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God's Creation From A to Z: A Complete Kindergarten Curriculum
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Updates - Editions

Unread post by Julie - Staff »

There have been four versions:
God's Creation from A to Z 2nd Edition (Feb. 2107)
God's Creation from A to Z (2013 - cover and title change only)
My Father's World from A to Z 2nd Edition (2012)
My Father's World from A to Z (first published 1998)

The current K Student Sheets work with all previous kindergarten Teacher's Manuals. There is info on how to use them with previous editions in the online description: https://www.mfwbooks.com/item/92053/Stu ... om-A-to-Z/

Note that the hands-on math materials have changed over time, but all were used in similar ways: Math Sense Blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, KEVA planks.

Version 4: Second Edition of God’s Creation from A to Z, released February 2017.
Significant revisions to the Teacher’s Manual include:
  • 5-day units with one letter a week (all previous editions had 6-day units) – activities are the same, but reformatted to 5 days
    8 new hands-on math activities were added)
    New Christmas unit for December (similar to Pre-K) with Bible stories, hands-on activities, and colorful Student Sheets
    New Fruit of the Spirit unit to end the year, focusing on character (love, joy, peace, etc.) as well as cooking, science, and more with new Student Sheets
    New activities for outside play
    Library booklist in appendix updated
Student Sheets include all the previous sheets plus 45 new, colorful sheets for Christmas and the Fruit of the Spirit.

Package contents changes:
  • The package now includes the additional literature books formerly available in the Lit Pack.
  • The Butterfly Garden and Ant Hill habitats have been removed from the package because a few states find it difficult to receive the live insects through the mail. Both habitats are still highly recommended and available from MFW.
  • 2017 & 2018 TM purchases (and upgrades) also will include one year's membership to God’s Big World. This is an excellent magazine that is mailed to your home every other month. You will also have access to World’s online content.
You may exchange your older God's Creation from A to Z Teacher's Manual for the current edition for less than half price. Please call our office at 573-202-2000 to request the upgrade exchange; we'll explain how to return your old Teacher's Manual to our office.

Also see the Upgrade tab on the Kindergarten page at the main MFW website:
https://www.mfwbooks.com/products/5/Kin ... Z/#Upgrade

In 2019, the 2nd edition of God’s Creation from A to Z began scheduling God's Amazing World. It is easy to add to any Teacher's Manual on Mondays, when previous Teacher's Manual say, "Present information about" the week's science topic.

Version 3: First edition of God's Creation From A To Z (2013)
In 2013, all MFW covers were updated to reflect learning stages.
K now has the orange "Discover stage" cover and is called God's Creation From A to Z. No content changes.

Version 2: MFW-K 2nd Edition (2012)
The core of the program has not changed. However, the new Teacher's Manual, now over 220 pages, includes the following revisions:
  • New grid lesson plan charts for each unit
    More hands-on activities
    Expanded Bible lessons
    Extensive booklist for each unit with many new Book Day storybooks (new in 2011)
    Enrichment items are now scheduled in the manual (music CD, hands-on math activities, butterflies, ants, dinosaur book, For the Children's Sake)
Student Sheets are essentially the same as first edition but now include the following:
  • New thematic math sheets (such as farm theme math sheet for the horse unit)
    New sheets with animal pictures for scheduled activities
    Badge patterns to trace
    May be used with either a first or second edition Teacher's Manual
To view a sample of the new lesson plan grids, scroll down to pages 10-11 of this PDF: http://www.mfwbooks.com/downloads/pdfs/ ... s/k_TM.pdf

Additional Notes from previous conversations:
1. Some manuals printed in 2011 began to include preliminary revisions in book lists (from the previous 75 to now over 400 books, whittled down from over 4000 books reviewed, and including more recently published books) and the addition of the Literature Collection (with a booklet of new activities).

2. MFW-K Student Sheets were first created in 2010. (Early on, there were some "Story Pages" that were accidentally printed double-sided, but that was quickly corrected.) Previously some of Student Sheets were included in a Student Workbook or separate cards, such as the ABC game cards.

3. MFW Kindergarten badge activities have gone through three stages:
a. The original manual suggested making badges, generating LOTS of posts in the ideas forum, many of which are saved here: http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=9562 These ideas are not required but may be useful for families who want to use the new badges in creative ways, as well as for families still using their older edition K manuals.
b. For a few years, the MFW-K instructions were to use the "premade badges" in the student sheets, which were in the shape of calling cards.
c. Starting in 2012, the MFW-K instructions include (a) using the "premade badges" as flashcards, and (b) there are also templates or "badge patterns" in the student sheets.

4. "Introduction to Classical Music" was changed to MFW's "Hello to Classical Music" in 2012 and can be used with all manuals by just using the songs in order and printing out the activities on the CD.
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New Kindergarten Sheets in 2010...

Unread post by hollybygolly »

Hi all~

I just wanted to pop on quickly to say that I just received the new kindergarten sheets and they are FABULOUS! Well worth the money...the stories are in color, the short vowel chart is in color, and (a major blessing!), the badges are PREMADE, in color, on cardstock. All you have to do is cut them, punch a hole in them and string yarn through. Wow...I am impressed at the thought that went into this new edition. I think all of the new editions will be just as much of a blessing...this is truly a company/ministry that cares. Just wanted to give praises where praises are due...all glory to God of course!! Thank you David and Marie, and the whole MFW team...you make homeschooling doable and a real joy for us!

~Holly :)
Have a blessed day loving our Savior-Holly
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Re: New Kindergarten Sheets...

Unread post by TammyB »

I, too, am excited about the new student sheets MFW is offering. Anything that makes my job easier gets my applause. :)

Having the K badges pre-made is fabulous (just as it has been having the ECC geography game premade). :) I'm looking forward to using both K and CtG next year.

I truly love this company!

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what a blessing! box day is like Christmas!

Unread post by Ruby »

so i got our K and Adv stuffs on Friday-yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of course, i am impressed with all the work Marie (and others, i'm sure!) has put into the new K manual. the "words from Marie" are inspiring and uplifting. can't wait to use them as part of instructing my dd.

it struck me this morning (or maybe it was the Spirit that struck me, kind of like a wake up pinch) that this truely is a worldview curriculum, and we are teaching our children about how to be disciples of Christ, and not just conforming them to a mentality of the world where success is measured by your annual salary, what kind of car you drive or what college your kids have gone to. how refreshing to have included in our children's academics, reminders to us of what we are really supposed to be accomplishing, i mean what really matters.

blessings on thee, Marie and the others who made this possible! thank You, Father, for this light in the dark world, where the big picture can get overcome by schedules, state testing, grandparent's expectations, visits by "state representatives," and all the others ways our enemy tries to make us stumble. help us all to run this race with perseverance. In Jesus' Name, Amen!
(sigh) i love homeschooling!!!!!!!!!!

Question about the new K and exchange

Unread post by cbollin »

Extra Bible:
Some of it is rearranged materials with an extra activity. In first edition there were times where instead of just focusing on 1 verse, there were several. So, instead of bundling those on one day, spread them out. Or some activities get moved to a different day in the unit.
Some units… A few more new verses and another activity so that it’s not just forgotten to review and discuss. That’s easy to forget in first edition for some.

Some of the extra Bible aspects are occasional journal thoughts from Marie about some of it. It’s more for the parents than the students although you can share it with them if they get it. To get a feel of those kinds of things, check out the Minutes with Marie part of the forum. I knew I knew those stories about gardens, plants, and fireman. Those are not the only ones of course. And there are not thoughts each unit either. but look in minutes section to get an idea of what that means. like this one about "fireman at the gym"

Another aspect is explained in the sample.
Bible verses that tie to the student’s Biblical concepts are printed at the top right of each unit chart. These verses are for the parent/teacher to read and meditate on during the unit.

Those verses are taken from the “old” edition and just made more prominent for the whole unit. So you have the verses already… For example, on the sample page, unit Zebra, 18. you can see the parent verse in the grid sections. Well, grab your first edition manual, turn to unit 18, day 2. ah ha!

Yes, if the price isn’t an issue, and you have 10 or more units, then it might be worth it to upgrade mid year if the reasons are along the lines of
I need a grid now
Or hmm.. I need more Bible and I’m not good at remembering to review the topics or try to think on my own how to do one quick activity.

Not sure that helps. If you can’t afford it and otherwise it wasn’t available, you’d be fine with first edition. But there are some thoughts on it. And I’m not one who would otherwise say “upgrade now now now now”. I guess it depends on personal factors.

Differences between 1st and 2nd edition MFWK

Unread post by cbollin »

pickledpandas wrote:I've been trying to find something more detailed to compare the first edition and second edition of the My Father's World Kindergarten teacher's manual. I read over the changes listed on the website, but I would prefer a side by side comparison, pros and cons, etc. What is making me lean more towards the second edition is that it says the bible lessons have been expanded, there are more hands on options, and the grid layout for planning the week appeals to me. I know that sounds like enough to justify going ahead and purchasing the second edition, but anyone have any input on the matter?
I found a little something I wrote about 1 week after getting 2nd edition and doing a side by side. here is that link
http://board.mfwbooks.com/viewtopic.php ... ble#p83635

I”m one of those weirdos who doesn't usually say “ooh.. upgrade to 2nd edition manual” in MFW. I've used my original first edition CTG, RTR, EX1850 and ECC manuals twice. Kindy 1st twice. You get the idea from me.. buy new student sheets and deal with it. Well, ok... I think 2nd edition ECC is worth upgrade.

But with Kindy? Let's just say if I had another child getting ready to do Kindy.. I'd get the new manual. I got it out of sentimental value. But, this is worth getting.

The lay out is just nicer and easier to follow. It really is. I got use to the original format and adjusted and all of that. It's not like the Kindy manual in first edition was awful. It's just this is really nice.

There is now a supply list for each unit. That wasn't there in first edition in an easy to spot format. The style of that is seen on the online sampe.

More book selections are listed (went from 100 to 400 or close to that). Out of Print books were replaced.

The math C Rod Alphabet book and music cd are actually scheduled now.

More Bible. I think the link I gave yesterday captured the wow I felt when I first saw the second edition. Even though it was implied in first edition to review on days 4, 5, and 6, it is very very very nice in 2nd edition to have new Bible lessons, and “parent” memory work.

Math – now has a workbook component. One math unit study theme sheet per unit to work a wide variety of math concepts and skills. This is an addition to the program that comes through the student sheets even if you don't upgrade.

Side by side.. still talking here. It's just a lot nicer to read and follow. more math, more Bible... the supply list. easier to follow. I'm not one who has to have the latest and greatest. I'd get the new one even for me having used the old one twice and know the program.

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Re: Differences between 1st and 2nd edition MFWK

Unread post by HeyChelle »

I loved the content of the first edition, but not so much the layout. I used it twice.
When I found out about the second edition, I immediately upgraded even though 1) I already have a brand new Pack of 1st edition student sheets and 2) only have one more child to go through kindy and 3) am on a tight budget. LOL. LOVE the new edition and I really wanted to thank and support MFW by upgrading.

Definitely purchase the new second edition from MFW. That said, you will not be disappointed with the content and richness of the first edition. The layout is not difficult for most people; I'm just super Picky about organization.
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Old vs. New K program

Unread post by cbollin »

NicoleJ wrote:Hello! I used MFW K for my 2nd daughter for her K year and now my youngest is up to that same age and I am wondering if I should purchase the new K program or stick with the old one. For those who have used the old and the new K programs, can you tell me if it is worth upgrading to the new program? What benefits can you see with the new program? Are there extra activities/new ideas in it that aren't in the old program? What extra/new worksheets are included now? Is it much easier to use with the new format (grid)?

Thanks! Nicole
New format is much easier. You can see the sample around p. 11-12 of the sample pdf
http://www.mfwbooks.com/downloads/pdfs/ ... s/k_TM.pdf

The daily detailed instructions for phonics are still located together (on yellow paper) and there to refer to as long as needed. they give the page number to find it faster if you still need to use the instructions every week. How much trouble did you have with old format? that might be the determining factor for you. I didn't struggle to the point of tossing the book or anything like that... but it wasn't my favorite format in the old manual either. so, yes, I think it's nicer and easier in new.

supply list is included. that's nice.really nice.

more books are include for library time

more Bible is included on the "back side of the unit" (days 4-6)

the music deluxe is scheduled. other deluxe is scheduled now..

worksheets - new math worksheet.. remember the old day 3 with the thing that looked like an envelope that was for writing numerals? that's gone and replaced with unit study themed math activities that offer a lot of concepts over the year. But you'll get those worksheets in the student pages even if you don't upgrade. instructions are directly on each sheet. Anything else that is new in student pages, you'll get and be able to use with older manual without trouble. things like maps, and picture cards for sequencing and wild animals, etc..... stuff that we had to go find on our own for that, lot of that is included. new sheets in the student materials are designed for use with either 1st or 2nd edition manuals.

some new ideas/activities are included. but most of the program is the same. sometimes activities were shifted within the unit I noticed. small thing, but interesting.

I have both of them only for sentimental reasons. I had prayed for years for mfw to update it, and it was released so close to my birthday this year, that it was an unusual gift for me to get, but I bought it.

if you didn't really struggle much using old format, and don't need a huge library list, and didn't think it lacked Bible on days 4-6 of each unit..... you could stick with old one.
otherwise, if any of those would have been nice... consider upgrade options with mfw on it.

in any case, get the new student sheets.. compatible with first edition

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Re: Old vs. New K program

Unread post by lee2 »

Everything that Crystal said. This if our fourth time around with K. I like the new. The layout is very efficent and makes teaching time seamless. The math worksheets are fun and the badges are great. The Teacher Manual is so easy to use. I'm glad I went with the new.
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Re: Old vs. New K program

Unread post by NicoleJ »

Thankyou so much for your comments. I think I will go with the new one - I like a grid style much better than the older style. I can't wait to see the new worksheets! I really do love MFW K! Thanks!
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mfw K 2nd ed

Unread post by hsmomof2 »

I did purchase MFW K 2nd edition. Before buying, I borrowed the 1st edition from a friend (as I wasn't sure the program would be the best fit for dd until laying my hands on the TM). The 1st edition is good and would have been adequate, but like many of you said, the 2nd edition is better IMHO. I especially like the Bible being interwoven more days of the week.

Having skimmed through the math worksheets, I am relieved that I don't feel the need to purchase a separate math program for K. I had thought the math would be too light, but I think along with "living math" lesson opportunities that arise in daily life and doing all that MFW K recommends will be just right for K. I do love the character study, Bible, and science with MFW K.

I am also thinking that with the 2nd edition containing more Bible verses/unit and some thoughts from Marie scattered throughout, some weekly topics could be presented as a group devotion for kids at church.
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It's here! Second Edition God's Creation from A to Z

Unread post by Marie »

After months and months of work, it's now here! We're super excited! Our print shop is busy and orders are shipping.
Check out samples of our new Teacher's Manual and Student Sheets here: http://www.mfwbooks.com/products/5/Kind ... /#Overview

If you purchased kindergarten in the past, an upgrade option is available to exchange an older TM for a new one. See our website for details.

God's Creation from A to Z Second Edition
Released February 2017
What's New?

Second Edition Teacher's Manual is reorganized to include the following:
  • 5-day units with one letter a week (all previous editions had 6-day units) – activities are the same, but reformatted to 5 days
    8 new hands-on math activities
    New Christmas unit for December (similar to Pre-K), with Bible stories, hands-on activities, and colorful Student Sheets
    New Fruit of the Spirit unit to end the year, focusing on character (love, joy, peace, etc.) as well as cooking, science, and math
    New activities for outside play
    Library booklist in appendix updated
Literature books in the Package.

Ant Hill and Butterfly Garden are still highly recommended, purchase separately (see item descriptions for shipping restrictions).

Student Sheets include all the previous sheets plus 45 new, colorful sheets for Christmas and the Fruit of the Spirit.

A Teacher's Manual upgrade option is available for those who wish to exchange an older Teacher's Manual.
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Re: It's here! Second Edition God's Creation from A to Z

Unread post by manyblessings »

I'm so excited!! Looking forward to starting this updated version in August with my little one, who will be 5 in September. She is midway through VOD right now, and we are loving every bit of it. SO happy to have come back to MFW after all these years, and find it is exactly what we needed for this season in our lives :-)
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