Placement - Must we start with Geography (ECC)?

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Placement - Must we start with Geography (ECC)?

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Natesgirl wrote:My children, next year, will be Kindergarten (which is easy- I will use MFW Kindergarten), 2nd, 3rd, & 5th. I'm just not sure whether to start all over with ECC. I'm just afraid that doing that will seem a little too redundant for my oldest two.
Posted: Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:55 am
This is just my 2c . I would probably start with ECC. I think children need and do better when they get the info. more than once.

Let me explain. I did Abeka for 5 years before switching to MFW. We had done alot with geography, but I started with ECC. ECC was so different and fun. Very hands on (if we wanted it to be). We did really neat things like having a feast of the foods we were studying (we never did that in Abeka). My children learned so much more.

I'm also excited that my younger ones that did it will get to do it again in a few years when they are older. Because they are older, they will remember more. And then they'll study things again in high school where they can retain even more.

If you are really wanting them to get some American history too, I believe I remember a thread that talked about one good way to do that while studying ECC (or which ever program) is to put some extra books in the bookbasket on Presidents Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or Thanksgiving. ECT. You get the picture.

Good luck deciding. I believe you'll just love MFW. I know we do and I've never looked back :>)

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Placement - Must we start with Geography (ECC)?

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Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2008 2:39 pm
At first when I was trying to decide what to do for this school year, I wasn't really sure about the ECC because I wasn't sure if that was what we should have been I know it's been wonderful and exactly what my kids need to be learning. The reason I bought it was because my husband saw it at the homeschool convention in AZ last summer. He said get it, I think this is really good and what you should do. So I trusted my husband and bought it. Boy am I glad I did.

I thought for sure we should have been starting with history....but this feeds into history in that they understand about other people's and culture's of the world first before diving into makes sense.... a lot of sense. I'm so thankful for this's AWESOME!!! Thank you Hazell's. :D

Oh means a lot when the kids are enjoying what they're learning too. They always want to start the day doing ECC first. :D
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Placement - Must we start with Geography (ECC)?

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jenlea wrote:Hi, I have been lurking on the board for quite some time. Great stuff!

My question is whether to do ECC or RTR? We had done Veritas Press Creation to Greeks(?) so we don't want to redo that for a few years. The boys have expressed that they want to cover the middle I'm torn about which year to start for next school year. The boys will be 11 & 9 this summer. Just a note, but I have many of the books for RTR from my older son and my compulsion to buy "good" books. ;)

The boys will adjust if it is best to do ECC, but on the other hand I hate to squelch a genuine desire. hmmm.... any advice would be great.
My vote is for ECC. I know many homeschoolers are really "into" history and don't want to "waste" a year on geography.

Perhaps this would be my opinion too if we weren't DAILY reaping the benefits of our ECC learning. Some folks might say ECC is light or easy or not enough, but despite all the coloring, baking, crafts, singing, art, and pretty picture books, ECC is downright BIG!

After building our ECC foundation, we started our history years (we're in EX1850 right now) and I praise God (literally!!!) that their history is different than the history I learned. When I went to school (and I admit to lots of daydreaming), I learned the history stories but they were all so disjointed an unrelated to me. I couldn't put them all together in my mind into some "big picture." I would memorize them and repeat them on tests but it didn't all make sense (okay, I'm a bit ADD too).

Anyway, due to ECC, when we read about a certain location, they know exactly where that country is. They know if they are a farming area. Or very cold. If they are mainly Christian, or Buddhist. They know if the land is separated by its neighbors by mountains or water or if they are in the middle of the Silk Road. They know if they are a big trade center or not. They even know if the natives of the land are descendents of Ham, Shem, or Japheth. Whew! And, the stories make a lot more sense knowing this.

If you skip ECC, of course you can always refer to the map or globe when you read the history readings, but I don't think that's the same as laying that foundation before you start history.

So, do ECC. It's not a wasted year. Plus it's a ton of fun. I can't wait to do it again!
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Another vote for ECC. It is a not to be missed year that will help lay the foundation for more history study. ECC helps to set the stage for all of the learning they will do about all of the people who come into play in the big picture story.

Most likely what your boys want to study from the middle ages is knights and castles. Let them read books about it and play dress up before they are so old they forget how to play dress up. You could get the Medieval Castle book from the RTR deluxe package and/or the Chess book for fun things for them.

Julie in MN
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cbollin wrote:You could get the Medieval Castle book from the RTR deluxe package and/or the Chess book for fun things for them.
Yes, and when you are "visiting" Europe in ECC, there is often information on castles which could be a "special focus" for your kids in ECC!

One of my biggest reasons for choosing ECC first would be beyond the geography part. It would be something about getting the kids to see the world thru God's eyes -- His love for all people and His plan for salvation. Somehow studying the world first takes the sting off of the many very disappointing parts of Medieval history (the crucifixion, the early martyrs, the rise of Islam, the crusades, the inquisition, & all the many complicated human motives even as Christianity progresses).


Posted: Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:29 pm
I'm going to join in the consensus that ECC is the place to begin your MFW journey. After ECC, you could plug in wherever you feel is "next" in your chronological studies.

Reasons for starting with ECC go far beyond learning the foundation of geography. It's a nice transition year. It's a freedom-from-wars-and-stuff year. It's a strong base in loving/praying for people before you learn the details of their history (which is always sinful since we're human after all!).

I thought these links might help you think thru the issues and maybe someone will strike a chord with you:

Suggestions if we've already read some ECC books?

Comparing MFW to other curriculums
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Julie in MN wrote:One of my biggest reasons for choosing ECC first would be beyond the geography part. It would be something about getting the kids to see the world thru God's eyes -- His love for all people and His plan for salvation. Somehow studying the world first takes the sting off of the many very disappointing parts of Medieval history (the crucifixion, the early martyrs, the rise of Islam, the crusades, the inquisition, & all the many complicated human motives even as Christianity progresses). Julie
Well said, Julie. Even though we are still currently using ECC, I can see how we are laying the foundation for the years to come. I couldn't be more pleased.
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Unread post by jenlea » sounds like a unanimous ECC! LOL. After some prayer and reading from you wonderful ladies. I believe we will go with ECC. I really looked at the books listed and what ECC entails and I believe it will be a good year for us to grow us in God's word and vision. Thanks so much!

The boys are fine with whatever decision; especially after they found out about the cooking from each country. They love to cook!

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How "necessary" is it to do ECC?

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elw322 wrote:I was 100% set on starting ECC with my 6th and 2nd grader this fall.

My 6th grader will only be able to do 2 of the 4 year history cycle before High School. I REALLY want her to do CtG, RTR and Exp1850. Skipping 1850 to modern times is ok since we are covering that this year with another curric.

How "necessary" is it to do ECC? I can always incorporate geography in with history, although I know ECC is a lot more than just geography...I really do like the mission focus and the culture studies.

Im so torn, any advice from experienced users would be appreciated...
Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 5:49 am
Okay, this is my opinion: don't skip the geography. It is SUCH an important foundation. And, it's worth a year of study. We did ECC in 2003-4 and now that we're plowing through history (we're right at 1800) we find that we lean on this foundation nearly daily in our studies. I don't have to stop and find something on the map. We did ECC with our two older girls (then in 2nd and 4th grades) and they simply "get it" in regards to history because they can picture the places, they know the terrain (coastal? mountainous? dry? rich farmland?) and the people (European explorers, Chinese that keep to themselves?).

Yes, you could try to teach the geography as you go, but to me that's sort of like building a house and pour the foundation under each wall as you go. You'd end up with gaps in the foundation and with uneven foundation as you pour one block today, one next month. You'd have a wall ready to go up and you'd have to set that wall aside as you pour the foundation under it. And, I'm not sure you'd save any time this way. Either way, you need the foundation. Why not pour the foundation of geography right the first time and then once it's built and smooth, build the walls of history on top?

I run a geography club in our 87-kid/25-family co-op. Most of these homeschooled middle-elementary kids and older really are good at telling history stories, facts, dates, people, etc. as there are lots of terrific curricula out there for history. However, these same kids are having a hard time linking these facts together. They can tell of the Silk Road, but can't find it on the map, nor can they say why it is important with regards to location and culture.

As for your high schoool student not finishing the cycle in 8th grade, don't sweat it. Go as far as you can in "middle school" and when it's time for high school, if MFW doesn't have the high school years for the time periods you need already, then look around and you'll find a dozen good history programs by other curricula (or throw together your own). God promises he'll supply all our needs from his riches in glory.

Others will say, "skip ECC" but I really think it's important.

Plus, it was the most fun we ever had... The other programs are great but my kids are still saying, "remember when we cooked that Chinese meal from scratch" or "remember visiting Bibles for the World to hear Dr. Ro from India tell of the Bengal tigers prowling around his stilted house?" or "Can we play the geography game today?" or "Remember visiting the lady from Kenya and her yummy tea and how anyone over 40 is in their 'grace years'?" Of course, these are our "local" ECC experiences and yours will be different, but God will bring into your life some interesting international people that will share a taste of their culture.

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:13 am

Here's David's answer:
Remember that is a *general* guideline. She can call the mfw office for more information on how it would work in her family. It is not a one size fits every situation.

Unless your oldest has a lot of culture studies from all parts of the world and already has a good knowledge base of current places and people, I do *not* think you should skip ECC.

When I read that someone is thinking of doing geography alongside history, I usually picture that in my mind as “we’ll do map work”. But geography is more than drawing lines on a piece of paper. Geography will set the stage for understanding the people and places in the history story and help to give a purpose (missions) to studying it all.

Imagine for a moment that you are getting ready to tell a story that will take several years to unfold. (i.e. chronological history, or good chunks of chronological history). You want to prepare your children to know who they are studying as well as having an understanding of where they are in the world and how it all connects. It is all new to our children (they are only children). So we have options --- stop telling the story ever couple of days to fill in lots of missing dots, or spend time ahead teaching the information and then review and remind as needed while telling the story. I think the first option becomes too choppy for retention. That's why I like ECC -- it fits the 2nd option. :)

We don’t want to teach history in a way that makes it seem as if we are having our children study about science fiction space alien ambassadors aboard a space station. But since it is new to our children (they aren’t that old) it might seem like space aliens that we are talking about. Or it might seem in their mind’s eye that all of these people have cultures just the same as the culture our children live in. I think that ECC can help take away that feeling that it is just a story about unknown peoples from long ago or in the imaginary future. Our children may be drawn in to history with a well written narrative text, but we need to help them picture themselves in the world of today; God might call them to go somewhere.

Or imagine that you are getting ready to watch a Shakespeare play with your kids. You’d spend time ahead of that preparing them to know what is happening and who the key players are and getting to know the language. If it is important to do that with a 5 act play, it is just as key to do it with chronological history that will take a few years to unfold. That’s why it is important to spend a year setting the stage and the purpose of telling that story. It is because God wants us to go into the world. It all connects.

It’s not so bad when we teach modern history or basic US history before that ECC base because we live in modern times and live in North America (or a good majority of us live in North America who are on this message board). But when we teach modern history and US history in the context of world history, it becomes important to have that ECC kind of background. It is easier for the children to see that kind of US (modern) history/setting because we live in it. But --- we don’t live in Egypt, or Greece, or Rome, or Russia, or China, or India, etc. --- a lot of history takes place there.

I think ECC helps our children see that the world filled with many people groups today. Once we get to know those people, then it becomes easier to find out about their history stories and how it all connects. I think ECC really gives those anchors to our children. That way we can see ourselves in other parts of the world as it is today.

I don’t think you should skip ECC. And I wouldn’t worry about not getting all of the history cycle in during the jr. high years for your oldest. You might want to call the MFW office and see which 2 years would work best for your family to get in during those 7th and 8th grade years as well as figuring out how it will work with your other child. If Jenn doesn't find that one thread with David's plan, I'll find it, because I was going to link to it too :)

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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:36 am

Evita, just to comment on what Kelly and Crystal have said -- in going through CTG this year, I have been finding over and over again that our time spent in ECC last year is invaluable to us now. No need to reiterate all the points they have made -- I just wanted to say that, yes, that is exactly the way it has been for us so far. I would not want to do what we are doing now without having gone through ECC.
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Unread post by elw322 »

Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:45 am

Thanks for your in depth responses! wow. I believe I will continue with the original plan of ECC for the fall.

I think I need to stop drooling over the other history programs because it just makes me so sad that she wont be able to cover all of those before High School.

I believe God is leading us to do ECC, I just need to not worry about the other years and trust the as we complete ECC, God will lead us to next place. By then there might be more info on the High School programs so I can better calculate what she should take before then.

Thanks again Jenn, Kelly and Crystal for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Much appreciated.

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Posted: Tue May 13, 2008 12:53 pm

Cheri - I highly recommend following Crystal's suggestion --- we are finishing up ECC with a 7th and 3rd grader --- this was our first year to use MFW, and it has been an incredible year in many ways.

My 7th grader had "had geography" but not even CLOSE to how it is presented in ECC. Next year, for 8th, he will tag along with us in CtG (even tho he's "had Ancient history" in another program way back in 3rd grade) - AND he'll still do Ancients for 9th. Someone had suggested that CtG is a great review/prep for 9th grade.

Make sense?

I don't think you'd regret starting fresh in ECC for next year. Blessings,
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Question about ECC (thinking ahead)

Unread post by my3boys »

hollybygolly wrote:Just a real quick question: is there history not taught in ECC? Is it skipped that year to focus on Geography?
My ds is learning technical skills in ECC that I don't think we would have addressed as in depth in a history core. Things like using reference materials, and reading maps and graphs. I know this will serve us well in the future.
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Unread post by 4Truth »

I wanted to encourage you re: the missionary biographies in ECC. We're learning an amazing amount of world history via what was going on in different parts of the world at the time of these missionaries' lives. The different political and cultural obstacles they encounter as they seek to do God's will is very revealing, and shows us just how blessed we are here in our own country.

It's also a strong reminder to hide God's Word in our hearts, as we never know when we'll need it and might not have a Bible handy. This world changes daily, so the biblical principles taught in ECC are vital to our own walk through life, preparing our children for the future, and simply being prepared.
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So glad we started with ECC

Unread post by dascott »

I struggled a lot last year about which year to start with. We finally decided on ECC and I am so glad we did. We are on Week 13 and have learned so much.

I was afraid my 7th grader might be bored because he had a lot of geography (or so I thought) when he was in a private school. He has not been bored at all and has learned so much. Both my dc enjoy the geography game, which I didn't think they would.

My husband has been on a mission trip to Brazil for the last week and will be gone for another week. We finished Brazil before he left and the kids were able to talk to him about what they had learned and they know exactly were he is now, which has seemed to ease their minds about him being away, his safety,etc. In the past when he has gone to other countries, they worried so much, but I think learning about the different places and the people that live there, has made them relate so much more to his trip.

We have been using the Planet Earth series and they were able to see the amazon, the beautiful scenery and the animals that are common in Brazil. We love the BBC Planet Earth Series. We even purchased the Planet Earth Monopoly, but haven't at an opportunity to play it yet. Sorry this is so long, but I just wanted to share our great experience.

Julie in MN wrote:What an encouraging post! I love those :o) And I had never thought of the impact on the kids in that particular way before. Gaining a perspective on travel and missions and just the world in general. Wow.
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Unread post by my3boys »

Blessed wrote:I think MFW will bring back the balance we so desperately need.

Do I continue with the LA that I had purchased for this year and then look at next year, next year? Or do I change that too? So, changing is daunting. I will continue to pray for direction. I will start with ECC for now....and pray, pray, pray.
I can tell you what I would do, but you do what you feel comfortable with. I would finish the math, LA that you have and then re-evaluate whether you want to go with all MFW suggestions after that or just stick with what you've been using. This would keep you from starting so many new things at once. On the schedules in the guidebook, there are spaces to write in what you are doing for math and LA - all your subjects for the week are on one schedule (for me this is the best part).
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Unread post by Julie in MN »

Blessed wrote:So if I began with Year 3 (4th gr), I would then do Year 4 (5th gr), then Year 5 (6th gr) and then start back with ECC (7th gr)? Did I get that right?

Would dd(9) be missing anything by not doing MFW's CTG?
You can just jump into ECC, and worry about the next year later. It should become more clear to you as the year goes on.

To me, starting with ECC and then Creation/the Fall has to do with more than just a history cycle. It has to do with helping your kids approach history from God's point of view. It has to do with changing a child's idea of who a hero is. It has to do with children recognizing which religious book rings with truth. First in ECC, they learn God's love and hope for the world. Then in CTG, they learn how man fell away from God. Studying the ancients via MFW is not going to be the same as most other programs. The Bible is your core. You start at creation & the fall, as the foundation of human history, not just at Abraham or Moses or something.

Until that foundation is built, children don't need to study scary wars. No confusing false gods. No disappointments are studied in any depth -- until children have that foundation of hope and prayer and understanding.

RTR is a wonderful year, but it is the year that Christ is killed. Crusades include children. Martyrs are sacrificed. The history of the church is complicated. Islam rises up. Of course, all of this is presented at an elementary level and not an adult level, and is alongside plenty of fun stuff from Jesus's life to Medieval times! But the harder things might be less shocking -- or conversely, less likely to be trivialized -- with a firmer foundation and a slightly older age.

So that's why I vote for ECC and CTG! Just thought I'd share that extra piece of my thinking, especially for 9 and 7 year olds.
But all that can be decided later. I would start ECC and enjoy.
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Unread post by Jenileigh »

Blessed, now this is just my opinion, not worth much since I haven't done ECC but if I knew a few years back what I know now, I would have used ECC and cycled through.

My oldest dd started EXP-1850 in Oct this year in 7th and will do 1850-Modern for 8th but then we'll be looking at highschool so she won't be able to cycle through MFW. (We haven't covered American History at all and she had already missed ECC so we started where we needed to.)

At that point my youngest dd will be in 4th and we will do ECC and cycle through MFW again before highschool.

In your case I would start with ECC. I have heard that it is the heart of MFW and focuses on missions and more and I so look forward to covering it. If it means you'll be able to experience all of the years of MFW, start at the beginning and work through the 5 year cycle. I wouldn't want to miss a thing!

Again, JMHO
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Unread post by cbollin »

Blessed wrote:Would dd(9) be missing anything by not doing MFW's CTG?
Given their ages, you don't have to feel that continuing through a history cycle is the priority in your homeschooling. They are very young. Time to start the 2nd cycle and start it at the beginning with ECC.

If your oldest starts with ECC in 4th grade, that child will be able to have the chance to do a full 5 year cycle by the end of 8th grade, then start high school cycle in 9th grade. Then in high school years, she can work more independently and get a full chronological history program in 4 years. If you start her in 4th grade in Rome to the Reformation (which is year 3 of MFW's five year cycle), then you're just rushing it and still making "her" the focus of the schooling, in my personal opinion. That is one thing that you have suggested needs to be fixed a bit in your school in order to bring some balance and family teaching. so, again, in your situation, jumping into the middle of the cycle may not be in your family's best interest on many parts of it. But, the interesting thing is that she is not being left out in the whole mix either and her needs will be met with starting with ECC.

As Julie said, there is a lot your 9 y.o would be missing by not doing ECC. There will be things your oldest will be miss by not doing CTG. You have the opportunity to start at the beginning and help both kids go through the program.

If your oldest was in the situation like Jenlieigh's 7th grader, then it might be a little different and you might need to start in a different year. Her children are in a different age range. Given the ages and stages of *your* children, you are not in a situation where doing the programs in a different order makes a lot of sense. So, there is no compelling need to jump around and have to start year 3 (RTR, Rome to the Reformation). Start at the beginning with ECC and work through it.

and a ditto to everything Julie in MN said!!!!!
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Unread post by Blessed »

Thank you all so very much. I lifted up the whole situation and prayed for clarity and direction. I then poured myself into the ECC TM that my dear friend dropped by for me to look over the weekend. And it seemed that this was 'still' where the Lord was leading us to.

Your comments have helped to confirm all that is being laid upon my heart. We do need balance, we need to be united as one family growing together, learning together and loving God and each other together. So I will go ahead and place our order on Monday morning as planned.

For this year, we will continue with the LA + Math as scheduled and revisit the LA portion next year. (If any of you have experience with the LA, your thoughts are welcome).

That said, I thank you again for taking so much valuable time out of your day to help someone you don't know. I am very grateful to all of you.

Oh......I read the link where you shared your heart Crystal, about the Bible/MFW and the changes that have occurred over time. Thank you for writing that.......our home is not perfect either, but He is perfect. I look forward to many years of growing together in Christ alongside my children, making mistakes alongside them and seeing Him restore and make us whole. Thank you for being transparent and sharing your testimony of how God continues to change us from the inside out.

Thank you :)

Will skipping ECC ruin the MFW experience?

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

baileymom wrote:I just want some reassurance that skipping ECC (they both have explored other countries/minor geography in public school) is not going to ruin the MFW experience
Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 12:35 pm
Dear Kathi,
I want to respond to the idea of skipping ECC. MFW does not think that skipping ECC is the best choice generally. This is where we suggest that most families begin with children in grades 2nd-8th. Our geography program is a bit more than an introduction to countries.

We think it is important for 2 very important reasons. One is to give students a very firm foundation in who Jesus is as you read and memorize versus in the book of Matthew as well as praying for different countries. Our goal is to help develop a heart for the world that God loves before beginning a study of chronological history.

The 2nd reason is academic. Students who have completed ECC not only have a great overview of the people and their cultures, they also have learned where to find over 100 countries and about 60 geographical terms. They will continue to map and review during the rest of the 4 years of chronological history, but without having to be overwhelmed by both learning where the countries are and the history being studied.

Please feel free to call me at the MFW office if you have any questions. We really want this to work for you and for your family to have the best experience possible.

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Placement - Adventures or ECC?

Unread post by dhudson »

Jamie wrote:I'm seriously considering MFW for our family starting in the fall of 2009. I have a question concerning where we should start, as one of our daughters will be in the 2nd and one of our sons will be in the 4th (our other daughter will be in K, and other son is 2). My only concern is that if we started with ECC, then they wouldn't be getting their American history as soon as I think they should. If we started with Adventures, my son wouldn't have enough time to get through that, plus the 5-year cycle (before 9th grade).

I made a phone call to MFW and talked to someone there. It was also recommended to me there to start with ECC. One thing that we had purchased for this school year were the American history novels from YWAM (We've been reading the missionary books from YWAM and love them!). Maybe we could keep on with them through the rest of the school year, the summer, then while we do ECC next fall? I wonder how that would work? I'm also wanting to fit in some state and local history at some point in much to learn! ;)
Any suggestions?

[see the end of the story below]
You'll be getting serious American History in EXP to 1850. It goes pretty in depth. I've done both ADV and now EXP to 1850 and I don't think you'll be hurting at all for American History starting with ECC. Also, one huge benefit with waiting is that the you'll see more of the reason why the pilgrims left and were willing to leave to start a new life in a strange foreign land as well as the difference between settlers in different colonies. American History makes so much more sense in the context of the history of the world , I wish I would have learned it this way.

You'll also do a state study of each individual state as well as a 6 week research project on your state. I'm really excited about that this year.

So, imho, go ahead and read the YWAM books and watch some dvd's during your spare time ( we like Drive Thru History - Foundations of Character I think) but I wouldn't worry about it too much, you'll get plenty of if it in a couple of years.
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Jamie wrote:I'm also wanting to fit in some state and local history at some point in much to learn! ;)
Agreeing and echoing Dawn’s answer. You’ll get a lot in EX1850 and 1850MOD. And it will fine for the 5th grader. My oldest did those programs in 5th and 6th grade and there was a lot in it. And go ahead and read the YWAM books if you want to or save some for a while. My oldest read several of the America history ones toward the end of her 6th grade year. She went to a convention with me and picked them out on her own.

For state and local history – think in terms of vacation and field trips. Or sports teams or something that the kids are interested in knowing about. Don't worry too much about it right now as they'll get a big report in a few years. Keep it fun and light.

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You do touch on the US in ECC, too. I remember ds copying out the 50 states in alphabetical order, learning where some of the states were on the US map, etc. It isn't "history" per se, but there's always independent reading & book basket... Although I should say that I thought the history-free year was a breath of fresh air, with no disappointments or failures of mankind to focus on :o(

My son started with ECC and has just about finished EX1850. Wow has he learned a lot!
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Re: Placement - Adventures or ECC?

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I'm back with an update........In the last few weeks, my 9 yo son has been devouring the American history biographies that we purchased through YWAM. Once he started, he just kept on going. :) He hasn't been reading them in chronological order, but I haven't been a bit worried about it. The desire of me wanting them to have at least an overview of our country's history has just taken care of itself. It's been kind of a neat blessing. I think for my 7 yo daughter, I'm going to check out some American history picture books from the library, as I think she'll enjoy getting to see more pictures in a bit of a shorter book. :) I do enough reading aloud to them that I think the books with pictures will be a nice change for her. ;) Then, I know that it will all be covered even more down the road. Thanks for letting me share!!
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