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Re: MassHope convention

Unread post by Poohbee »

I, too, will miss MFW being at our state convention this year, and I will miss working in the booth. I really enjoyed that! I am blessed, though, that I can attend the MN convention and still visit the MFW booth there. And, I am so glad for the MFW families that the travel schedule will be easier for them. I'm sure it was a challenge going to all of those conventions and trying to homeschool and keep a family going. :-)

I second Julie's suggestion for attending a Vision Weekend! My husband and I went a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it! It sounds like they just keep getting better and better, too. Luke Everett was there when we were there, and he is fantastic! We enjoyed staying with an MFW family, but now, those who attend will stay at MFW's retreat center, and that sounds awesome! If you get a chance, definitely make plans to attend a Vision Weekend!
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Re: MassHope convention

Unread post by Yodergoat »

I just took a look at the updated Vision Weekend flyer at the MFW website and it had details about the retreat center, which sounds very nice indeed! The 15% discount on curriculum ordered after the event might help defray the cost of the gas...
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Re: MassHope convention

Unread post by TriciaMR »

hsm wrote:Although I already know I will order CTG for next year, I enjoyed looking through and handling all those goodies in person! There is an exclusive event nearby that I may go to. Can anyone tell me more about the exclusive events? Have you ever been to one?

By the way, to the powers that be, my disappointment is only a reflection of how much I am loving your curriculum! And, I am grateful for all the families that travel around to these conventions to bless the rest of us :-)
Usually exclusive events are set up in a hotel conference room. Just the vendor for that event is there. They have a display with all the materials. There may be kids of customers there since they are often held during the week. There is usually an incentive to order at an exclusive event to make it worth your while (and theirs). It is a chance to see it all without being distracted by conference speakers and other vendors vying for your attention.
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Shipping Speed?

Unread post by terrylee66 »

Bandy wrote:Hi,

Does MFW ship via UPS, U.S. Mail, or?

Thanks :)
I just received mine last Tuesday and it came via UPS. I had ordered on Wednesday the 12th of March, I believe, and received my order on Tuesday the 18th. Very quick and heavy! :-) :-)
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Re: Shipping Speed?

Unread post by kw4blessings »

Agreeing that our orders have always arrived UPS and quite timely! Enjoy!
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Re: Shipping Speed?

Unread post by Bandy »

Awesome, thank you :-)
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Re: Shipping Speed?

Unread post by Yodergoat »

Mine have always come VERY quickly! I get excited to see the UPS truck pull up. :)
I'm Shawna...
... a forgiven child of God since 1994 (age 16)
... happily wed to William since 1996
... mother of our long-awaited Gail (3/15/2006)
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Re: Shipping Speed?

Unread post by extrafor6 »

I ordered on Thursday night and received my package on Monday morning!

Re: Shipping Speed?

Unread post by MFW-Lucy »

Hi all,

Smaller orders (less than about 9 lbs) will usually arrive via USPS. If you order a package though it will arrive UPS. Just in case you order later and receive it USPS you will not be surprised.

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Convention Orders!

Unread post by 4monkeyz »

When my dh and I first walked into the Convention Center vendors hall last Thursday and I saw the MFW booth banner, I think I let out a bit of a gasp/squeal. My dh just rolled his eyes and asked if I was going to be like that all weekend, he said it lovingly and with a chuckle....and yes I think I did let out another gasp when we paid, freaked the poor gentleman out who was ringing up the order, the guy asked me if that was a good gasp or a bad gasp. I assured him all good. I love feeling like I am giving my kiddos a solid Bible centered education without it costing the price of two kidneys. Heehee. Yes. I'm officially nuts. Although I think my dh would have said there is no doubt about that. ;)

I actually got a UPS tracking email last night.... Should come by the end of the day tomorrow...Oh am I going to be watching for that UPS truck!! Heehee. :-)

Postby 4monkeyz » Fri May 02, 2014 9:54 am
It came!! :-) The kids were so excited at all the new books & I love how thrilled they all were. My 8 yo dd tried to drag the box in the house before it rains, and started crying when she couldn't move the 40 lb. box, she didn't want anything ruined. Aw. I started reading the Feasts book just to get an idea of what's ahead and I'm really finding it fascinating. My dh agrees that it will be another fun year with MFW. Can't wait for the plagues. Heehee.
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We got our box!!

Unread post by disneymommy »

I saw another post here about icebox pie on box day, so we made some. First time we'd ever had it and it was delicious!

I had SO much fun opening these boxes. This year it was more than I expected - two big boxes, and it all just look like so much fun!! I can tell already that MFW is going to be a much better fit for our family. I may let my Ker start early.

I just want to thank everyone for the help - I know I've probably asked more than my share of questions on these forums in the past couple of months. And I'm so glad I did! I wasn't even considering ordering K until I asked some questions here. I just can't even express how excited I am for next year!!
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Re: We got our box!!

Unread post by asheslawson »

Woohoo!!! Icebox Pie day!!! We started that tradition in our home by accident - and it makes such a fun way to celebrate our fun box day. I'm so excited that you shared our tradition with us!!

We too LOVE MFW...and I taught K & ECC the same year. I'm so excited to be cycling back to ECC in 2 years - and thinking very seriously about trying to get me son to let me homeschool his daughter, who is 2 right now, with MFW-K - I LOVED that year so much and really want to do it one more time! Thanks for sharing in our tradition with us! We've made chocolate icebox pie most years, but one year we did coconut. Have a wonderful year with K & ECC!
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New to the Message Board but NOT MFW!

Unread post by Christy - Staff »

Hi, I’m Christy. Many of you know me as a phone voice from the MFW office.

I have been homeschooling for over 16 years (unbelievable!). I have 4 biological children ages 26 to 9. I have also been a foster mom to many children over the last 3 years. One little princess has caught a hold of our hearts tightly and will become a Callahan sometime in the near future.

We began using MFW with Adventures when my oldest son (now a senior) was in 2nd Grade. Since then my littles have started in Kindergarten and are now in the Family Learning Cycle finishing up Rome to the Reformation. We love the way MFW has supported our desire to allow our children the time they need to learn as well as pursue their own interests.

Our family moved to Rolla Missouri in 2012 to join the MFW team. Since I’m at the office daily, dad is now the primary homeschooling parent for our younger boys. I still assist my high schooler. MFW makes it very easy to feel a part of this journey even though I’m no longer in the daily teachings.

I haven’t posted before but I’ll be posting often and look forward to having conversations with you. Come back often! I'm here to serve your family on this amazing, fulfilling, unpredictable, exhausting, but so worth it homeschooling journey.
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Learning Never Stops

Unread post by Christy - Staff »

As a homeschool mom, you are continually learning right along with your kids.

My Father's World also encourages its employees to continue learning. Last week four MFW leaders (myself included) attended a business conference in New Orleans. There was a wealth of information over the three days and tons of fun too! Our warehouse manager brought back valuable information to process orders more timely and accurately. Our IT manager is better equipped to support all our new questions (even though he knew a lot before the trip :) ). Our CFO learned more about analytics so he can guide us through future financial decisions. And I’ll be sharing knowledge I gained with our customer service team so we can all serve you better.

How much have you learned while reading those history and science books aloud on the couch?

Do you have other ways you are continuing your education? Are you in a Bible study? Reading a great book? Enrolled in a class to learn a new skill?
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Re: Learning Never Stops

Unread post by manyblessings »

How wonderful to know the team there at MFW continues to learn and grow in order to serve us better :) I am learning right along with my Pre-K child! The character lessons in VOD are valuable, and I am learning how much better my young child learns when play is a priority :) As for my husband and me, we both attend Bible study at church-this week we began a study on Luther's Small Catechism. We are also meeting with a small group on Saturday nights. In addition, I am getting ready to resume a program of study for a BA in Ministry and Leadership, and my husband is looking toward seeking a MDiv. We are older parents, both in our late 40s, but we decided while we ave breath, it's not too late to go forward!
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