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Re: It's the little things

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Oh, yes, the sweet times that we got to spend together. And really, those are the things my son remembers, too. Thanks for sharing :)
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Re: It's the little things

Unread post by albanyaloe »

That's what I love about MFW too- it doesn't have to be complicated and "wow', but it feels so good.
Thanks for sharing. ;)

Our first year with MFW, doing ECC 2012, Our 7th year of HS'ing
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Gratitude for MFW

Unread post by happy2bmommyof3 »

I just wanted to say that my heart is overflowing with gratitude for MFW. I have been homeschooling for 7 years and 5 of those years entailed me putting together my own curriculum from various Charlotte Mason guidance sites. The other two years, I used a couple of all in one curricula which I tweaked until they were unrecognizable. Recently I have been feeling exhausted and burned out, while overwhelmed at the prospect of getting my soon to be 7th grader prepared for high school level work. Even at that, the idea of thinking about how to put together her high school curriculum was beginning to weigh heavily on me. I was considering putting her in school because I thought she would be better off.

I had looked at MFW on and off over the years. Something prompted me to check it out again and the timing is now perfect! I can focus her 7th and 8th grade years on preparation for high school and then continue on with the rich, deep curriculum planned for her when she gets there! Geography has always been my weak spot in my homeschool so this year with all of mine in ECC is more than fitting!

I was afraid I would be somewhat unsatisfied with the resources chosen and planned in the curriculum. I was afraid I would see the plan and want to tweak, tweak, tweak, so I ordered a guide just to see...

As I was looking through the guide last night, my eyes welled with tears as I saw the wonderful feast and the tapestry of how everything is so beautifully woven together. I love all of the resources and have many of them already. I can't believe that it is all planned out for me! I just wanted to say that my heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy. Thankful for the Lord who brought me here at the exact time I desperately needed it, and for the MFW team who has put all of this work into such a rich, Christ centered curriculum.

Thank you!!
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Re: Gratitude for MFW

Unread post by MelissaB »

Ditto that. :) We, too, are so thankful for how well each year's curriculum has been put together. It's easy to use, yet the indepth content provides a rich education we could not have gotten anywhere else. So, for all of the hard work and time MFW & the Hazell family have invested in the curriculum, thank you! :-)
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Re: Gratitude for MFW

Unread post by PyleMom »

I would like to thank you for sharing some of your thoughts. I can relate to MUCH of what you wrote! From one tweaker to another: I am happy to know how moved you were when you realized how interwoven the high school materials are.

I have two boys, they are now in 6th grade and 8th grade. When they were younger, we used Rome to the Reformation and then Explorers to 1850. Our year using Rome to the Reformation was smooth sailing. I was constantly amazed at how beautifully everything was knit together -- from Bible, to history, to literature, and even the art projects. The next year we began Explorers to 1850, but for some reason I felt inclined to tweak. By the end of the year I was doing my own thing.

My oldest son will begin high school next year. Whew! There is so much for me to learn about this next phase of our homeschool journey! I, too, felt overwhelmed at the thought of trying to figure things out. So . . . long story short: I began looking into My Father's World - Ancient History and Literature. At first glance, I just wasn't convinced that MFW High School would fit our needs. I continued looking and praying. Finally, I took a second look at MFW AHL. As I began reading everything I could get my hands on about the year, I began to feel a sense of peace about our path for high school. Our next round of school will include Explorers to 1850 for my rising 7th grader and AHL for my 9th grader. I'm already looking forward to our upcoming year. I get more and more excited about our high school years as I read all of the positive reviews! Yeah!

So, thank you, again, for sharing your experience. Your words were a HUGE encouragement to me.
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Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Erna »

Blessedbyfive wrote:When I search and seek out the curriculum that I'm looking for, MFW and HOD usually pop up. The problem is, I find HOD lovers everywhere. I hear about their passion, devotion and all out love for the curriculum. They rave and rave about it... and never desire to try something else. We've used the first level and I own the 2nd and it's not a good fit. Next year we are doing ADV.

But it continually bothers me that no matter how hard I try, I cannot find this same kind of loyalty for MFW. It seems like many, many people jump ship after 1st or adv. Where are the people who love the 5 year cycle? I have googled my heart out for reviews, and I find negative ones. And honestly, even this board is not that active.

I know that there's only one way to truly know if it's right for us, and that is to try it. But it's hard to do when I'm just not sure (thinking ahead here to ECC) Thanks for any insight you have.
We have used MFW from K to RTR so far. It has been a good fit for my family. We sometimes peek over the fence at what others are doing but I don't want to break away from what is working well for us.

I wonder if you have a Facebook account. There are a few groups based on the MFW curriculum. Maybe you can ask your question there. I find people are pretty quick to respond.

My dilemma is that I have yet to find individuals from my country using MFW in the upper years. So, I feel for you in your search of finding long term MFW users.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Waving hi! We've used MFW for some 10 years here. There are others on the board on occasion who've used it that long, as well. There are many more recent users who still have good things to share. And if you really want "MFW encouragement," I'd try to attend a Vision Weekend :)

As for long-term users, I'm pretty sure HOD wasn't around when I started homeschooling, except maybe a preschool literature book (I started homeschooling with a 10th grader, so wouldn't have considered it), and a couple years later when I started using MFW (with a 3rd grader in 2004), I don't think HOD had anything yet for elementary. Therefore, I can say with pretty much confidence that I've been using MFW longer than any of the reviews you've read LOL.

Another thought I had was that folks who are posting "reviews" around the web probably tend to be folks who have used a lot of things. How else can you compare or quantify how good your one thing is? I used a lot of things with my first high schooler, so I can see that. But that might mean you're reading from folks who are jumping around a lot and maybe excited by something new, rather than reading from folks who've been happily learning from one thing for a long time and have no reason to be on review boards because they aren't discontent.

My preference is to hear "why this program is a blessing in my situation, for my particular learner, for my particular goals," rather than "this program is good and that one is bad." You can find a lot of posts over the years sharing why in particular MFW has worked compared to other programs here - maybe these would be of help to you: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4098

Oh, and another thought is that MFW often attracts folks with large families, folks in missions, and otherwise folks who may not have a lot of board time (unlike me LOL). Not sure if that's a factor, just a thought. I know a lot of families in my local area who use MFW but have never been on the message board - MFW answers questions over the phone and at conventions.

Hopefully others will chime in with their own perspectives. It could be an interesting conversation.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

funny - I'm not on this board much anymore, but I hopped on today and saw this post, so I'll say "hi."

This is our 8th year with MFW. My dd started in MFWK and has only used MFW curricula. I appreciate the Biblical worldview, the strong academics, the incredible support from the MFW office, and I just plain like the way the TM's are laid out. I love the cycle, and I think it is a great way to teach geography and history, especially with tying-in Bible and Science in most years. There is plenty of work to do (both written and hands-on), lots of books used (all the big companies pretty much use in the same books in some way), and it is easy to tweak to fit.

I know our family is not alone in our love for MFW. I know of quite a few families who use MFW that are simply too busy with outside interests to be on the board, or fb, or blog. There's lots of us that are "in for the long haul." HTH ;)
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

I'm repeating the 5 year cycle this year with ECC. My dd will start the MFW high school program this fall, in spite of dyslexia and other challenges.

I really like MFW and it has been easily adaptable for my two children who are dyslexic. This message board had plenty of reviews that show people love MFW and stick with it for the long haul. I just never think to post reviews anywhere else - I've only used A Beka and MFW, but not side-by-side to compare. They are two different styles of curriculum.

The Facebook groups are much more active these days.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by TriciaMR »

Blessedbyfive wrote:Thanks to those who chimed in to say hi! I tried to check on the FB page, but not sure if I am in the right place as it didn't seem like it had any active posts. Does anyone know of one that IS active? Yahoo groups?
This one https://www.facebook.com/groups/22809728031/ is very active.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by hsm »

Not a long term user here....this is our first year and we will be continuing with mfw as we have found it fits our family and our goals for our children's education. I found your post interesting because when I was researching curriculum before we started mfw, I tried my hardest to find negative reviews so I could get "both sides" to decide if I thought it would fit us.

I could find very little negative talk about mfw. I found a lot of positive reviews and testimonies. I have found that mfw users do tend to be quite loyal to the program (that is the feeling I get when I have looked at other forums, blogs, etc). I agree the boards here aren't "over-active", but any time I post a question, I get very helpful feedback. It isn't active like a general forum or facebook but I think it is because here posts are usually curriculum specific questions rather than general, off topic, or other curriculum related questions. For what it's worth, MFW has been an answer to prayer for our family. We really love it and as I said it suits our family's style and it aligns with our goals.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by TrustingHim »

I wouldn't judge a curriculum to be a success by how many "Long Term" users they have. MFW wasn't complete when I started homeschooling, and, as a matter of fact, my oldest was ahead of them until her 4th grade year. HOD wasn't even around when we started, and that was 10 years ago. The homeschool curriculum market is exploding as we speak, and what works for one family doesn't work for another for various reasons. For that matter, what works for one child doesn't work for another, even within one family! While we haven't used MFW exclusively, I consider us long term users, but others might not. As it is, we used 2 1/2 years with my oldest and youngest, and would have used all 5 years with my youngest if there weren't variables beyond my control that caused us not to. As it is, we will be using it again with my youngest for the next 2 years, and possibly 3 depending on what I decide to do with her in 8th grade.

While we may love a curriculum, and the people behind it, we still need to be flexible to the Holy Spirit and recognize that not all our goals are his. Sometimes on this journey, we are asked to deviate from what we thought were the perfect plans. If there's one thing I have learned from 10+ years of homeschooling, it's to take each year one year at a time with God's guidance, not man's. I love MFW, and wish we could have used it all along, but it just didn't work out that way. That didn't mean it wasn't a great curriculum. It just meant it wasn't right for us sometimes.

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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Kelly1730 »

I guess we could be considered long time MFW users, does K through 1850-MOD count? ;) I am actually pulling together my own curriculum for 7th & 8th grades since I don't prefer to repeat the ones we've already done but you better believe that we'll be back for high school! I am going to use some of MFW ideas in my 7 & 8 years so I'm not quitting them entirely.

I haven't been on the board a lot lately I think because I'm very familiar with how MFW works and so I don't have a lot of questions. I have been on the last week or so because as I'm planning our next two years, I wanted to line them up with the high school curriculum.

I love the pretty much "open and go" aspect of MFW. I really appreciate the books Marie recommends, I trust her discernment in choosing them. As I said, we have been faithful customers since my boys, who are now 12, were in Kindergarten. So thankful for MFW and the major part they have played in our homeschool over the years.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

We have used all of MFW years through EXP and have 1850 waiting for next year and now are 100% MFW curriculum users, math, English the whole kit and kaboodle! We plan to go all the way through HS with MFW. Do we count? We love the curriculum. We have struggled some with the process and some of mfw choices over the years but the more we let go and let God direct through mfw the more pleased we are. Good luck on your journey!
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by jasntas »

We have been using MFW since I brought my ds home from ps. He started his 3rd grade year with ADV and my dd started MFW K the same year. We are currently in EX-1850. My ds is currently in 7th and my dd is currently in 4th. I can't believe we only have one more year of the 5 year cycle left. Since my ds did ADV in 3rd he will not get to repeat ECC at a higher level. But I'm glad we did both because both programs bring back special memories.

We love MFW and I could not imagine looking elsewhere. Occasionally, my dh will suggest another curriculum. I just politely inform him that I'm the one teaching it and it works for us.

MFW is easy to tweak if needed and I feel it is more flexible than many others out there. Both my dc are dyslexic and MFW has worked well for our situation and I believe it's because it is flexible.

My dc know so much about the Bible and the world around them and many people are impressed with their knowledge. I attribute this to the methods MFW uses to teach each subject.

I did recently freak out about high school and started looking elsewhere but have convinced myself to stay the course and use MFW with some tweaking to fit my dyslexic ds. I was actually very unhappy even thinking of using anything else. MFW has worked wonderfully for us thus far. Why would we use anything else?

I started a blog for about a year and a half but just didn't have the time for it. But I didn't stop blogging because we no longer use MFW. ;) :)
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Jami »

Another long time user of MFW here! We started with Adventures and are in 1850-Modern Times this year and I'm excited to be starting ECC again next year. I've also used Kinder three times and am on my third use of First Grade. We have not used any other curriculum as MFW has been a great fit for my family from the beginning. I pretty much use all of MFW's recommendations as well, although we have stuck with Rod and Staff Spelling for all but my oldest son as it worked better for them than Spelling Power. I've never tried anything else as a core curriculum (but I have looked at it), so I don't ever write reviews comparing other curriculum. I'm not even sure where I would write reviews about MFW.

MFW has been a blessing to our family, both in academics as well as spiritual growth as a family. I don't have plans to change curriculum (especially now that I have ALL of it besides high school, lol!) I've given thought to having my oldest start part time high school to be able to take dual enrollment or AP courses, but I hesitate because I don't want him to miss out on MFW's high school curriculum that I've heard such great things about. He's in 7th now, so I have a bit of time to think and pray over it.

Anyways, I'm sure there are many of us out here who love MFW! Search for the individual years of curriculum on Facebook. They are closed groups, but it's easy to be added to them. There are plenty of us using the later years of the cycle, and most of us probably started back in Adventures or ECC.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by 4Truth »

We began using MFW in 2004 when my oldest was about 9-1/2. I didn't know about it before then.

I think a lot of "older" moms don't spend as much time on the internet as younger moms. Or at least that seems to be true of the folks I know, because I have a LOT of veteran homeschool friends who don't frequent message boards at all, and seldom even get on the internet. They're just too busy! I thought life was busy when all my kids were little, but NOW we're really busy. :~ With two high schoolers who have numerous outside classes (and don't have their driver's licenses yet), a church that we're very involved in, ministry and fellowship opportunities, and a husband who's home a lot more now than he was when the kids were younger (military), I just don't have as much "hang out on message boards" time as I used to have.

I do still get on the internet (and message boards) sometimes, but when I do, I'm divided a few different directions, so may not post in response to MFW questions nearly as much as I used to. And I tend to go in spurts... more often some days, and little to none other days.

Anyway, all of that is to hopefully encourage you that veteran MFW users ARE out there.... we're just busy! :)

I do agree with Julie about attending a MFW Vision Weekend if you can. My dh and I were soooooo encouraged by that, and it was great to get on the"inside" a little bit to understand more about MFW's overall philosophy and goals, to meet some of the staff (including David and Marie), to hear the "back story" of how and why MFW got started, and to learn how to apply some of the same philosophy and goals to our own marriage and family. (Actually, we already had some of the same philosophy and goals as MFW, which is what attracted us to the curriculum in the first place. ;) )

Please visit the MFW booth at an upcoming convention in your area, if you have one! The booth at our convention is almost ALWAYS packed. %| Or if not at convention, take a look to see if they're going to be doing an "Exclusive Event" anywhere nearby. It's very, very helpful to actually talk to "real" MFW users and/or staff in person, and to hold the curriculum in your hands, flip through it to see what all a manual actually contains, learn how to use it with multiple ages, etc. It will very likely solidify your decision about whether to use MFW or not. Reviews online can sometimes be SO vague, sometimes emotional (to either the negative side or the positive), and sometimes not even accurate, which makes it hard to know whether it would be a good fit for your family.

And most importantly, pray, pray, pray! :)
Donna, with two MFW graduates and the "baby" in 11th grade! %| Using MFW since 2004.
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by joyfulmom »

I've been homeschooling for a long time - my oldest has graduated and my youngest is just starting MFW K. I had not heard of MFW until a few years ago. I started with K and ECC, using a different program for high school because I felt overwhelmed at the thought of 4 different MFW programs at once! A year later I moved to another program because I thought it would keep us all together more - big mistake. It was more overwhelming than ever.

We came back to MFW and I wouldn't change now for anything. My kids say they are going to use it with their children! FWIW, right now I am starting one in K, have one in 1st, 2 in CTG, and 2 in high school (different years) - so I am actually using 5 different years right now!

What do I love about it?
1. Christian emphasis
2. Lesson plans laid out for me
3. For us, High school is almost completely independent.
4. Solid academics.

Hope this helps,

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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by Poohbee »

I consider my family long-time MFW users! :-) We started homeschooling our oldest dd when she started K in 2006 using MFW, and we've used it for our family ever since. (We did use a different unit study one year, but that was because my oldest dd was the only one we were homeschooling, and she was very interested in the American Girl books at that time, so we did that unit study for a year. Other than that, we've used MFW. This is our 7th year using MFW).

Things I love about MFW:
1. Bible integrated throughout...my daughters and I have had some wonderful discussions as we've read and studied the Bible using MFW.
2. The Bible is the primary source when learning about ancient history, with other books used to supplement.
3. History presented through multiple resources. (My dds and I were just discussing today how important it is to use multiple resources to learn about history, because the accounts may vary from one resource to another).
4. A lot of great literature.
5. A lot of wonderful hands-on activities that bring learning to life. (This year, my mom thought it was so great when my daughters and I made Johnny cakes, hasty pudding, and scones. I told her, I probably wouldn't have even thought to do those things, but they were right there, with the recipes, in my Teacher's Manual. I've always wanted to quilt, too, but have never done it. When it came up in my lessons plans last week that we should make a quilt, I thought, well, we might as well try quilting now. So, my daughters and I have been working on a small quilt. Such great hands-on activities)!
6. Lessons are planned for me, but it is easy to change and tweak things to work for our family.
7. We haven't started high school yet, but one huge draw for me in MFW high school is that the student will read through the entire Bible during freshman and sophomore years. I didn't read the whole Bible until I was an adult. For that reason alone, I would stick with MFW for high school.
8. The cost is much more reasonable than some other curricula I've seen.
9. I love the hearts of David & Marie and the other families who work for MFW. Marie's heart for Jesus comes through in the curriculum she writes. I love that the Hazells started MFW in order to raise money for Bible translation, and missions are so important to the MFW family. (I strongly recommend Vision Weekend! You are able to meet David, Marie, and the MFW families and see firsthand their hearts for Jesus)!

I think I could go on and on. I am so thankful God led our family to MFW when we started homeschooling. I continue to use MFW because of all of the reasons I listed above, and because it has worked well for us, so why change to something else?

I agree with others who have said that it may seem like you don't hear from many long-term MFW users because they're content and they're busy. I don't visit any other MFW groups except this message board, and I certainly don't frequent the board as much as I used to. The longer you use MFW, the older your kids are getting, and the busier you get, it seems. But, yes, there are happy, devoted, passionate MFW users out there!
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

Unread post by dhudson »

We have used MFW for 12 years. My oldest is finishing his Junior year in High School. We are very pleased with MFW and the education that our kids have been given through MFW. My kids are we'll educated but what is more they have had a Biblical education second to none. My oldest is very grounded in his faith,which MFW has played a big part in, and we feel he is very well equipped to tackle the issues that he will have to face in a secular University.

We are in our 2 time around of the cycle with our twins and we have enjoyed it more the second time around.

My husband and I wrote our goals for educating our children 15 years ago and those goals helped us pick MFW and those goals have kept us with MFW all these years.

We wanted our children to :

1. Have an education that is Biblically sound and Biblically integrated. When we talked about History, we wanted to talk about God, when we talked about Science we wanted God to be in the forefront. MFW has more than fulfilled that.

2. We wanted their learning to be fun and engaging. We believe that if our kids enjoyed learning they would continue to do so their entire lives. We have seen that to be true using MFW.

3. We wanted our children's education to be rigorous. We don't know what God has planned for them and we want them prepared for their future by having a strong academic background. My kids score and test well and my oldest is well on his way to going to some of the top schools in a Computer Science. He spoke at a SCRATCH (an MIT computer language for kids) conference for Computer Science Educators in Barcelona, Spain last summer and will present at MIT this summer some of his new developments for using SCRATCH, SNAP and hardware like the LEGO NXT. Needless to say, we are very pleased with his academic grounding.

I will say I posted more when my kids were younger because I had more time. With kids in Junior High School and High School we are extraordinarily busy so I just have time to post as much. Remember that HOD hasn't been around as long as MFW and their users have much younger kids. I personally find Moms with younger kids post more.

If you are on fb, we have a fan page with over 3300 users and it is very active. Come on over and check it out and talk to others homeschoolers who love MFW.
God Bless,
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

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I don't know that we could be called long term users yet, but we love MFW! We are working through Adv this yr and have done K and 1st. I am on my second time through K. I already have ECC and I can't wait to start it in August!

We did have a bit of a rocky start and almost left MFW for Sonlight. After 10 weeks into K, we stopped because my son was having such a difficult time with reading and hand writing. He just wasn't ready yet, but I thought it was the curriculum. After a few months break, I found Sonlight P 4/5 used. I began that along with All About Reading. We enjoyed the read alouds, but that was pretty much all there was in SL. I also came across several stories that I was not comfortable reading to him yet. AAR Pre 1 turned out to be perfect for us though. My son just could not handle sitting for the worksheets in MFW even though there aren't many.

I missed the hands on activities, the Bible emphasis, and the science in MF K though. I soon realized that I could still continue K without the phonics and writing, but still get the things we were missing. I think I may have written a review about MFW K explaining why we left. I wish I could find it and erase it now. We just needed to find a way to make MFW K work for us or wait a year. I wish I would have waited a year more to start school with my oldest. He is now an awesome reader and enjoys reading at bedtime and to his brother and sister.

At this point, I plan to use MFW all the way through high school. I'm excited to learn along with my kids!! We loved first and are enjoying Adventures because of the Bible focus, how easy it is to combine all my children, the hands on activities, and the information they are retaining!
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

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This is our 5th year using MFW. We have used K, 1st, ECC, CTG, RTR, Exp1850, and are currently using 1850Mod and AHL. We love it! Every year just gets better and better for us. Unless the Lord leads otherwise, I don't plan to change. I have posted here more often in the past, but this year has been super busy. I have a freshman in high school, a 7th grader, a 4th grader (who takes more one on one from me), and a very active three year old. All boys! That plus the fact that my computer has been on the blink all year limits my computer time. I am either operating during the day using my iphone, which I do not like to type a lot on, or having to wait until after my dh gets home from work with his laptop, and I don't want to spend a lot of our family time on the computer. This is actually an answer to prayer since I was spending way too much time on the computer prior to this year and was praying the Lord would help me re-prioritize. I quickly realized getting into this school year how much my boys' were going to need me. Anyway...

We switched to MFW from ACE and haven't looked back. There is so much I could say about MFW, but I would be repeating what the others have said. I will say that the main thing I appreciate so much about MFW is the Biblical focus, and its not just a "tacked on" subject for a Bible credit. It is weaved throughout the curriculum. And it is not done leaning toward a particular denominational view. It is just pure Bible, letting it speak for itself, leaving room for you, as the parent, to teach and lead your children in your specific belief. I also appreciate the "heart" of MFW to look beyond ourselves to others. MFW encourages service to others, praying for others, and giving to others - in particular through Bible translation. All that plus the academics are there as well.

When we switched to MFW, I was looking for a curriculum that could help me implement Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and classical approach to studying history with the Bible at the core and running throughout the curriculum all with a teacher's manual to help me stay on track, and I found exactly what I was looking for in MFW!

We are big fans here! :-)
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Re: Why can't I find any long term MFW users?

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Hi. :) We've been using MFW for K, 1st, and are in the 4th year of the 5-year cycle. We love MFW, for reasons listed by the other Moms above. :-) I don't use other homeschooling boards because this board answers all of my questions.

Just a side note ... have you seen the "Ideas - Adventures in U.S. History" MFW board? We go to the "Ideas" board regularly. They're organized by week or subject and are packed full of wonderful stories, pictures and ideas from other Moms who have used the curriculum you're using.

You're about to do ECC? ECC was our very favorite year. Our girls have gotten a rich, indepth education in history, geography, world cultures, religious history . . . We could never have found this anywhere else.

And, yes, we all need to "connect" with a team of homeschooling Moms. ;)
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What happened here?

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I'm kinda sad :( I used to be able to hop on here ... and it was like a busy little hub of other moms chatting about MFW. Maybe it's God's way of saying I don't need to be busy chatting MFW with other homeshool moms ... I need to be homeschooling ;)

(it was always encouraging, though)

PS: perhaps everyone is over at Facebook(?)
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Re: What happened here?

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Yeah, I think a lot of people are on facebook. Was there a topic you needed to discuss?
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