Teaching - Will MFW help me provide structure?

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Good Day,
This is going to be my first year homeschooling and my DD is in kindergarten this year. She is very fidgety and has a hard time focusing and my concern was if MFW was structured enough for her. I love the curriculum and the values and ideas it instills in young minds. What are some suggestions from moms who have similar kids and did you use the rest of the MFW curriculums and how have your little ones progressed?
Structure is not contained in curriculum in my world, it is contained in the way it is presented and utilized. Some folks will use it loosely and some more rigidly because they know their children and how they respond to their specific environment...it's one of those Beauties of Homeschooling things. You know she craves/needs structure, so you provide it by going through lessons in such a way that her needs are met.

In our home we are currently using Kindergarden, First Grade and Creation to the Greeks. The children enjoy their learning day, but honestly it is done just after lunch and we're on to other things.
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Hey, we're doing the same three MFW programs! Well, not right now because it's summer and we're doing popsicles instead.

It's true that the amount of "structure" in a program sort of depends on mom! It's sort of like asking if the meals from a cookbook are served at the same time each day. For this family they are and for that family they aren't. MFW gives you the "recipes" and the ingredients (library lists, recommended books and supplies) and you choose when (and how!) to serve them as well as what to omit and what to add.

I like the format of the MFW programs myself and they fit well into the "structure" (or lack of it) that I provide.

Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:07 am

You could actually get ready in a day (read some in the AM, go to Walmart for clay and pencils in the PM)! Actually if you jump right in before you feel you're "totally ready" you just might find that you ARE totally ready and didn't even know it.

It's truly easy to use. Like Crystal, we found MFW at a convention a few years back and ... it worked! It was our first year homeschooling and we were trying to choose between Weaver and Sonlight. We found MFW and haven't turned back!
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here's my take

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I do believe that my family functions optimally in a structured environment. My boys seem to thrive on structure. I'm the one who has a hard time with it.

In the past several years that we homeschooled, I used a hodgepodge of curricula. I just didn't know how to utilize it in a structured way. Along came MFW. I actually had pretty much all of the books that were in the CTG package so I just bought the TM. That TM was a life saver for me and gave me that structure I really needed.

I just opened up the TM to the current day and we worked our way down the schedule. Dh & I made it a point with our children to get up each day, get our chores done, eat, then do school. Each child had made a reminder for themselves about what other activities were going on each day of the week. They checked that at night so they knew what we were doing after school the next day. This really helped my boys. They knew that after school on Monday is Kung fu, Tuesday was piano, Wed was church, Thursday was Kung Fu, Friday was the weekend and time for fun.

So, yes, for my family, MFW really helped us have the structure that my family needs.


I chose MFW - tell me it's a good choice

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Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:46 pm
pjssully wrote:After lots and lots of prayer and thinking, i finally chose MFW but i am having a little panic about it. I think MFW will fit our family and our values but i am still a little nervous.

Previously I was considering a program that looked so planned and structured, something i really crave. Can i really do MFW? Yes, I know I can. Just looking for encouragment. Thanks
MFW is very planned and structured. If it were not, there is no way I could still be homeschooling. I have an interesting school time with shuttling special needs children to and from therapies 5 days a week. It is structured and very well planned. You'll know if you can do it after you try.

Just for fun.....this is very long.....
Here's my story.

It was the year 2002-2003. Never heard of MFW. The 2003 convention rolls around. I take my deep breath and walk into the exhibit hall (with over 200 vendors and every one just right for my family -- that's a joke of course). Pray again. I know I'm looking for something to do for an elementary age hands on world geography program.

I stopped for less than 1 minute at the booth I thought I would spend time at. I just didn't feel like it was what I was supposed to do. All those months and months of catalog reading, online catalog reading, talking to people ---- all of it seemed unimportant at that moment.

I walk away and keep praying ---- God just show me what am I supposed to do for next year. This is a true story, btw. Not making this up. I came around the corner of the rows of vendors and looked down at the floor. Someone asked me the standard line at a convention "May I help you?" I answered (without looking up) I want a hands on world geography course aimed at elementary age children, with a focus on missions. Know of anything?

The guy just looked at me and I then saw the display in front of my eyes for a company I had never heard of and a program they call Exploring Countries and Cultures. I knew immediately I found my program.

Here it is 2006, I haven't changed programs because it works for me.

If you have prayed and the Lord has put MFW in your hands, He will make it work.

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Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 8:51 pm

I do encourage you. I think you have struggled with this question for a while.

I do believe that MFW was a good choice for us. We started it 4 weeks ago (adventures and 1st grade). It is a perfect fit for the ages of my girls. Next year we will be doing the same thing and they will be together for the next 5 years in what their studies are (Lord willing of course).

I do think it is important to understand the philosophy behind MFW. It will help you understand the program and apply it well. MFW offers the same quality in books as other programs, but the lay out is more doable and gentle.

Stay calm. You will be fine.
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Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 10:00 pm

Well, I think you made a great choice. But, then again, it does happen to be the same choice I made. All kidding aside, I have never looked back. We had our best year yet, and my husband was well-pleased with how happy everyone seemed this year. MFW is all the things I wanted Sonlight to be.
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Posted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 10:09 pm

I can completely understand that difficulty in making a decision and then having to live with it, too!

I can so relate to what you are going through. I wish I was able to articulate the advantages, to me, of MFW. The best way that I can explain it is to say that I like MFW's "total package" better. MFW is a curriculum that is just beautifully laid out... to me, it feels like there is a purpose for everything that we do and that we ask our children to do. I like that with MFW I can have everything perfectly laid out and scheduled for us. I don't have to wonder how things with correlate. I know with MFW we will fit in science and art and music.

I like that with MFW I know we will cover lots of history but not so much that we won't have time for other things. I love having time scheduled to take nature walks, too. I know... yes, we can still do them... I don't have to have a TM to tell me to do it but with MFW there is that recognition that this is valuable and so it's scheduled for me! Now, that is detail.

I want to incorporate notebooking in our lessons. Yes, we could do notebooks on our own but MFW is designed for that. With MFW, I get an appendix that enables us to implement notebooking in a simple way without having to purchase additional resources which are not specifically designed to be used with the overall program.

If I had not chosen MFW, we would have missed out on the thorough integration of Scripture, the ease of notebooking, the little pep talks that Marie gives (I appreciate her guidance... she helps me to know what to expect from my son, what is enough and what is too much), and the schedule that provides time for us to cover science, art, and music.
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Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 10:26 am

If you crave structure and planning that is done for you, MFW will not dissappoint you. And if you get stuck, besides this board ,the office is always helpful and will call you back if they are not available.

Welcome to the MFW family!
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Posted: Wed Aug 09, 2006 11:39 am

Welcome! You made a good choice and if it was the answer to your prayer be confident with your decision. I am one of those who went to convention just knowing what I was going to buy but on the last morning, after a night of praying "God, please show me what You want me to get" I found MFW. The other three ladies I went with also purchased MFW - it just seemed to fit what each of us was looking for. We're all very different in our needs and our styles, but MFW fits those needs and styles.

I hope this is a wonderful year for you and your family. I think it will be!
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You made a great choice!

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Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:04 am

I absolutely agree with Connie who said "the lay out is more doable and gentle." It is structured and well-thought out; you will not be dissappointed in your choice. I moved to My Father's World because I was looking for a curriculum that would better fit for teaching my three kids together. I didn't want to just drag the youngers along in history(which is how I sometimes felt), I wanted to engage all three of them and our year in ECC did that.

And I also want to encourage you that I have grown to love the Lord more and my heart has grown to love His world more through teaching the lessons in My Father's World. Isn't God too awesome? I was just hoping to draw my kids into the lessons and God drew my heart closer to Him. I trust that God will do this in you too.

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