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New and hi~

Unread post by 4Truth »

Remember that when you get stuck, either in a particular lesson, or in a learning curve with one of the children, or with the curriculum overall, feel free to come here and ask questions, browse through the different forums, or call the office for help. Someone will have had whatever issue it is that you're having, as we've all run into glitches along the way.

You're never alone with MFW! :)
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Encouraged by the board

Unread post by meagabby »

I just have to say out loud how encouraged I become when I visit this board.

I have been on this board for 5 years. I don't post very often but I feel a sense of togetherness here.
We all use some portion of MFW products. Some of us are strict MFW only, while others sub certain books, and still others add more to MFW.

I am encouraged because you've been my homeschool group when I haven't had one, you've made me feel less 'different' when I feel different in real life.
II know we are suposed to talk about products, how we use them, what they mean, how your child reacted, etc., but there is an emotional attachment if you've commited yourself to MFW. (ok, there is for me, I don't even go to other boards or know of any besides SL or WTM) :)

I am encouraged when I read a discussion on something I am not familiar with, or a topic that I have not thought of in depth.
My eyes are opened more when I see others' perspective. Sometimes I chance my course of action or change my thoughts because something I've read stirred something inside me.... Like when I go to church and feel that particular sermon was intended just for me. (tell me that has happened to you, too!)

I have not grown to be the wise one yet, but I pray in time I will be the one giving the great advice so many on here do. I look forward to the time when I can be the encourager that so many have been to me.

I know it's only as good as we make it.
I hope you are encouraged and try to encourage others.
I hope this year is a wonderful school year for us all!
Loving learning with MFW!
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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by jasntas »

Amen Sister!!! ;) This board is a big reason I love MFW. :-) I could say more, lots more, but I really need to start school. :~ ;)
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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by Cyndi (AZ) »

meagabby wrote:I just have to say out loud how encouraged I become when I visit this board.
I am encouraged because you've been my homeschool group when I haven't had one, you've made me feel less 'different' when I feel different in real life.
Absolutely! I don't go to any other message boards, either. I even talk to my dh about "so-and-so, my friend from the MFW board." :-) I'm so thankful to have friends here. It is a blessing that MFW hosts and moderates this board for us. I'm not around as much anymore, but I truly appreciate everything I've learned and all the support I've gotten here.
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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by amelasky »

I had to chime in and say that I am so grateful for this board. On days where I feel that I'm in over my head, or just discouraged, I know that all it would take is one phone call to the wonderful MFW staff, or a few minutes on this board to be reminded that God is with me and that there is an awesome group here to hold my hand and help me.

Thank you to all those that are so quick to give of their time, encouragement, and help anyone who posts a question. You guys are being Jesus' hands extended.
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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by tangomoon »

As a new homeschooler, I've also gained so much from the board. I come away feeling that this IS something I can do, and not just feeling like my mind will explode from too many competing choices.

Thank you to all (especially those who have used MFW for a while) who take the time to contribute!
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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by Metairie »

Me too! I just wanted to say I have never felt so encouraged since joining any board. I actually only come here now. :-) I feel like I'm home, grateful God led me here, and so glad I found such wonderful people who have been so sweet and gentle even with silly questions.

MFW staff on the phone are an awesome group of people as well! No matter how trivial the question is, they treat it like it is very important and take the time to answer. Even to the point of postponing a purchase because it isn't time. Wow, thank you to them as well! :-)
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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by DS4home »

I have also been a member here for years. This is the only board I visit, almost daily, yet I don't post much :~
I also hope to someday be an encourager to others. This is my support group too, since we moved to a place that really doesn't have much of one, comparatively. Home is a good way to describe the feeling here.
Great thread :-)

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Re: Encouraged by the board

Unread post by Poohbee »

What a beautiful post, meagabby! I agree completely! I visit the MFW board daily to read and be encouraged, and sometimes to share and provide encouragement. I get so many ideas and so much wonderful advice from this board! It's so nice to connect with others who are walking a similar road. It's one thing to be a homeschooler, and it is another thing to be a homeschooler who uses MFW. As meagabby said, for me, there is definitely an emotional attachment to using MFW. It's like it is more than a homeschool curriculum. It's a way of life...opening the eyes and hearts of my children and me to see, live, and be more like Jesus. What an awesome thing to share with so many other MFW sisters and brothers out there! And, this message board is such a wonderful extension of and bonus to the MFW way of life!
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Done with our 1st week of RtR!

Unread post by ncmom2boys »

It's been an awesome week! We are all enjoying our schooling so much. I'm so thankful to be back with MFW.

Much love to the MFW staff. You ladies are amazing! No matter how many times I've called or asked questions here, you've been very gracious.
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Hi! New to Homeschooling and MFW

Unread post by Jynuine »

I am new to both homeschooling and My Father's World and am practically just diving in. My situation is that I am not starting from the lower levels and working up, which seems to be more of the norm in homeschooling (which is great!). I literally yanked my oldest child, who is almost 12, out of her 6th-12th magnet school.

I would like to commend Lucy at MFW on all her help at getting me started. I have felt like my brain has been oatmeal through all this and she has been very patient with me and followed up when I really needed her! What a supportive staff they have!
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Price decreased?

Unread post by 4Truth »

ilovemy4kids wrote:Okay, I pringed out the MFW WHL information a few weeks ago so I have it on paper! It was 370 for the WHL package, now it is only 344.... It has all the same books plus one more. Does anyone know why it went down? Are they phasing out the older version for a new one? If you know anything, I'd love to know! :)
They don't send out older versions as a way to "phase them out". I just ordered WHL this week, and I was like, "Oh!" when I got online to place my order. Looks like we'll both be getting the newly tweaked version! :)

But I don't know what other changes they made. I did notice that the covers of the lesson plan book for both AHL and WHL are different....
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Re: Price decreased?

Unread post by 4Truth »

cbollin wrote:MFW has lowered a LOT of prices on a LOT of items in the catalog this year. check it out..... lower on SAxon, lower on Apologia, the R&S 2nd grade spelling is lower.... etc etc etc.

I confirmed with the mfw staff at the booth. no change in WHL other than the addition of the fold out pamphlet. price went down that's all. the pamphlet reminds me of the same style as the Tabernacle one in AHL. Thank you David for finding those rock bottom prices for us. :)

You're right! When I clicked on my daughter's Saxon package, I thought, "Oh, I thought this was $126, not $109?" So unless I was imagining things or remembering incorrectly, that went down in price, too. :-)
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Re: Price decreased?

Unread post by ilovemy4kids »

Whoo Hoo! What a wonderful blessing for them to have lowered prices, when everything else is going up! I'm thrilled. Plan to order Monday after a quick call to the office! YIPPEE!!


Thanks guys!
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Feeling MUCH better! especially with Singapore!

Unread post by asheslawson »

I guess I'm like many - especially at this time of year - reviewing, analyzing, deliberating, staying up late reading forums! All in attempt to make sure I've chosen well. Last year it was choosing my curriculum from MFW as a 1st time homeschooler to a kinder and a 4th grader. This time it was over math! My 4th grader was soaring through math in public school - but Singapore was like nothing he'd done before. However - he did ok at the work & usually got the answers right - often missing none of the problems. The problem is - he hates it. So much so that he chants it to his brother who is about to go to college to study engineering.

BUT TODAY - I feel better. Ultimately - I really like the way Singapore Math teaches mental math & of course I enjoy the shorter lessons.

Today - after calling the office - I was able to actually speak to David Hazell. He gave me some great ideas to help take the stress out of math. I must tell you that I am elated! I feel so much better about where we are going with math. I have called the office once before when I had a question, but if you ever get to speak with David Hazell - I have no doubt - you will understand the flow of the curriculum better. He even answered a few other questions that I had on my heart - but didn't even ask him (I hated to take up too much of his time). I am going to order a few of the workshops on CD when I have the extra $$....I think it will do a lot to help answer some of my questions & keep me motivated! Thanks so much to MFW for being so willing to personally help me with my children's education!
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Re: Feeling MUCH better! especially with Singapore!

Unread post by Julie in MN »

Amen to that! I love the personal service, and even call for help on occasion after using MFW for our 7th year now. I also like that the folks I talk to have actually used all the materials, in real families, with real kids.
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WOW!! That was fast!!!

Unread post by rjsmomma »

Put in my order Monday evening for Ex-1850 and my curriculum arived this afternoon. That is really quick!!! Haven't had a chance to go through it yet, but dd has already claimed several of the books (the animal science books that we won't be using next year since she will be in 7th grade) and announced that the General Science book doesn't scare her at all:) She is such a science girl!!! :)
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Praise for MFW

Unread post by BHelf »

Without going into detail, I just want to say what an incredible company My Father's World is. They truly have a heart for their customers and going above and beyond anything I ever expected! I am so thankful to them and to God for leading us to such a wonderful company! In this day and age it is so nice to know there is still a company that isn't just concerned about making top dollar!!

Love, love, love MFW!

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Unread post by Tracey in ME »

Some of you may have read my negative comments about a situation I was dealing with last week regarding an order I placed at MFW. Well, the whole things was NOT MFW all. I just want everyone to know that not only is MFW an excellent curriculum for your children, but the owner himself, David Hazel, personally called me and spoke to me for a long time about what is happening with debit card purchases around the country...and he was very kind and sympathetic towards my problem. I LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!
- Tracey
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Unread post by gratitude »

I am so glad that it all worked out!!! :-)

I Love This Company Too! I was never so surprised as I was last year when David Hazel answered an email question by calling us and talking to DH. Wow!


Unread post by cbollin »

and for the economist Public Service announcement for those who are wondering but scared to ask :)

I think. it might have to do with voided transactions (i.e. refunds, back orders, stuff like that). the holds on those stay on your account way longer than you realize even when a merchant does the right thing... it's very different from credit card refunds, voids, etc....

here is link to learn some things and discuss elsewhere.... but you can read all about that voids on debit cards even if it has nothing to do with anything here.... but like I said.. even if it isn't related to what happened in this case, here is important information to know about your debit card :) ... tcards.htm
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Unread post by gorillamama »

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the folks out there who have taken of their time to post responses to questions/comments/dilemmas/ etc. both past and present (and to thank the original posters of the questions, comments, dilemmas, etc. ;) ) We are new to MFW (will start ECC in fall with 5th and 3rd grader, using MFW supplements with 1st and preschooler, and letting the 5 month old soak it all in :-) ), and I have spent the last several spare moments of the days going through archives and new posts that pertain to our situation. I hope you ladies know how God is using you to bless, to encourage, to strengthen, and to support others, many of whom are not the original topic poster but just readers like myself. I was burdened to take the time to just say THANK YOU!!! I have been uplifted and rejuvenated in my commitment to my heavenly Father, to homeschool, and to encourage others like I have been encouraged.

Thank you to Lucy, also, for the super friendly, encouraging, and informative phone call a few days back.
We ordered our materials last night and are praying to God for a homeschooling victory this year!!!
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Feeling bummed.. then rejoicing!

Unread post by asheslawson »

asheslawson wrote:Ok...things have been awesome because my mother-in-law brought her old furniture to my house - which is way better than what we we've done some purging and moving & getting rid of old things. My hubby also cut a hole in my tiny art room & made our 20 year old's old bedroom connect to it so we have a nice sized school room. All this is wonderful - but in moving the school room - we were so busy so I took my pocket chart which hung on the back of the door in my living room and folded it and put it in a corner in the art room to hang later, because we were so busy moving and cleaning things. Wouldn't you know it - we had major rain - and the wind blew back some of the roofing over the corner where I had laid it! The pocket chart absorbed most of the water that came through the roof. Now my entire time line for Creation to Greeks and MFW 1st are ruined! So sad...I know it's not a huge terrible thing - especially in the midst of how blessed we have been to receive all these nice things...but all their beautiful time line pieces are lost. Anyways...just crying on your shoulder...I should be joyous - and I am - but that little thing made me sad. ;(
I am rejoicing to be a part of this MFW forum family!! Someone at MFW called me at home today and sent me a scan of the timeline pieces that were lost!! Another member had emailed them to let them know that I'd lost these things. In the midst of a very busy period in our home - how warm and fuzzy does that make you feel to know that all of you cared to relate to my misty moment - and even helped to find a solution. And to know that MFW understands when life happens and will help out in moments like this! I am so glad I found this curriculum. I feel so blessed!!

Yes...erin.kate - that sniffling smiley is too cute...I saw it and just couldn't resist - that was exactly how I felt!!

Thanks for all of your cyber hugs...sometimes...those are just what the doctor ordered! ashes
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A round of thanks to each of you. :)

Unread post by far above rubies »

I was just telling my DH that this has been our most successful year yet. And this has also been our best year using MFW. The support I've found on these boards has made all the difference. :) I wish I'd come here years ago, when we first tried MFW and struggled through.

So, thanks to all of you who help, give input, and share your wisdom and experience. :)
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Re: A round of thanks to each of you. :)

Unread post by MelissaM »

Boy, I'll second that! I wish I'd found this board years ago too, and that I'd known what questions to ask - I probably would have never left MFW and done all the switching around I did!

HUGS to you all.
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