6th-8th grade - Which MFW years to choose? (David Hazell res

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Last year I was trying to make the same decision you are. My 7th grade dd is doing MFW ECC right now, along with her 4th grade brother. Next year we will be doing 1850-modern, then her 9th grade year I'll have her do the high school program while her brothers do CtG. I like the idea of them working on the same topics at the same time. We have gotten a lot out of the 7th and 8th grade missionary biographies. We have one more left, Peace Child. The other day she used an example from the life of Bruce Olsen (Bruchko) in regards to missionaries and how they choose to live in the countries they serve. She was explaining it to my parents and it was so much God's wisdom rather than the world's. It obviously had an impact on her. She said that was her favorite book (Bible Smuggler was mine). I like that she's reading about these people who give everything for God, even so much of their American identity.

I recommend, though, that you make sure and get the God's World News to come weekly. For some reason I just kept forgetting to get it. I never did (I procrastinate like that sometimes...argg). It would have added a lot.

The bi-weekly country reports, the geography packet, the missionary biographies, the bi-yearly country reports (research papers), & the 2 books with study guides make it meaty for a 7th grader. This has been one of our most productive years and it has put God at the center. :)

cbollin wrote:Just to help find that... here's a link and at checkout you get a 10% discount

also... I seem to remember something in the last edition we received, that this publication might be going to switch to a monthly basis and each edition will be longer???

Prep for high school

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mamanamadee wrote:We plan instead to add an extra year between junior high and high school. Our plan is to use the first 3 years of the MFW 5-year cycle (it's multi-grade level anyway). We plan to use the 4th year of MFW as an extra year in between 8th grade and 9th grade--sort of a preparation for high school year.
Posted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 5:24 am

I wanted to give you some food for thought and then suggest calling the MFW office and talking a bit about some of this.

Given the level of writing in MFW's year 5, I really think that would be a better "end" point for more high school prep than year 4. That's just one opinion of course. And it may not work in all cases to jump like that. But with the age spread in your family, you have a lot of working room :)

Most of the prep (during the jr. high years) for high school year seems to come from the Apologia Science (done more independently), Saxon math (again, done more independently), and even from the Language Arts (Writing Strands, Progeny Press, and the grammar sequence). But year 5 has a lot of writing and writing from outlines and all of that.

Give the MFW office a call to ask what they think will be a route that will help you meet the goals you have. They are all good programs, but some might be more efficient to meet the bigger goals you have for the family.

just one opinion, that's all :)

How to squeeze in State History

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One thing to squeeze in --- your own state's history. You can do that as an independent study in the summer at any point. MFW has a book in the year 4 program called Writing a State Report. You can get that and it will help you to do an independent research project on that topic. Also, you could consider doing the state sheets study (and President's notebook project) that begins in year 4 and ends in year 5. Wouldn't have to be all that much for an older child to casually do in the summer. You just do the first 30 states (end with California) as admitted to union (they are in the packet that way) and the first 12 presidents.


Ideas for an overview of 1850MOD

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Don’t worry that your oldest doesn’t get to do Year 5, 1850-Modern Times because honestly, she’ll get all of the history in high school and in more depth.

If you really want to let her have a sneak peek of modern history before high school, then she can do some light and casual summer reading after her 8th grade year.

I would suggest using The Last 500 Years (which is started in EX1850) and possibly glancing through The Children’s Encyclopedia of American History (included in year 5). You would just glance through them and see the pictures and learn just enough that they know some of it. Think of it as sneak preview time. Some of that sneak peek can be started in the EX1850 year around week 31 when you are working mostly on the individual state report and continue through summer. Don’t feel the need to finish it all.

There are some things started in year 4, EX1850, that get finished in Year 5, 1850-Modern Times. If she doesn't finish them, it will be ok. Those things are the State Sheets and The President's cards. If you really want her to read the rest of the State Sheets, that’s ok, but not needed to color all of the birds, flowers – just enough to read the sheets. Same thing with the President’s Cards --- don’t turn them into reports --- just read the cards a bit. As they learn more detailed history in high school, they'll pick up on the names of Presidents -- so it may not be that important to finish those things. It is merely a suggestion for the highly motivated student

There is one aspect of the state study from year 5 that your oldest will miss. That is learning all of the capitals of all 50 states. It is not started in year 4. I know my kids picked it up really fast with the audio CD that MFW uses. But again, I wouldn’t stress about it if she doesn’t learn all of them.

You don’t want to overburden your high school student who is already doing a very full day of school in high school and maybe even a part time job at this point. So don't feel pressured to have to finish those things from year 5.

CTG then AHL?

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cdavis762 wrote:I was browsing through the catalog the other night & realized something! Next year we will be doing CTG w/ a then 4th, 5th, and 8th grader. The following year I will have one using the highschool program. The catalog points out that the HS program is similar to the CTG. Is it different enough or is it the same, just a little more in depth?
I was wondering if I should go to 1850-present next year, instead of CTG, then back to CTG while he is doing HS program. We'd all be doing that similar study at the same time.
God bless!
Just one long opinion here.
Here’s an older answer of Lucy’s about some of the differences in AHL and CTG.

My oldest will also be in that boat and I am not worried about her doing CTG in 8th and then AHL in 9th. Different resources are used for the history, it becomes more about worldview and all of that and the integration with English Lit and Composition. So, they are similar in that the historical time frame is the same kind of times (from creation up to about ancient Greeks). But they are different programs and at different depths and all of that. I’m also not as concerned if we are all studying the exact same history time frame especially since the high school program is designed to be a bit more independent. Our family will start to be connected by other things than "history topics in school". So next year, my oldest will be in 8th grade and we’ll do CTG (she’ll get to do the feasts and projects) and maybe her other social studies will be more in life skills stuff so that “history” takes a back burner approach. Then in 9th, just start high school.

Given the ages/grades of the whole family, if it were me deciding for my family, I’d just go with CTG next year so it doesn’t mess up with the 5th and 4th graders too much. And I'd look at adding other kind of readings for 8th grader. (My kid will read more on Josh Harris and books along those lines, and perhaps get her Logic Credit in that year so that history is a less part of the school year since she'll get ancients again. So, book basket will definitely take a non historical flavor for her.)

But, if your soon to be 8th grader hasn’t had any modern history, you could consider 1850MOD even though they'll get plenty of modern history in high school too. Thinking out loud with you. How would that look? 1850MOD then CTG, RTR, EX1850, then either 1850MOD again or ECC again for 8th grader? (I’d probably lean toward a review of 1850MOD in the summer before 8th grade by going through the student workbook again and doing some more outlining, and then re doing ECC)

not sure if there are any answers in that. But just thought I'd think out loud with you.

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I think Crystal outlined your best 2 options -- doing CTG or 1850MOD. There are also other options such as switching CTG & RTR around, but with other kids in the mix, the Hazells really recommend following the sequence so as not to mess everyone up in understanding God's hand through history: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=484 (note that David was really answering someone with a 7th grader not an 8th grader).

A couple of other things that come to my mind...

I'm assuming you're doing ECC now, so that's not needed?

I am also wondering what you have done before MFW. Have you done a lot of ancients or more American history?

A few thoughts about doing CTG and then AHL for oldest -

One other way to look at it is that CTG will be a good prep for AHL. Reading the Children's Homer and then the full version the next year, reading the major Bible stories and then the full version, and so on... Would your oldest benefit from that kind of prep? There is a big transition in high school & some kids benefit from a gentler 9th grade transition, with some familiar material.

CTG celebrates the Biblical Feasts, which will make the OT come alive in AHL

I don't think 2 years in a row on the ancients is completely excessive. There are thousands of years there! Possibly the MFW office could help you plan a few different books or focus topics for each? The book basket list would also be a good resource for choosing a bit of a side topic to delve into.

And remember that history is not the only subject in the student's day! Especially in CTG, history doesn't need to be connected to English or Science or much at all.

[More on this topic here http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 623#p94623 ]
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Thanks for the replies!
We are currently doing EEC (although weeks behind schedule). I have decided to do CTG next year. Son in 7th grade is behind in some subjects (we pulled him out of ps in April be/c they were so far behind). We've talked about possibly delaying the highschool level another year if he isn't on track by the end of what would be his normal 8th grade year.
Be blessed and Happy New Year!
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God is in control!

9th grader will miss 1850MOD

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Tricia Croke wrote:My oldest child will be entering 9th grade next year and will not be able to complete the last year-(1850 to modern times)-of the history cycle :(
I am not sure how to approach this, should we keep her in the cycle-1850 to modern times and try beefing it up?? Will she be behind if we keep her back?? If anyone has any ideas, helps or suggestions I would SOOO appreciate it.
Put her in high school program next year. If you try to beef up 1850MOD for high school credit, I think it would be a lot of work because it is not just history that would need more, you'll want to add more government and economics and you just may as well wait and use appropriate high school stuff. Some of it is work load, and some of it is just credit stuff. I'd try going with high school in 9th grade.

In order to get few missing history pieces from 1850MOD, you could consider the following ideas I had after completing 1850MOD last year. Now of course, I haven't tried these ideas because we did 1850MOD. I just thought about it for the general idea.

Starting in the time of year when you work on the State Report unit (those last 4-6 weeks of EX1850) and continuing in the summer as time permits:
*At least read through the rest of the President's Card and State Sheets. (she doesn't have to do all of the notebooking with it unless she just wants to)
*considering getting the 1850MOD materials sooner and let her glance through the book called Children's Encyclopedia of American History. You can skip the first 4 chapter as that will be review of history learned in EX1850. and possibly looking at last pages in Last 500 Years (to cover what isn't covered in EX1850)
*she might like grabbing some of the book basket stuff (if interested for summer reading or even the read alouds from deluxe)
*if she hasn't learned States and Capitals -- then grab the audio CD for that and let her listen. She'll probably pick it up quickly.
*and you'll want to make sure this year that she has learned enough writing to be ready for high school. check Lucy's answer on this thread.... http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?t=6879
make sure you work on some writing from an outline even if it is just from stuff in Writing Strands , and the State Report Writing in EX1850. A lot of that outlining skill is in 1850MOD with the history notebooking, but you can learn that skill in other ways in the next few months.

That will be "enough" to hold her over until she gets all of the history in more depth in high school years.

During 1850MOD with younger kids, if it works out, you could include her in family prayer time to pray together for people around the world when you use the THUMB prayer guide. That's near the year of the end. Other than that, she'll have lots of challenging Bible time in Ancients. But the way we did the THUMB prayer time in 1850MOD we did it at supper time or on weekends as a family. So if dad can be included, I personally think a high schooler could be too.

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I have been having her sit in

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My dd is doing the Ancient History year this year. We also never got all the way through year 5. I have been having her sit in with the history reading for 1850MT with the boys. She does do the notebook pages in a quick manner (President, state, outlines...but not many of the summary pages when we got to that,) read alouds, timeline or additional activities the boys and I do. She grabs a book basket book once in awhile.

My goal was for her to have a general knowledge of the events. This method seems to be working well, although we are working through the material more slowly that we "should" (quoted b/c of the eternal debate of "behind who?") Her history time with us doesn't seem to take too much time...she does have to remind me about excusing her for her program. I do miss having everyone together this year.

HTH! I was a bit apprehensive about this year as I didn't know a thing looking at the S&S. However, we all have enjoyed it!
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My daughter will only finish RTR before moving on to high school.

We have a Netflix membership, and I hope to have her watch some of the multiple choices they have on American history. I haven't decided if I'll have her do that over the summer or watch it with the younger kids when they encounter those certain topics in their curriculum. She has not studied American history formally at all. I do think kids pick up quite a bit of the basics just from living here. I'm not too worried about it. Isn't she going to get in-depth coverage in the high school curriculum?
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Thank you all for the very helpful answers!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll move her into the hs program next year and have her sit in on 1850mod-history/book basket as suggested :)

Thanks again!
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Where to begin?

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love2doschool wrote:I am looking for advice on where to begin my up and coming 3rd and 5th graders in the cycle. The oldest 2 have been doing hist together and the upcoming 3rd grader has no problems keeping up with the reading.
We do have an upcoming 1st grader and a 1yo also. Thank you
I would do ECC with both. A year of geography is very helpful. I can't tell you how many times I have felt so glad we did ECC because my oldest knew the region and country we were talking about in history. Understanding about the culture, the geography, climate, people and religions of a country and region gives a much more complete understanding of why certain things in history happen. MFW is just coming out with a new and revised edition so you would be able to get in on that which I think will be great!

ECC also gives kids a Godly view of the world and their place in it. It is a great year to establish Biblical Worldview.

That's my two cents worth.
God Bless,
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Where to Start

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brandsss wrote:This would be our first time using MFW. I am not sure which year to begin with. I have 3 children. This Fall two children will be on grade level, (2nd & 7th grade) My older one is 14 (8th grade) but still working on 7th grade work. The 14 year old will not begin 9th grade because he has not completed any 8th grade work with our current homeschool curriculum. 14 yr old & 2nd grader would like to do US History but I am not sure which year to start with and if we do not start with the US History will he miss out on that or will my other children miss out on anything????? I have been looking for US history that we might be able to go thru in the summer if that would work.....Any suggestions?????? Thanks
I would vote with Mike's post -- ECC.

However, doing a US history overview this summer also sounds do-able. I'd take a look at 1850-Modern materials and see if any of those would appeal to him. I'm thinking about these things, but of course not ALL of them!!

- Encyclopedia of American History
- Story of the World 4 (not focused on American History, but good context of events)
- Study the states using state sheets & states/capitals CD
- Maybe go thru the US president flashcards
- Read-alouds like Courage to Run (Harriet Tubman) & Across Five Aprils (Civil War), and maybe even some from Exploration to 1850 such as Almost Home (pilgrims) & Bound for Oregon (Oregon Trail)
- I haven't seen the new timeline book, but some kids could get an overview via a timeline (might need the student sheets too, I'm not sure)
- For the right kid, even the US History Cookbook might be fun for summer, since it gives overviews of various periods in US history & their foods

Too many ideas?
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How to coordinate different ages w/ 5 yr. rotation

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God's Servant wrote:We did Adventures in My Father's World and Kind. Curriculum a few years back. We LOVED it! After doing some other things, I'm looking into starting MFW again.

I'm a bit confused as I look ahead. Our 4th year when we do Exploration to 1850, my oldest would be in 9th grade. Do 9th graders do that program? And what about 1850 - Modern Times, do 10th graders do that? If not, what would she do those years w/o missing a lot of material? This is how the rotation would look w/ the ages of my kids.

2010-2011 Exploring Countries and Cultures & Kind. (6th gr, 2nd gr, K)
2011-2012 Creation to the Greeks & 1st Gr. (7th gr, 3rd gr, 1st gr)
2012-2013 Rome to the Reformation & Kind.? (8th gr, 4th gr, 2nd gr, K ?)
2013-2014 Exploration to 1850 w/ 2nd-3rd grade supplement & Kind. or 1st Gr. (9th gr, 5th gr, 3rd gr, K or 1st grader)
2014-2015 1850 to Modern Times w/ 2nd - 3rd grade supplement & 1st Gr.? (10th gr, 6th gr, 4th gr, 1st or 2nd grader)

Any ideas? Thanks!
Hi there,
When you start MFW in grade 6, you won't be able to complete the 2nd-8th grade history cycle with that child. However, I'm sure your child has been studying "something" along the way, so they will still have had a complete education, and will get the full cycle again in high school.

After you do ECC, you can jump into the cycle wherever you think is best. Starting at the beginning is always nice; MFW gives an excellent foundation in Bible history alongside world history, and it starts at the very beginning so you know why the world isn't as it should be (not all history cycles include the very beginning). However, some families have studied ancient history many times and are ready to jump into more modern history. Your family may be different, as you've at least experienced "some" American history when you did Adventures in the past. Luckily, you don't even have to decide now what you'll do after ECC.

Once you begin the history cycle, you just continue through chronologically.

Here is a reply from David Hazell and some different experiences with families who started MFW with a child in grade 6 or above: [above]
God's Servant wrote:So basically there is no supplemental add-ons you can include to make ET-1850 and 1850-MT work for high schoolers? They just need to jump into the h.s. program? Is that right?
There are supplements at those levels for 2nd & 3rd graders, but really the program is written through 8th grade. High schoolers are just in a different place -- ready to explore the "why" in addition to the "what happened," spending more time on some things and going more quickly over others, plus counting those hours towards transcript credits.

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Re: How to coordinate different ages w/ 5 yr. rotation

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Thank you so much for the info. I guess we'll just start the rotation and then see what happens.
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what to do with 7th & 1st

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ark2003 wrote:this year, i will have twin 1st grade girls doing MFW1 and joining their 13 y/o 7th grade sister in ECC. so, then...twin 2nd graders and 8th grader doing CTG next year. after that...oldest in high school and 3rd graders in RTR??? but wait, RTR (like all the 5 year cycle programs) is for 4th-8th graders (and 2nd-3rd graders with older siblings in the program... [but the older sibling will be in high school] ) so, will i keep the twins in the cycle at this point or put them in adventures?

i have a feeling i'll get an answer like this: "well, it depends on how the twins have done in ECC and CTG during the two years prior to RTR. if they've kept up well and are able to do the work, put them in RTR. if i feel like they need to take it down a notch, put them in adventures then get back in the 5-year-cycle for 4th grade with RTR." or i may get an answer like this: "cross that bridge when you get to it and stop obsessing over curriculum choices you don't have to make for at least two more years, crazy lady!!!" :-)

i called the office (finally) and they suggested i start with ECC then choose any of the other four years in the cycle (i'll prob choose CTG or RTR...prob CTG), then just keep on in the cycle with the twins.
I'm glad you brought up the idea of ADV because I didn't think in that direction and on this side of the screen it just looks so obvious now with this plan:

ECC and 1st this coming year (7th and 1st)
then RTR (folding in the 2nd graders at their level)
then, 9th grader in AHL and the 3rd graders in ADV. In some ways this will be just fine for them as it can complete a modern history cycle for the twins.

Then go to CTG for the twins in 4th, RTR in 5th (it'll be fine after 3 years) and EX1850, 1850MOD and in 8th grade they repeat ECC at higher level.

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Still in a state of indecision... Help me out...

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4littlehearts wrote: I already bought most of MFW ECC when I began to ponder over the lack of world history my 7th grader has had (my husband likes both and leaves the curriculum decisions up to me). This is something I've prayed about but still do not have any clear direction. Thanks!
If you already have most of ECC why not use it? The full history cycle is covered in High School. The only year you might want to consider skipping to for your 8th grader would be Rome to Reformation, since I understand it isn't covered as deeply in HS. But that might throw your younger off in their history cycle. If you start with ECC your 4th grader will complete the cycle in 8th grade and go on into HS. ECC was such a wonderful year and gives foundation in more things than just geography.

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Re: Still in a state of indecision... Help me out...

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Your 7th grade will get a full history cycle in high school so I wouldn't worry too much about that. The reason I would say to go with ECC is the Biblical worldview that ECC teaches. ECC has been the year that changed our family the most. In ECC we learned that God loves the entire world and that He has charges us with not only loving but telling the world about Jesus. It gave my kids a love and understanding for the people of the world and a deep desire to be a light. Directly because of this year our family sponsored a Compassion child, have gone on two missions trip and make a concerted effort to support mission through out the world. As a matter of fact, my kids just had a lemonade stand that raised over $70 and they gave over half to missions organizations - on their own volition. That is more than a school year, that is Godly training at its best.

Academically, a year of geography would lay a great foundation for high school as it would give them an understanding of the world's people groups, ecosystems and geography. Knowing where the River Nile is and what direction flows, being able to label a blank map of the world (mine did about 80%) is a great foundation. I couldn't label a blank map before the beginning of ECC.

That's my two cents worth - even admittedly a biased two cents. :-)
God Bless,
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Re: Still in a state of indecision... Help me out...

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Here's another 2 cents for doing ECC. Think of geography as the stage of history. Without a good understanding of all that geography encompasses, a lot of history is lost. Consider it this way, how many books have you read where the setting wasn't important in some way to the story? History is God's Story, His providence, His working in the affairs of men and nations. Men and nations are two of the themes of geography, and thus, important to study.

Hope that helps you decide,
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Which year should we skip?

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IdahoGrown wrote:We just started MFW this year with CtoG. My dd is in sixth, so her lineup would look like this:
7th: RtoR
8th: Exto1850
9th: 1850toMod
And then there are the four highschool programs...

So which one should we skip? Ancient History and Literature? I wonder if it would be possible to do Exto1850 and 1850-mod in one year? Or should I even attempt to do both in one year (8th grade) (leaving out some stuff...as we have done extensive Am. History studies already in fourth and fifth). I also have toyed with using a different curric so we can do Am. History in one year, but I'm really, really, really liking MFW and how it fits everything together so nicely.

Previously, dd hasn't had extensive ancients studies... So that is why I'm thinking I could merge the two years of A.H. into one year so she could get the Ancient History and Literature in ninth... Ideas and opinions?
just one opinion:

7th, RTR
8th: EX1850, and then starting around week 31 in that program, when you do the individual state study, that student can begin to do a little bit of self study in reading time for touches of modern history (either through book basket style, or grabbing SOTW vol. 4, or even Children Ency of Am. History, or some of the read alouds in 1850MOD deluxe). That way you have just enough to hang some info on. Also, this year and next and next.... add in current events. That's a quick and easy way to "get modern history". I'd recommend the news magazine that MFW recommends and is on the language arts page

9th grade start high school at year 1. My oldest is in AHL this year even after doing CTG in 8th, and it's really nice with that. it works fine. But don't skip AHL if you can in 9th b/c of the English and writing stuff too. anyway....

Postby cbollin » Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:33 pm
uh.. uh.. edit to say... I'm laughing at how I misread their ages

if oldest is in 8th then next is 3rd... yeah, I'm with Julie on this then.... that year, doing 1850MOD with younger supplement might be a really good fit that year. At the beginning of the 1850MOD, there is time for optional review of early US history.

So, you have the plan :) to skip year 4 with oldest.

then next child, will be in 4th grade when oldest is in 9th and you'll just start in ECC.
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Re: Which year should we skip?

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Another option I thought of would be to skim Ex1850 in ways similar to what Crystal described, and then do a full 1850MOD. I'm basing that on the assumption that most of the American history you've studied was early America, and you haven't done any modern history. I could be way off on that, but it seems like that's what happens to most folks. Also, I'm assuming that early American history is well covered in high school, but again i"m just guessing on that.

Then your youngest could just start the cycle in 3rd grade, with either ADV or ECC.

Just another option!
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Re: Which year should we skip?

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:-) I like both of your ideas!

Julie, you are right that we didn't do as much modern history...We covered it in depth just through the civil war and the rest was kind of minimal. We were in the process of moving, so we stopped with Sonlight and I had dd read BJU's Heritage Studies 5 that picked up where we left off. It was good and gave her great info, but it wasn't nearly as in depth as a literature study would've been.

Hmmmm...you ladies have given me some good food for thought! Thank you! I really want to stick with MFW. We are enjoying CtoG so much and celebrated a feast this last Friday. It was so fun!!! And it wasn't all that much extra 'work' either.
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Re: Which year should we skip?

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Hi Jean,

Julie and Crystal have given you good advice. MFW would recommend skipping Exploration to 1850 and using 1850-Modern Times in 8th grade with the 2/3 grade supplement. The following year Ancient History and Literature with your 9th grader and Adventures or ECC with your 3rd grader.

If you have further questions, please give us a call at 573-426-4600.
cbollin wrote:I keep misreading your 2nd child's age. Yes, if the 2nd child is in 3rd grade when oldest is in 9th, then you have more options. But if the 2nd child is 4th grade when oldest is 9th, I'm not sure that using ADV would be necessary. But that can be figured out when that student gets there. :)
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Crystal is right:). I was only looking at your sons age (5). I had not noticed at the bottom of your signature that it says you are using 1st grade with your son. So if you are calling him 1st grade (skipping a grade ) then he would be in 4th grade the year your daughter begins high school and you would go to ECC with your son.

I realize you may not be calling him a 1st grader, but that academically he was ready for 1st grade. We generally recommend waiting until down the road to make the decision to skip a grade, since although academically kids may be ahead, emotionally they are often not . We also like to look at the big picture, and consider the age a child will be when they enter college. Give us a call if you would like more information or ideas about what to do with an advanced child.

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Did I choose the wrong year for our first year with MFW?

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hppymom25 wrote:The ages of our kids are 11, 8, 6, 3 and ten months. Now, my concern is that my oldest son won't get to cycle back through American History again until HS and I don't feel that he really got much out of doing our previous cores. I was in MY comfort zone and seemed so easy for me to implement each year. However, now I find myself in a sticky situation.

My wish for Charlie is that we were starting with American History next year..........I would LOVE to do the last two years of the five year cycle with him (with younger siblings tagging along) and then let him start into ancients in high school. I hate to see him do ancients back to back.

We love ECC, but I don't feel like I have any time to waste, so to speak. Is there a better option for our family, as far as the cycle goes?? I wish I had found MFW years ago and I wouldn't feel this way now. Thanks for your much needed guidance.
After you do ECC, you can jump into the cycle wherever your family is at. So if your oldest is a 6th grader this year, then he will be able to do the last two years during 7th & 8th.

Once you do jump into the cycle, then usually you will continue on in order, so the rest of your children won't get confused :) And you'll go to ECC again once you're back where you started.

Would that work?
hppymom25 wrote:To give you some more background on us, we did two years of World History, followed by two years of American. The problem was that I had some really intense health problems and bedrest for two pregnancies in that time. Which meant that we did all strictly reading and no activities.....can't believe I did it that way but was in survival mode and couldn't add in anything. Anyway, I'm really not confident what Charlie really got out of much of it and just really want to pick correctly for this year. He's sixth grade and is really liking the switch in curriculum.

I like your ideas of doing year 4 and 5 of the cycle for his 7th and 8th grade years and then when he's doing his first year of high school, my younger kids will be studying the same time period?? Is this what you would do??
During his first year of high school, everyone would be doing ancient history. They wouldn't be doing much together, but maybe he would enjoy joining in on their feasts and making a 10 commandments poster or fun things like that. It might be a nice transition to 9th grade to have some cross-over with his siblings.

After that, there probably wouldn't be much in common, although I haven't done WHL yet. But I think high schoolers get to the point where they just need to do their own thing. I talked to a couple of high school families when I helped at convention this year and their high schoolers were looking forward to starting MFW high school due to feeling held back by the family or even by working with one sibling. I got the idea that they really wanted to go ahead at their own level at that age.

One thing I ordinarily would worry about going from ECC (without the 7-8th grade supplement) to the last two years of MFW is that it's a bigger jump in daily time and just "amount of history." But it sounds like your ds can handle that, and it might be a good prep for high school. There's a 2nd-3rd supplement for those two years, because there's a lot we modern folks study about our modern times. But there are a lot of fun hands-on activities, and the state and president studies are fun for everyone, as well as the state/capital games in 1850MOD. Just keep in mind that you've made that jump and when you get back to CTG, you'll probably notice things lighten up a little bit, which will be great because you'll be helping your 9th grader adjust to high school. Just a thought, & I may be way off target there since I haven't been in that situation.
hppymom25 wrote:I was also thinking that maybe I should read The Story of the World, volumes 1 and 2, over the rest of the year and over the summer, do you think that sounds d0-able? Thanks so much, this is easing my mind, to "see" the future planned out!
Amy, I'm not sure what kind of time and $$ and reading interest you have at your house, but reading or listening to SOTW 2 is a possibility.

As for SOTW-1, I haven't used that. The thing I would worry about as far as the ancients is whether your children have a firm grounding in creation and the fall of man. That's the whole reason behind history. That's what makes history interesting, to me. If I had extra time between years, I'd go over that, and make sure they understand how man fell away from God, and how God has been trying to bring us back to Him, before they head into recent history. Maybe a little MFW-K creation unit or something :) That is, if you have the time.

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Re: Did I choose the wrong year for our first year with MFW?

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Hmmmmm......you've hit an area that I am concerned about as well. I think that this is one reason that up to this point, I've been having so much trouble deciding!! I don't feel that my kids have a very firm creation foundation and that is really important to me. I'm also concerned that Charlie will miss learning about creation the MFW way and I've really just fell in love with this curriculum and the David and Marie Hazell.

Like I said, I really just want to do what would be best for Charlie, as I know that my younger kids still have more time.......sort of makes me panic that he'll be in 7th grade next year and I don't feel I've really given him a good grasp of history, due to him not really retaining enough.

Thanks for listening!
Amy :)
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