Schedule - Will block scheduling work?

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Schedule - Will block scheduling work?

Unread post by my3boys »

NakiainNC wrote:Hi! We have enjoyed K and ECC so much this year, and we are looking forward to 1st and CtG in the fall. The ONLY thing I want to do differently next year is to schedule bigger chunks of science and history instead of doing a little every day. I would like to do maybe 2 days of history and 2 days of science. Then on Friday, I could do music and art. Would that work? We would continue to do read-alouds, language arts, math, etc every day, but sometimes I think it would be nice to devote a couple of hours in the afternoon to really dig in on those history or science topics.

And I seem to remember someone here (at least I think it was here) talking about how they use the planning sheet to plan something like this. Maybe using highlighters or something to schedule their days????

What do you all think?
I think you could do this, but there are reasons behind why it is scheduled that way. Part of the Charlotte Mason method is teaching many subjects daily with short lessons - if you are unfamiliar with CM, reading a little bit about this method may give you some insight as to why MFW is set up the way it is. You may already know this, but I thought I'd put that out there just in case.
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Re: Will block scheduling work?

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I do this, not every week. I just check it off when I do it. So if I do 2-3 days of history, then I check it off. The next day I look at what needs to be done (maybe 2 days of science) and do that. On Friday we just finish what is left.

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Re: Will block scheduling work?

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(raising hand) me, me, me - I do that! I like to spend a longer time 2/3 days a week on history, then 1-2 days on science and sometimes a day of art/ projects if they didn't fit into the other days.

I use colored pencils to rearrange the days. I make photo copies of the lesson gird and then I lightly color all of Monday's work one color, Tuesday's another color exc. Often it is a matter of reading an extra ch. or something like that. It is pretty simple to do. I am more classical than CM and not into the short lesson type format. If my kids are drawing or playing with Lego while I red, well I need to just keep reading you know? They don't really like transitions. They take turns narrating sections of the reading and I ask questions along the way to make sure they are paying attention. I want our days to have a content focus sort of like LCC but not so extreme. MFW is just my way of doing WTM anyway. Much of CM and classical ideas overlap, but in this area I do like to do things in a neo-classical way with either science days or history days, not both.

This helps to keep my focus where it needs to be.

Also, my oldest isn't here all week and does science at his other house so it just makes sense for us to do science when he does and then we can all do our history together.

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A subject a day?

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mommyintraining wrote:So, I am thinking about how to do something like a subject a day. It just seems that it would be easier to implement for me right now in the stage of life we are in. I don't know if that would work for high school, but we are 5th grade and down right now. I am considering using MFW ECC and I think it would still be doable with that because of the grid style of schedule.

Something like: math one day with workbooks, games, computer drills, flashmaster, math copywork, Mathtacular DVDs, etc. Science another day with experiments, science books, science DVDs, lab sheets, etc. A day for history, art and music, english/language arts. You get the idea.

What do you think, is that something that could work well with MFW?
? I dunno..... sounds similar to LCC style of scheduling?

I always got the idea that "Cadam" over on WTM forum did that....
sometimes Christina posts over here too... :)

here's one thread I could find to read a little bit while waiting for more current ideas/helps on that style
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Re: A subject a day?

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Agreeing that block scheduling can be done and some folks succeed. My concerns would center around retention and love of learning. Just a couple of examples to think about as you plan -

- Some subjects such as math require some repetition and just some "gradual sinking in" over several days, especially when it's one of those "big, hard topics" (like completing the square in algebra this year :-) but even borrowing & carrying in earlier years). I think if my ds were to face the topic once per week, he wouldn't retain any progress and it would be like starting over again & again?

- Some subjects have tons of facts and presenting them all at once might mean only one or two are remembered. We're doing ECC right now, and if we only spent two days in a particular country, rather than two weeks, I'm wondering how much my ds would really retain? As you study EX1850, I'm wondering if your kids will keep straight all the different folks involved in the writing of the constitution, or the differences between each president.

- Some subjects or books etc. my son doesn't really like, but I find if I slip them in between easier things or funner things, he tolerates them. And sometimes after tolerating them for a while, he finds he actually likes them :)

Just some thoughts. But of course all things are possible with God!
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Re: A subject a day?

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MFW is built on the Charlotte Mason method. Part of the CM method is to have a large quantity of subjects in short daily time slots - it's kind-of central to this curriculum - You could use it as you are describing, but you'd be losing some of it's strengths.
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Is anyone doing block scheduling?

Unread post by Calicokat7 »

I'd be interested to know how you've done block scheduling. Here's what I've been thinking about doing this coming year.

Daily: Bible, Math, Lang. Arts (reading, spelling [2nd], grammar/ writing strands)

Monday: History & Science Readings
Tuesday: Science Experiments
Wednesday: Music/Art
Thursday: Writing & Grammar
Friday: History & Science

Trying to not miss out on all those wonderful projects.
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Re: Is anyone doing block scheduling?

Unread post by Joyhomeschool »

This is a great idea!! I never thought about it before. I think it will really work for me! I think I would do it like this:

In the mornings we could do:
Bible, Math, Language Lessons, Spelling, English from the Roots Up

And afternoons at naptime:


Read Aloud

Music and Art

We have a Coop so I could rotate Coop and Library Days.
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Re: Is anyone doing block scheduling?

Unread post by MelissaB »

That looks great! !?

We block schedule history/science/art - but I think your layout looks much better. We may have to "borrow" your schedule. :)
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