Creation to Greeks questions

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Creation to Greeks questions

Unread post by mshanson3121 »

I am looking at using this for my son (9.5) who has developed a huge interest in ancient cultures etc... Are there hands on activities each week? He really wants crafts etc...
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Re: Creation to Greeks questions

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You can download a sample from the website and see what it's like. I know there are some hands-on activities. You can also call the MFW office and they can tell you more fully what it's like. I haven't taught it yet, but it seems like all of the curriculum years offer hands on. That is one reason my kids and I like it.
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Re: Creation to Greeks questions

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Usually families use ECC before CTG. But whenever you do CTG, there are plenty of hands-on activities! My son enjoyed some of these:

- playing the Senet game
- reenacting the 10 plagues
- making 10 commandments tablets (posters)
- making things for the Old Testament feasts, including a tent/booth for one (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4769&p=27737#p27737)
- building a model tabernacle out of a milk/juice carton (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=4761#p47453)
- writing in hieroglyphs
- sugar cube pyramid
- clay desert home

We also did some extras using book basket and birthday gifts etc.
- from book basket, he made an Egyptian pharaoh's mask
- an archeology dig kit he got as a gift
- we made a cactus garden based on a book basket idea
- there is an Ideas board too viewforum.php?f=26

Have fun!
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Re: Creation to Greeks questions

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There are a good bit of hands on activities, and lots of resources available if you want to add. One of the books that comes with the program is on Ancient Egypt and it has lots of great hand on activities. They aren't all scheduled, but you could do them all if you wanted. There are also several book basket suggestions that are activity books that have suggested crafts and games, etc. And of course the curriculum itself has fun ideas. No worries - it would definitely occupy your son with hands on stuff!
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