Copyright and record keeping with MFW (David Hazell)

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Copyright and record keeping with MFW (David Hazell)

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There has been some discussion on this board about MFW copyright and record-keeping. We have designed the manuals for easy record keeping. You can write the date and kids' names at the top of each column as you go through. We intentionally left space for you to add page numbers or lesson numbers for math, English, etc. so that all your school day can be recorded in one place. If you have more than one child -- use simple initials for each child. We record for 3. There is also room at the top and bottom of each chart for additional record keeping. If you need to pass through a second time years later simply change the record keeping pen to a different color. This provides both attendance and daily plans. This is more than adequate for most if not all states. It is important that you know exactly what your state requires.

Our current copyright (2/1/13) states, no part of this book may be reproduced by any means without the written permission of the author.
However, if you do not sell, give, or loan the original Teacher’s Manual or any copies at any time, then we grant limited
permission to photocopy the weekly lesson plan charts (but not the weekly Notes pages) for your personal record keeping
and/or state recording requirements.
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Copyrights can be a difficult topic for homeschoolers, and has been discussed here before. I think the question is keeping copies and selling the original -- in effect creating two books.

Originally, David Hazell gave this response [above], & told how they handled record-keeping in their large family (and several of their kids went on to college, so it must have worked!):

Then there was further discussion here, with some great ideas for record-keeping. The new copyright is also quoted by RB on this thread:

I then asked the office, and the new copyright does apply to older editions as well, but it's suggested to copy the new one onto the copyright page in your manual so you remember what exactly the parameters now are.
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Why to keep MFW packages you have already used

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In R2R this past week we have been learning about ancient China so I am taking an extra week and going back through some of the fun activities about China from ECC. I am very excited about this. It will be review for my oldest but A was only in first grade when we did ECC and J wasn't with us yet. This is going to be fun!

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Is it okay to copy TM pages for record keeping only?

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ndakotarose11 wrote:I live in a state which requires that we keep records. I'm so tired of writing out what we do each day! Can I copy the pages of the ECC TM for each child and then write in their language arts, math etc. and file these as records, or is that a copyright infringement?
If you keep the original manual (or I suppose destroy it), then you can. I've done that.

There's only a problem if you keep one copy and sell or give out the original copy. That in essence creates two books. I think the copyright bit in the front of most manuals will help see what rights have been reserved.

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Re: Is it okay to copy TM pages for record keeping only?

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ndakotarose11 wrote:Okay, thanks. I plan on keeping all of my MFW TM's and would never sell them. I do keep it in the back of my mind that maybe my children will be able to use them to home school their own children one day.

My oldest says that too. She keeps looking back at the stuff in MFW K with her little sister's stuff and says "mom... I want to use this some day. I can't imagine not using MFW when I homeschool my kids" (sniff sniff sniff)

anyway, do you have to keep that level of record where you live? I know all states have different laws, but a daily log of each subject? ick. Do you have to turn it in or something? sorry for the hijack, but I'm just curious how it works other places. We turn in grades and attendance and a list of subjects/materials used. But not daily notes of what was covered each day.

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Re: Is it okay to copy TM pages for record keeping only?

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Yes, we have to keep detailed records of subjects covered and materials used daily. It's a real pain! Right now I am hand writing each subject and resource along with page numbers for each dd every single day. It takes me 30 minutes just to write down what we are doing each day and it drives me nuts because most of it is comes straight out of the ECC TM. That's why I thought if I copied the grid each day for each dd, then all I'd have to do is write in their math, language arts and any extras we do each day. It would be such a time saver.
cbollin wrote:wow. makes me thankful for the stuff I have to do. :)

but yeah, like Julie already said but I just feel like typing. . MFW allows that grid copy for that purpose. nice of them to think about that need. I know it will make it quicker for you. (((hugs))) for that requirement. ick.
Great! I'm going to start my new record keeping system right away! It will be so much easier!
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