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Re: Placement?

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Welcome along! glad you asked. Don't worry if the answer is somewhere.. ask away!

I'd go with ADV instead of ECC. I wouldn't worry too much about something being repeated. You can sub out the read alouds from the deluxe package with other books in what is called "book basket" in the appendix of the manual. I know she doesn't have as much time to type as she once did, but fly2peace (on this forum), did a whole year of a textbook US history with her oldest and then did ADV the next year. Because it was so different, it all worked out.

I think at this age, once you add in the states, and hands on, and notebooking, it doesn't have to feel too much repeat for the student. Those parts will be familiar and then when you go to notebook it might be that much easier to do all of those skills and narrations and all of that.

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Re: Placement?

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hearts4him wrote:Thank you gals! After reading the reviews of Adventures on here, I think that is definitely going to be my primary focus when I go to the MFW booth. Thank you so much!
I only wanted to agree with everyone else who led you in this direction. ADV is perfect for 2nd grade (or I am told for 3rd as well). I ordered ADV far ahead and we ended up reading all of the read-alouds in the deluxe package before starting it last month ;) . I am still looking forward to reading them all again as we go through the program. I also have to say that the MFW approach to learning is so different from any other curriculum that we have used or tried that I think you will find it bringing in plenty of new material for all of you. The Names of Jesus is wonderful. So is the rest of ADV. We Love it. :-)
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Re: Placement?

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One other possibility to consider as you look at the MFW booth is doing ECC in 2nd and then going back to ADV with a 3rd grader, before heading into CTG. It wouldn't be my recommendation, but it's something you could think through as you look.

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