMPRESSED with their booth! I took lots of time looking through the ADV book and recommended deluxe items. Wanted to order everything right then and there (but it's cheaper for me to buy online & pay shipping than to pay our high sales tax here in WA). I'm not sure I can wait until SEPT to start school!
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by henjenca »

I have to chime in, too. I posted a few months ago- pretty much the same thing. I saw the booth and spoke to the ladies at the Long Beach, Ca convention - I was not looking to change curriculum at all...I was limping along with SL and figured it worked "mostly"..but I had always been curious about MFW. I had decided, from looking at the catalog that is was really just like SL but with the years arranged differently and a few different books, so why change? Boy was I wrong! It was really, really helpful to look through the planning pages in the TM and to see the completed student pages. My world was rocked as I stood there and tried to figure out how to move my 5 students over to a different curriculum and a different history order. The ladies their were so patient and helpful!

thumbs up! Honestly, if MFW hadn't had a booth there for me to see, I would not have changed over.
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by carlamom2ansnm »

I must have visited the mfw "booth" like 10 times during the CHEA (Pasadena) convention. I put quotes around "booth" because it was really like an entire section of the hall. It was laid out so beautifully, with each year being displayed perfectly. The folks working it were helpful and informative, but not pushy. I also loved their talk on entertaining the younger kids while teaching the older ones. My 4 yr old still attends our co-op preschool 3 mornings a week, so I hesitate buying her any stuff for during the school day because she's just not around for much of it...and yet when she is around, it's constant drama. The talk absolutely convinced me to get the preschool set for her. I was always curious about it, but I didn't think the toys looked like any big deal and we would only be using the cards twice a week, and she gets all the preschool stuff from preschool already. Well, they showed how the pegs can help with addition and subtraction later and how the goofy little people foam puzzle thing helps with directions of letters, etc. I just really enjoyed it and am happily waiting for my preschool kit to arrive on tuesday.
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by lea_lpz »

I felt the same way about the preschool toys! I purchased on a whim with my MFWK package, mainly because I was under budget for how much we allotted to hs curriculum so throw them in. I had planned on letting him join in on MFW K Bible, read alouds, and activities at his own level and enroll him in preschool 2 mornings a week in the fall. The first couple weeks they sat unused, but then I started scheduling them in my k tm, along with BFIAR, and more recently, Road & Staff About Three's series, since he requested, in his words, "his own program", and now I am extremely happy about my purchase! In 5 minutes, 3x a week, he's really learning so much, and having fun with the toys! He knows his shapes, colors, and recognizes, as well as is able to count to, 5. I think we might not even do the preschool 2 days a week, because he's really learning so much at home with me anyway!
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Re: SO impressed with MFW at convention

Unread post by momonthemove »

I didn't go to convention to get MFW things. In March, this year they had a display at a local hotel about 45 minutes from me. I knew we were switching from what we were currently using. I didn't know to what. It was my WORST week possible to juggle one more thing. I prayed that Sunday night that if I was to go, to feel led and make things work out. God did just that! I said to my husband I want to go look and thumb through things. I will either know that is the curriculum or isn't.

When I got to the room at the room at the hotel, the display was great with tables to sit down and look through. At first, i was the only one in the room and was able to have my questions answered immediately. Then a few more people came in, but my questions were still answered.

I loved being able to see some of the completed pages. It does help visualize things.

While I was there, I just knew and called my husband for the green light to buy. I hadn't really known if it was the curriculum for us or not before I went. Then I realized it was! :) Praise the Lord!
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