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Re: 3 days in and loving it!

Unread post by MBrasher »

I soooo agree with you, Penny! MFW is such an answer to all of my curriculum prayers! I came from using strictly textbooks and we were ALL sooo burnt out and BORED. This is also our first week and we're in ECC. I've mostly been a lurker since joining the MFW boards (lol) and have heard it mentioned several times that the first 2 weeks of ECC are the hardest and most intense...but wow, this has been a piece of cake compared to what we're used to! :-D Praise the Lord for MFW!
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Hi from Texas

Unread post by gratitude »

Marcee wrote:I have two children ages 6 and 8. We just moved. I have attempted H'schooling in the past and it was unsuccessful. I need hands on learning, not a lot of workbooks or sitting while reading. Have any of you tried [other hands-on unit studies]? Why did you change?
I wanted you to know though that we switched to MFW last January and absolutely love it! :-) It saved my home schooling.

The heart of MFW is the Bible. There are a lot of hands on activities, that help my active boys. The work-load, for us anyways at our grade levels, has been more than realistic and manageable. My main opinion of the switch is they are learning far more, with less time. They have to sit less, which is good, and the handwriting / reading to me part is very realistic (not too much for their ages). My understanding is MFW increases work-load very gradually with age.

MFW is a breath of fresh air in our home school. :) Blessings for your decision!
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Re: Hi from Texas

Unread post by trinabambina »

We have used MFW K, 1st, Adventures and are starting up ECC this year and I have loved two things (well, lots more than two!) about it: It's pretty much open and go, which is nice when I am trying to keep my 5 & 6 year old boys moving and it does not take a ton of time to do the lessons...I usually finished the first grade work in an hour and a half with my dd, and that is with the boys (then 3/4) "under foot". You have the ability to adjust the lessons, or make them into something that works for you. For instance, last year (Adv) we were supposed to make a tepee out of paper, but we had landscape fabric and pvc pipe outside, so we made the tepee with that instead and they got to play in it! There are plenty of read-alouds, but my kids build things or color while I am reading, or I read while they are eating, and the books are really good, so it is not a problem - with the added benefit of me seeing them acting out what I am reading later, while they are playing in the tepee, for example.

I have looked at other curriculums but just can't find a better balance in all subjects than what MFW offers.
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Re: Hi from Texas

Unread post by jasntas »

Yes, balance. That's the feel I get with MFW as well. Trina pegged it. :)
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Thank you MFW for keeping us on schedule!

Unread post by mommysweird »

I was just looking ahead at our school year and I can't believe how on track our schedule has been this year. I believe it's a direct result of the short lessons in MFW (and the fact that God has graciously kept all of us so healthy this year). I should NOT be this organized. I have a WILD 2 year old in the mix. But God is Faithful and He has supernaturally organized my schedule for me. This is not something I am a natural at. We have a projected end of school year date for May 6th! Can you believe it????? I wasn't planning to have a spring break, but looks like we might get one after all and still finish earlier than the local public schools. Thank you, thank you David and Marie!
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Intro and praise

Unread post by Magpearson77 »

Hello! I am new to the board. God led me to mfw in 2003 and we have been using it ever since. We have used adventures, years 1-3, and currently using year 4. I have two children-a dd in 7th and a ds in 3rd.

I am so thankful to God for MFW. We are learning so much as a family and seeing the fruit. The scheduled hymns this year has been my favorite time

I ordered year 5 on monday and it is scheduled for delivery today! What wonderful service,MFW!
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Just placed my order for our 4th year with MFW

Unread post by inHisgrip »

I am so excited and feel so blessed. The Lord answered my prayer 4 years ago at our local homeschool conference. I walked in and became instantly overwhelmed by the options. I felt that the Lord was asking me to homeschool my soon to be kindergartner, something I had NEVER considered until it was time to put him in school. Well, soon after the initial confusion I found MFW, the answer to prayer.

We took two years to slowly go through kindergarten and LOVED it. I was hooked. We are on our last few weeks of Adventures now, and what an adventure it has been. We are also completing K for the second time with my second child, and looking forward to doing it again with our third child in four years. Today we finally got to order ECC. We're in the CYCLE, baby!!! I'm excited to watch my daughter go through 1st next year and make her Bible notebook (a treasure, for sure!!), and join my son and I as we explore countries and cultures.

I can't say enough about what MFW has done for my family!!! Everyday is not perfect, everything does not always get done, things that do get done are not always perfect... but I can see progress AND I LOVE what I see. :-) Patiently waiting for box day!!
Julie in MN wrote: 8[] 8[]
i never thought about it that way, but I bet it's fun to join the club !!
Yep! That exclusive club where God's doing all kinds of work in families lives! ;)
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Re: Just placed my order for our 4th year with MFW

Unread post by Melissa »

That is soooo awesome! MFW has been such a blessing to us this year too (our first year homeschooling). My only regret, that we didn't start homeschooling from the start. My oldest is going to be in 8th next year and I sure wish we could complete the entire cycle together instead of her starting high school after we're finished with CtG.

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MFW vs other curriculums

Unread post by HeyChelle »

I bounced around with curriculums in my first couple of years. Now we are back to MFW and plan to stay.

Others can do a better job of comparing curriculums. I will just comment on MFW.

Biblically - love MFW. I have found the curriculums to be both biblically and academically strong. So far, I have one child who is on track and one child who is academically way ahead of her age group. MFW has fit her needs at each level because it is so easily customizable AND because there are so many additional resources recommended at each level. If your children needs more, you simply take advantage of those additional recommendations and take each topic a bit deeper.

In A-Z, you get to explore science based on the Bible. In 1st, you go through the entire Bible (highlights). In second, you learn more about Christ. And it just gets better from there.
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Prayerfully considering MFW. ?'s

Unread post by asheslawson »

moonpie wrote:My name is Patti homeschooling mom to 5dc ages 9 down to 9 months. This next school year, I will have a 4th, 1st, and K. I am drawn to MFW for the biblical aspect and combining (eventually)! I am praying for the right curriculum. I feel like I have failed and am tired of the curriculum hopping. Could you share your likes/dislikes. Thank you,

We have LOVED all of the history readers, the timeline sheets, the layout of the guide, the helpful hints incorporated on some topics through the guide, the wonderful selection of bible verses, English from the Roots Up...really have virtually no complaints about MFW. It is well planned, well laid out, and beautifully organized. Hope that helps.
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Box day question

Unread post by TriciaMR »

albanyaloe wrote:We got our parcel slip tonight which means tomorrow we can collect our box from the Post office. Wow, I am impressed with the speedy shipping! :-) We have never had a parcel come this fast.

I was just thinking, do you let your children see the books? They are so excited here, it's going to be hard to keep them away from the books, but on the other hand, I don't want it to be "boring" when we use them kwim? When the chdrn were little, I let them look, but they couldn't read and so it was different. I'm mostly thinking of our 10yo son, who reads quickly and could chew through a few of the books before time and kind of ruin it!

Any ideas? What do you do on box day?
I don't let them read the books - I tell them that they are for school, and I don't want them to get bored when we do school. But, I do let them look - meaning they can flip through the books real quick and look at a few pictures. And I do let them look through the math, and LA books. And we ooh and aah over everything. Our state convention is the middle of next month, so I'll bring my box home from there. I'll probably hide it in my bedroom until I have time to open it a peruse it with the kids.

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Re: Box day question

Unread post by cherona »

We were SO excited to get our box I couldn't not share it with them! We opened it together in the middle of the living room and spread everything out. We were so excited to flip through everything and see it all there was not enough time to sit and read through any individual book. After we had our fun looking and touching I gathered everything up and organized it on a shelf in our school room/dining room. They have all been told they are not allowed to get the books down until I hand them out when the time comes. Nothing was spoiled in our sneak peek and I think they may be even more excited to start than before. They don't have long to wait...we are planning to start ECC the first week of June. I have really needed this time to prepare and gather the suggested supplies and organize my TM with tabs and such. We did start PLL, ILL, Writing Strands, and Singapore Math right away though so we would already be in the groove by the time we start ECC.

It's so exciting that your box came so soon Lindy!!! :)

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Re: Box day question

Unread post by momxnine »

Wow, Lindy! That was super fast! And you were thinking it might be 6 weeks. Yay!

I will let mine see them if they want to (mine are older), but they don't get to read them. Even books that are somewhere in the MFW schedule in the later years are marked and everyone knows they can't read those until they get to that year. It sometimes bugs my 14 year old because he's my big reader, but at the same time, it also gives him something to look forward to and he likes that. :-)
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Re: Box day question

Unread post by cherona »




Here are a few pictures from our box day. :)

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Re: Box day question

Unread post by Yodergoat »

Congratulations on such a prompt box day, Lindy! Hope you have so much fun tomorrow!

We look... but she doesn't get to look too closely. And I save back a couple of surprises, too. It makes it exciting to see what is coming, I think.

Love those pictures Cheri... I can't wait to do ECC! Ha, I say that but yet I'm mourning my Kindergartener graduating to First. 8|
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Re: Box day question

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

Yep -- what Trish said. ;) :-)

This is the first year that dd hasn't sat in the box after taking all of the books out. :( Time flies and they grow up so fast . . .
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Re: Box day question

Unread post by meagabby »

Like others have said, I don't let them at 'em. They are excited too,but having done a variety of things, my children have the most enjoyment when I save it for them to see on our first day of school.

I look over the manual and books myself (in the quiet after kiddie bedtimes) and prepare some things for myself.

The fun for them is having their own box day! I gather their items in stacks with an index card with their name on top. For items that are shared, I leave them in the middle.

Prior to the first day of school we've done some supply shopping so I also out out things that are individual to them in the stacks as well.

My children love this. I've mentioned this before in a e first day of school thread, I think.
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So Excited!

Unread post by kewkew34 »

I have continued to lurk here on the MFW boards ever since deciding to order for the girls for this coming school year. I just haven't had time to really comment/post because of the new baby. I just wanted to say how excited I am to be starting our MFW adventure. I spent the last 2 1/2 months (when I could) reading through the TM. I finally finished it the other day. And, wow!! I absolutely love the way this curriculum is organized. I love the way the Bible lessons fit so well with the science lessons. And I could just see possibilities open up before my eyes for things to do with the girls. I have yet to open up the student sheets. I know if I do something will get lost or ruined. Just my luck. I also had a revelation the other day as to why Five in a Row didn't work for us (me) where I feel in my heart this curriculum is going to be perfect. With FIAR we took the 1 book and did lots of lessons from that one book. With MFW there is a letter with a corresponding science subject and a corresponding Bible lesson. Every thing is integrated so nicely. It is the way I tend to organize. Like when we were doing Letter of the Week (not this past year, but the two years prior to that). I would pick lots of different activities to go with our Letter of the Week. But just something about the way Marie has made things like the Bible and Science flow so nicely have me so excited.

The girls are so excited. We have to clean and organize. And I now have a deadline. We will be starting Aug 13, the week after our church's VBS. I am not sure if this is allowed, but if you would like to see pictures of our box day I posted about it on our blog back in March.
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momxnine wrote:Welcome to the board! :-) We just started MFW this past year (ECC & AHL) and we love it so much. I love your "box day" pictures! I always feel like it's Christmas Day when I get boxes in the mail from MFW. :) Enjoy your school year. You'll be glad you made the decision to switch.
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Re: So Excited!

Unread post by CaseyVG »

I just had to comment and say welcome to mfw! I love it. We're just finishing up MFWK with my 5 year old son (soon to be 6), and my 3 year old daughter (soon to be 4). And I also have a new baby born at the end of January! We'll be doing MFW1 this year, and rod and staff preschool with my 4 year old (she'll repeat MFWK next year) I love the pictures on your blog of box day, I just ordered ours, so I'm anxiously awaiting our box day! I have been blogging about every week of MFWK, you might be able to find some new ideas or encouragement! http://simplejoycrafting.blogspot.com/p ... links.html


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Congrats MFW! MFW won 4 Excellence in Education Awards!

Unread post by Poohbee »

I just received the e-mail this morning! The Old Schoolhouse magazine asked people to vote for their favorite curriculum providers for the TOS Excellence in Educations Awards. With 1,786 people voting, My Father's World won 1st place in Bible, 2nd place in Character Building, 2nd place in Geography, and 2nd place in Overall Curriculum Provider/Boxed Curriculum.

Congratulations, My Father's World for these much-deserved awards!
TammyB wrote:Good for MFW! I wish I would have seen a TOS ballot. I would definitely have voted MFW first for complete curriculum provider. :)
The e-mail I received said that the survey for the awards was publicized through "an E-blast and social media." I am a subscriber to TOS, and I received an e-mail about the awards, so I was able to vote. It was neat, because there were no choices given that you had to choose from. Instead, you could type in your favorite curriculum provider for each category. So, out of those 1,786 people who voted, there must have been quite a few MFW fans! :-) There were only 1st and 2nd place announced in each category. I don't see anything on the TOS website about this. I don't do Facebook, so I haven't checked the TOS Facebook page to see if there is an announcement there. I just received the news by e-mail. I hope they publish the results on their website soon so everyone can see them. It's fun to see what the top two choices were in each category.

Editor's Note: More here http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... 448#p34448
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Re: Congrats MFW! MFW won 4 Excellence in Education Awards!

Unread post by samandsawyersmom »

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Re: Congrats MFW! MFW won 4 Excellence in Education Awards!

Unread post by Jami »

Yayyy!!! Although I have to say, I'm not surprised. :-) This is our fifth year using MFW and we love it so much and it seems like every year I meet more and more families who use it as well.
Congratulations MFW! And thank you for providing such a wonderful curriculum to homeschooling families!
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Re: Congrats MFW! MFW won 4 Excellence in Education Awards!

Unread post by lesliel23 »

I just got through reading my TOS email too! I was happy to see MFW show up several times :-) I was also happy to see some of the other winners are also in some of MFW's curriculum (Apologia, Saxon, etc)!
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Re: Congrats MFW! MFW won 4 Excellence in Education Awards!

Unread post by betancourt6 »

Hooray! So glad the Lord lead us to MFW, what a blessing it has been for our family! Much deserved, MFW!!! :-)
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It's the little things

Unread post by Amy C. »

Over the last few weeks, we have enjoyed scones with blackberry jam and whipped cream served with blackberry vanilla tea, johnnycakes served with molasses, hasty pudding with syrup and/or molasses, and today I bought a bouquet of flowers for science. So, okay, we didn't need the whole bouquet but you know, it was an excuse to buy a bouquet of flowers to enjoy on these winter days. Homeschooling with MFW makes our days a whole lot sweeter. Thanks, MFW!

Amy C.
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