Story of the World - Why do you use Vol.2 but not 1

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Story of the World - Why do you use Vol.2 but not 1

Unread post by Marie »

Tiffany Brigner wrote:Let me start by saying Thank-you for this comprehensive wonderful curriculum. We just finished ECC and loved it. I have a question regarding Creation to Greeks. I was looking over the Rome to Reformation and noticed that Story of the World Vol. 2 is a part of that package. I was wondering why Story of the World Vol 1 was not a part of Creation to Greeks.

Author: Marie Hazell
Date: 6/3/2004

For each year of our curriculum, we gather the resources that we believe best present the information. We might use part of a series for this. For example, we use Streams of Civilization Volume 1 for higher-level foundational information (and parent info) but we don't plan to use Volume 2.

Rome to the Reformation uses Story of the World Vol. 2 for the "story" of the Middle Ages to the Reformation. It is combined with other history books to give a well-rounded approach. Creation to the Greeks has other great books that provide the biblical foundation in history as well as other information, so we didn't have a need to use Story of the World Vol. 1.

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Unread post by Marie »

More from Marie....
I was thinking about this question again last night while I was laying in bed. (Isn't that a great time of quiet for thinking?)

I realized that the question really is:

Why do we use the Bible as the main resource book vs. Story of the World Volume 1 in Creation to the Greeks? Keep in mind that Creation to the Greeks is a study of ancient history.

1. Why not use the most accurate, most ancient "original document" available? That is the Bible.

2. As a Christian and a parent, I ask myself, what would God want my kids to know about the ancient history period? He has made it very clear to us....he gave us a great history book that is full of action, intrigue, motives both good and evil, and even His interpretaiton of events and people. If we lay a foundation so that our kids can see God at work in history, then we can go on and study other years of history from a correct perspective.

3. From a life-changing point of view, I want my kids to be immersed in the life-changing word of God. Why not spend a whole year hearing God's incredible words to mankind?

So now let's rephrase the original question: why don't we use Story of the World Volume 1 as a supplement, like the other books in the package?

1. Most of the information in Story of the World Volume 1 is already contained in other books we use. We want to keep the cost down, so we don't duplicate info. For example, Ancient World is a wonderful, colorful book providing easy-to understand information as well as many color illustrations about ancient Egypt, Israel, Assyria, the Hittites, the Babylonians, etc.

2. We use Streams of Civilization as a resource for parents and for advanced students so that they can understand history from a Christian perspective. Were there cave men? (You'd be surprised at the answer!) How did we get different races after the flood if there was only Noah and his family? We don't read every page--just the relevant information. Story of the World doesn't contain that type of information.

Note: We do use Story of the World Volume 2 and beyond in our other history years. The author has a wonderful storytelling style that makes history come alive! If your kids are like mine, they won't grow up hating history!!!!

New to MFW - Concerns & Questions - SOTW

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booklovermom25 wrote:Hello, I am considering MFW for this coming January.

My concern is about the use of The Story of the World. I have read mixed reviews of it, and I have felt uncomfortable myself with the fact that this Christian author chose to be so neutral. I have listened to some of the SOTW cd's, and have not heard anything offensive. However, I just wonder why, when there are so many good Christian books to choose from, that MFW would use a book that could be used by anyone - Christian or not. Any help out there?

In His love,
For the book choices and such, I'd like to share some links written by MFW about SOTW. Here is a thread with 2 responses from Marie Hazell on why SOTW in general, and also why she didn't use volume 1.

I have found MFW in general MFW prefers books that "let" us parent interpret history and Bible. Sometimes there will be more than one book used to give several views and then it is parent's job to provide our own views on it after reading 2 pieces of the puzzle.

Another thread to share is written by one Marie and David, (by posted on their behalf by senior consultants, Bret Welshymer). This post discusses the big pictures about MFW book choices. ... 384#p56384

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Re: New to MFW - Concerns & Questions

Unread post by gratitude »

We are using MFW for the lower grades so I won't be much help on the praticular book that you are addressing.

I wanted to chime in though and say that what I love about MFW is the fact that the heart of the LORD, and Marie's heart for the LORD is the center of the program. Everything else is secondary. I can not imagine a better way to be trying to instruct them in the LORD then using such a BIble centered curriculum as MFW. :-)

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Re: New to MFW - Concerns & Questions

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Don't forget that MFW uses the most Christian book of all -- the Bible. And like Crystal said, we get to interpret it within our own family. I find most strictly Christian programs either summarize the Bible, or send you all over the place in the Bible, or just tack on Bible.

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Story of the World? Wanting to know more...

Unread post by my3boys »

Below is an article where the author [of Story of the World] gives her opinion on this subject. I believe that she is an Orthodox christian.
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Amy C. wrote:I have a fellow homeschool mom who is interested in switching to MFW. She has been researching and asking questions. One question she has asked me is about SOTW. She has read mixed reviews about it and in those reviews she has noted that some people have mentioned that there are historical inaccuracies in the books (not exactly sure which ones). I have very recently read a thread about this on the WTM board and even some posters on there acknowledged finding some historical inaccuracies. Probably need to do some research of my own, but I wanted to ask here and see if anyone can speak to this.
Amy C.
usually when I hear there are "historical inaccuracies" in SOTW, the arguments are along the lines of:

*this oversimplified it so much that it's wrong, in my opinion
*or the comparison of "well... don't other history books have errors too?"
*and it seems to be mostly about vol 1, which isn't in MFW.

The other thing that gets mentioned is that Peace Hill Press has revised books as errors are corrected. They list that on their website

One of the nice thing using MFW is that it isn't just and only SOTW... so you get more than one source. Errors will be in just about anything out there. When info conflicts in package books and book basket, that's when it's parent/teacher's job to find out a little bit more. It could be as simple as letting a publisher know about a typo. Some typos are the kind that change the meaning so much that it becomes "inaccurate".

curious what others think... it is a fair question to wonder about.

I've overall liked the books. respect the research in them. enjoy the story format and can read them aloud with ease.

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Unread post by henjenca »

I've used STOW off and on for years now, and I haven't noticed any inaccuracies. I really like the casual story style, my kids have always enjoyed it. I think it is a very good jumping-off type of book, leaving you to discuss more or to look things up in more depth if desired.
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Many arguments against it seem to be centered around Volume 1, particularly the account of Abraham. I think these kind of things just give us more opportunity to learn and keep us on our toes. And yes, very cool that there is more than SOTW to study history in MFW. We have the audio version of both volume 1 and 2 and we all love it. I don't know my history, so I can't vouch for any inaccuracies. But I feel we have all learned a great deal and overall it is a great resource.
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Unread post by jasntas »

unitlovinmama wrote:Many arguments against it seem to be centered around Volume 1, particularly the account of Abraham.
Maybe that's why MFW doesn't use volume 1?
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Story of the World

Unread post by TriciaMR »

singmelody wrote:This is our 3rd year using MFW. This year we are in Creation to the Greeks, and I am looking ahead to R to R for next year. I notice that Story of the World is used for the next 3 years, and I'm curious to hear other opinions of it. I have previously heard that there are some inconsistencies in those books, that Susan Wise Bauer covers things from an evolutionist viewpoint, and that some of her biblical accounts are inaccurate.

We love MFW, though, and I hate to think of switching to something else. Can anyone address the things I mentioned above? Is there something that could be used in place of Story of the World?

I've gone through the complete cycle. I don't think evolution is in Volumes 2-3. Some of her accounts are slightly different from some of the other books in the history cycle, but that is to be expected - different people have different viewpoints and want to make one side look better than the other sometimes. (The victor gets to write the history books, most of the time.)

My only thing I've noticed is she tends to be more neutral towards other religions, not elevating Christianity over Islam or Buddhism or Hinduism. I take those opportunities to personally comment on the differences between Christianity and whatever the other religion is and how the Bible is God's truth.
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Re: Story of the World

Unread post by sandi »

I think that you will enjoy using these books. My Fathers World does a great job using other books in the program that have strong Christian world views.
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Re: Story of the World

Unread post by blessedmomof3 »

This is one of the reasons that I seriously considered other curriculums a few years ago. That being said, I have continued on with MFW using the SOTW books. I have not come across anything yet and it's probably because MFW doesn't use Vol. 1.

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Re: Story of the World

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Yes, MFW starts using SOTW with Volume 2, which is after both the Old Testament and New Testament events, so there aren't many Biblical issues that will come up. MFW uses the Bible as the core during the study of those time periods.

MFW also supplements SOTW with Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History.

Here's a conversation from Marie on her choices:
And further down on that thread is a link to a response from the author of SOTW.

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Re: Story of the World

Unread post by 4Truth »

I will say also that this is why it's important to read Marie's notes in the manuals, which I've found over the years that some moms tend to skip. I think she does an outstanding job of adding in the biblical worldview where it's missing and giving us things to think about and discuss with our children. She will often mention a passage in a book (not just SOTW, but any book) that might seem to conflict with a biblical worldview, or different doctrinal positions, and encourages us (and our students during the high school years) to discuss these issues with "your parents" or your pastor. At the high school level, the students are learning how to properly deal with the onslaught of choices they will be faced with in college and the real world, beginning with an argumentative paper in Week 1 of 9th grade, biblical analysis, literary analysis, and comparing the futile worship of false gods that man often chooses over the blessed worship of the One True God.

I also appreciate the fact that MFW uses so many different resources from different publishers. I think this helps to build a *truly* biblical worldview, because we ARE getting the perspective of numerous different people through the years. It teaches our children that no one author has all the right answers, except for the inerrant Word of God, and yet, some versions of the same story actually might all be true. (Think of the four Gospels in the Bible, for example, and how each of the Gospel writers told some of the same, and some different, details about Christ's death and resurrection.) Someone with a large family who lives in a small town in the rural midwest is likely going to view an event very differently than a single person who lives in the heart of New York City, kwim? Particularly if that event affects each of them in different ways. But they may both be telling the truth.

This method also teaches our children thinking skills and research skills. Consult multiple sources, the Bible being one of them, and prayerfully seek the Lord's will for your life, for your children's lives, and for what He wants you to know, and then what to DO with that knowledge.

Line up *everything* you read with what God says, take a look at the Big Picture, and put it in perspective. That's what MFW does, and they do this from the perspective of a family who's lived in Russia as missionaries, raised 6 children, has been deep in the work of Bible translation for many years. They've seen a LOT, and from various perspectives as they've lived in different parts of the country (U.S.) and the world, so they books they choose and the teaching commentary in the manuals, come from that very global (and biblical) worldview.

I do understand your concerns about SOTW, as I've had them myself. I have zero interest in ever using SOTW *by itself*. But put in the context of Marie's notes and the overall MFW program (their philosophy and goals through the years), I think they're a fine choice. :)

Here's the link to a post I wrote once that I hope is an encouragement to you: ... 004#p66798
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Re: Story of the World

Unread post by MelissaB »

4Truth wrote:I do understand your concerns about SOTW, as I've had them myself. I have zero interest in ever using SOTW *by itself*. But put in the context of Marie's notes and the overall MFW program (their philosophy and goals through the years), I think they're a fine choice. :)
Just agreeing over here... :)
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