Compare MFW to literature-based programs?

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Switching from Sonlight?

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uscgwifey09 wrote:My older daughter will be 5 in a month. She has been doing some K work (a sampling of Abeka, Explode the Code, Christian Liberty, etc.) since she turned 4. It's just her nature. She is very mature and an over achiever. She thirsts for more so I let her have K work and go at it.

She started Sonlight K 3 weeks ago. She is not liking it. She sits there with her eyes glazed over until it is time to do a hands on science project or time to work in her math or phonics workbooks. She enjoys listening to the novels with me but beyond that, this is just not working for her. She is a hands on, crafty, artsy kid while I am the total opposite. I was kind of selfish in my choosing of Sonlight but we had to start somewhere. My husband was homeschooled but, of course, his knowledge of curriculum is a bit outdated.

Before I go and spend more money, does anyone think MFW K will be a good fit for us? I really I don't know many homeschoolers. I've felt strongly that this is what I should choose the more I've looked around. But I am scared to blindly choose another curriculum when we are not made of money. I would just love to hear some encouragement or experiences from anyone who has been here!
Hi! Welcome to the board. I've been there with curriculum that's not working. It's really hard when you've spent the money and love the look of it yourself! My daughter and I are the exact same way that you described. She's the creative, artsy type and I'm the "tell me what to do and I'll do it well" kind of person.

I can give you our experience: I really wish we had found MFW K for my oldest. I think it would have been perfect for her, AND because she's the oldest and I wasn't homeschooling my other littles at the time, we could've really dug deeply into some of the themes/hands on projects and had a ball.

But, we have used K with my son who is next in line and we loved it! The character traits that go along with each unit are wonderful...we still quote them sometimes. The butterfly garden and ant hill were a HUGE hit with all my kids. I loved the gentle approach to phonics. My son is an August birthday, so he turned 5 the day we started K. I feel like he really needed that slow, gentle approach. He is a math boy, so he devoured every math page and wished for more. We added a bit here and there for him in math.

The creation unit at the beginning is fantastic and not to be missed. I did that with my 7yo, 5yo, and 3yo at the time and it was a wonderful and fun start to the school year. They still ask how long it will be before they can do it again! (This fall with #3) :-)

It sounds like your dd may be advanced for her age. If that's the case, K is still so crucial for laying a good phonics foundation, but Marie has loads of great suggestions for "beefing it up" for kids who are reading already (or close). Best wishes!
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Re: Switching from Sonlight?

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Hello! I'm on my seventh time around with the MFWK. It is delight to use and creates such precious memories for the little ones. My older children still remember with whimsy the Creation books they made. I'm not sure which Sonlight program you are using, but many of their reading books go along very well with MFW. There is a book list in the back of the MFW Teacher's Manual that recommends some of those same titles.

Even if your daughter is already reading, there are recommendations for adapting the material to meet the needs of advanced students. The student sheets that go with the program are fun and interactive, allowing the student to really own their schoolwork. They grow so fast and time is short; I don't regret using MFWK in any way.
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Re: Switching from Sonlight?

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I've done MFWK five times. FIVE times. Love this curriculum. You can still read the read alouds from SL if she enjoys them.
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Re: Switching from Sonlight?

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. I think MFW is going to be an excellent fit! Just waiting on that tax refund to get it all ordered now. We are continuing to read our novels from Sonlight but I am so excited to get started with her on MFW. She is excited as well :)
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Re: Switching from Sonlight?

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Hi, welcome to MFW! You will LOVE it I'm sure. We switched from Sonlight too. If you bought directly from them they have a VERY generous return policy. I returned an entire core to them with no problems at all when we switched to MFW. (This was years ago...) You might want to look into that.

Anyway, enjoy your box day!

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Re: Switching from Sonlight?

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We also moved from SL to MFW when my oldest was K age. it sounds like you are probably doing Core A, which most veterans will say is a good 1st grade program. That's what we were doing when we switched. Loved MFW and did it for years! Now, I have my 4 year old coming up behind her (my oldest is 15 now!), and I can't wait to hit MFW K again. I love that year. LOVE it!

As a pp said, many of the MFW book basket books are the same as what is in SL, but I've noticed they may be offered different years. I like the way MFW has them scheduled, and I like having choices (we homeschool bilingually so it was nice to get books in Spanish and not all in English). Once I saw I wasn't missing books, I didn't look back. Well, I may have added a few books SL suggested and MFW didn't, but that was it. For example, My 4yo is doing the MFW preschool toys, and I added SL 3/4 books to it. They are just good books that are nice to have on the shelf and read over and over. When we get to K, I'll probably add in some 4/5 favorites. I think the books in Core A would go well with MFW 1st. They are just good book basket books to have. I like MFW's reading program better though, and some of the other suggestions. After that, a lot of the book suggestions are really the same.

My oldest still remembers things we did in MFW K, 1st, and Adventures, she enjoyed it so much.
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