Compare Adventures to Years 4-5

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Compare Adventures to Years 4-5

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Buttercup78 wrote:I want to do US History with 5th, 3rd and 1st, including the states and presidents. I was all set to get Ex-1850 for them when I realized that it only covers 1/2 the states! I have my old Adventures TM and all the books to go along with it. So I'm thinking about getting some of the history books from Ex-1850 for the 5th grader and going with Adventures. We are not the type of people who follow the TM exactly - we do a LOT of videos and library books, etc. and don't always follow the plan. I know it is not generally recommended to use ADV with a 5th grader but if anyone has done something similar, could you please chime in? I also have a 2yo and an infant and I need something that will work for the 3 middles as well as accomplish our goals (Us History, 50 states and presidents). Thanks!
I'll just offer some links that may or may not apply:

Some added to ADV in 3rd grade:

A few extras:
(post by RBS) ... 729#p53471

Now I'm just going to explain a little more about ADV vs. EX1850/1850MOD, in case it helps in planning for your 5th grader. I totally get about homeschooling your own way, as that was the way most of us did it back 10 years or more ago. But just some details from having done the upper years...

Adventures is a fun journey through our country and includes several prominent presidents, national holidays and songs, with a brief overview and timeline of our national history. Book basket is focused on grades 2-3.

EX1850 and 1850MOD include world history that happens alongside USA history (and affects the US at times), which doesn't seem like one of your goals. But the American history covers more than ADV (including most of the individual colonies, and some wars and things that aren't necessary in grades 2-3), with more mapping, and every president up to 1850 (not just the ones in ADV), ending with a more in-depth study of your own state. The book basket list covers grades 2-8. One of the books used in Adventures (The Story of the U.S.) is selected portions of a longer book used in EX1850 and 1850MOD (called Exploring American History).

Just some wandering thoughts while you wait to see if someone has done this,
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Re: Beefing up Adventures

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OK that definitely helps. I didn't realize there was so much world history alongside the American history there. Thanks so much.
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