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Re: Please vote!! 3 out of 5 of the 5 year cycle ….

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Agreeing that you know your family best.

I very rarely suggest someone skip over ECC, but you have two unique situations. One is that you've done MFW before and so have a clearer perspective and your children have had some of the heart of MFW, too. The other reason is that it seems like your church and family are covering some of the important parts of ECC well.

If you skip ECC and CTG, I'd just make sure your kids are in the habit of enjoying the world and praying for the world (ECC) and they understand the origins of the world, the fall, and God's plan to restore the world (CTG). Those are so helpful to really absorb before going into the disappointments of the world. I love that MFW does history that way.

And a last thought is that your second child will end up doing CTG and then AHL, which many have done before, but it's good to think through. An easier "history" year in 8th grade can help a student focus on algebra and science and grammar, and can make the transition to ancients in high school a little gentler.

Enjoy whatever year you choose!
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Re: Please vote!! 3 out of 5 of the 5 year cycle ….

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abrightmom wrote: I keep thinking we'll do ECC but find myself wavering because I find it kind of easy to integrate countries and cultures in our every day life (we go to a missions minded church and I personally spend a lot of time talking with my kids about the world, where things are on the map, we read and listen to missionary bios, etc.). I'd like to have the geography game on hand to play as we would any other game but I'm not sure we need to do all of ECC at this point. I could look for a geography game alternative and weave that in. If oldest DS was younger I'd not hesitate to choose ECC and move through the cycle but I feel that we may prefer to hit some of history's high points by jumping in at RTR and finishing out the 5 year cycle as though he hadn't missed CtG and ECC. Sadly, we stepped away from MFW after Adventures (our BEST year of homeschooling EVER).
Hi! :)
I hesitated on ECC for at least a year for many of the reasons you are mentioning. We have always been in mission minded churches. They have been a part of raising money often for specific orphanages or missions through church, and some of these projects have very much opened their eyes to some real needs in hurting parts of the world. We have read missionary stories since my oldest was 6 or 7. The world is at our doorstep, and I hesitated since a trip to Target produces multiple languages, races, and religions. We have had a map on the wall and done geography for years with our children. So I did hesitate.

In the end I honestly let God decide. He called me to do ECC; so I came. I am very glad He did. It really has been good, for my middle two in particular. My oldest has received so much education in comparison to the two of them. The ECC pre-tests showed that fact! He knew a high percentage going into ECC of countries around the world. Their pre-tests knew a little. It has been fun to see their knowledge increase in Bible translation, missions, and geography. I feel like it is something he had more at ages 7 & 8, and they had missed out on being younger. So in some ways ECC has been more for them, than for him (he is in 4th grade right now, at the old end of the grade). He has learned too though. He has learned the geography he didn't know, and loved the passport. The World Geography book has interested him for the most part. I definitely feel like he has grown, and for me it has given me a chance to go back and do books with him that he has read on his own (Matthew, Kingdom Tales, Hero Tales, and much of Windows of the World). So for us it was right. For you RTR though may be the better choice; I hear your heart for doing RTR next year and it might be a great place to start.

I haven't done the rest of the cycle, but I can see how ECC and then two history years or how RTR, 1850, and then Modern would work. I would think you would want Modern for 8th, before high school, with the SOTW out-lining. Someone who has done it though will know more than I on that point.

BTW: The geography game really is good. Perhaps MFW could sell it to you on its own if you choose RTR. My children have learned a lot with it.

Prayers for the best decision for your family. :)
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Re: Please vote!! 3 out of 5 of the 5 year cycle ….

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Thanks ladies. Your thoughtful responses do shed light on the decision. My kids are drawn to ECC while I am drawn to RTR. DH votes for RTR. :-)

I'm working on the kids …. LOL. If there is great enthusiasm for ECC I'm going to stick with it unless the Huz feels strongly about RTR (and I don't think he'll mind either way :-) ). I lean way over to RTR though ….. such a rich time period that I am longing to dive into with them all.

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Re: Please vote!! 3 out of 5 of the 5 year cycle ….

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Well, I would vote for ECC, then RTR, and then 1850-Modern, but if you're really leaning toward RTR first, then how about this.... RTR, 1850-Modern, and then ECC using the junior high supplement with the oldest. :)

RTR was our favorite year, so it's hard for me personally to argue with what sounds like your family's first choice, :-) but I also would hate to see you miss ECC altogether. Our own family did Adventures first, then jumped to RTR (there were a variety of reasons for that jump), and then came back to ECC later on. It worked out well because the girls were older, could do more of their own detailed mapwork themselves, they were more interested in the biomes and other geological and ecological science, and they got more out of the missionary bios, too. My oldest LOVED the bios that are included in the junior high supplement package. (IOW, ECC works well for ALL ages.)

So if you do RTR next year, the reason I suggest going straight to 1850MOD instead of doing EX1850 is because a) there's a quick review of EX1850 content at the beginning of 1850MOD, and b) most kids have quite a bit of early American history from many different sources in their elementary years. But you could decide that as you get closer to finishing RTR.

If you do ECC with the oldest as an 8th grader, then the following year when he does AHL as a 9th grader (assuming you stay with MFW in high school), your younger kids would be doing CTG at the same time, and they'd be on track to do the full history cycle all together even though the high schooler is using different books to work at a college-prep level.

Heh? What do you think?
abrightmom wrote:Donna,
Wow, I'm glad you wrote that because it was EXACTLY what I was thinking and for the same reasons. Of the 5 I want ECC, RTR and 1850-MOD with RTR done in 6th for my oldest.

But, then I saw that the President/State study carries over from Exp-1850 through to the end of MOD and I was bummed. I know that my oldest has had a fair amount of early American history (with good retention) but not my second born. And with this scenario he'd not hit Exp-1850 before high school.

I have a few scenarios cooked up and I'm messing with them today in preparation for tonight. My husband is going to meet with me briefly this evening to finalize the budget. It will be great to have a decision made and enjoy it. I know we'll like the study no matter what we choose! MFW has always been great for us. :-)
Okay, couple of thoughts on your second child....

There is review at the beginning of 1850MOD, and you'll also hit on the explorers just a bit in RTR, so it would feasible to do something fun with early American over the summer in between. Since there are SO many resources available for the presidents, the 50 states, and early America in general, it would be very easy to hit the highlights in between there. You could even do a "condensed" version of EX1850 if you want a guide to follow that will lead you smoothly into 1850MOD, rather than piecing it together yourself.

OR, you could do EX1850 instead of 1850MOD after RTR, but then have your oldest do a "condensed" version of 1850MOD after that (before ECC). This could extend into 8th grade while doing ECC, too. To do this, my suggestion would be to read SOTW 4 (or listen to the CDs), and do the Bible part of 1850MOD independently from his siblings, so that way at least he'd get the biblical worldview aspect of that time period which is sooooo important, IMO, because of the world wars, Communism, the Holocaust, and those kinds of issues. Without a biblical worldview (which SOTW by itself doesn't really have), none of those events make sense at ALL. You have GOT to understand how a Christian should live and think and respond during those wretched events, and Marie does such a wonderful job with it that I simply *cannot* in good conscience recommend having your oldest "just read SOTW or other books to get the history highlights". kwim?

But early American (or at least the highlights) would be very easy to squeeze into a summer between RTR and 1850MOD so that your secondborn doesn't completely miss out. Either way would work! :)
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Re: Please vote!! 3 out of 5 of the 5 year cycle ….

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You have provided some fantastic ideas …

I didn't know that Marie integrates a strong Biblical worldview in and around the difficult events of the Modern era. MFW has so many gems written into the programs. This is something I loved about it in the past. I would tell my husband that while I *can* do this without a guide I find myself highly valuing the MFW guides for those gems. I love being mentored in such a gentle, wise, thorough way. I feel that I have a friend helping me along each day and I look forward to those surprises along the way. Adventures was like that for me! I just LOVED teaching it.

I admit I'm torn about what path to take. I think if I jump in at RTR we won't do ECC with my oldest. I'm okay with that.
If we jump in at ECC then I will skip ahead and study Exploration through to the end, skipping RTR.

I have to go write down the paths on a paper and pray a bit more. My heart is unruly. ;)

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Re: Please vote!! 3 out of 5 of the 5 year cycle ….

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abrightmom wrote: I love being mentored in such a gentle, wise, thorough way. I feel that I have a friend helping me along each day and I look forward to those surprises along the way. Adventures was like that for me! I just LOVED teaching it.
Truly a Great reason to use a curriculum! If we love teaching it we can often influence our children to like what they might have not liked otherwise. Then they learn well too.

I loved hearing your LOVE of teaching ADV. I think whatever program you choose will go well. :)

Since you really want to do RTR and really want your second born to have Exp1850, perhaps doing the last three programs of the cycle is the way to go. Starting off where your oldest would have been in 6th if you had continued.

Prayers for you choice. It sounds like you cannot go wrong whatever choice you make in the end.

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Just starting MFW with 7th, 5th, 2nd grade children

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Amymamaof3 wrote:Hi all! I am considering using ECC next year for the first time with my 3 children. They will be in 7th, 5th and 2nd grade. I have read the info and that seems to be the recommended course to start with. I have concerns, though, that in 2 years, my oldest will start high school level without finishing all Investigate group of courses. Have any of you jumped into MFW midstream like this and did your children do ok with not getting all of the courses in the family cycle? Thanks for any help or advice :)
Hi and welcome!! I will start ECC in fall for the second time with my 7th, 5th, 3rd, 2nd graders as well! (I also have a freshman, kindergartener and a preschooler!! Wow that's a lot to type!)

I havent started midstream but I can tell you that you shouldnt worry!! Because they will recover all that information in the highschool years for certain! Its not the most important thing to hit every history topic! Just do what you can and enjoy homeschooling. They will fill in the gaps as they go. If you are super worried you could also have them read the Story of the World volumes before moving on to highschool. But if it were me I would not worry. :) Welcome to My Fathers World!
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