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Fast Facts

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What is the best way to use these? We've never done math drills.
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Re: Fast Facts

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I am a big fan of math facts drill. Even my public schooled kids were assigned math facts practice at home, and we would post a fact-of-the-day all over the house. Then when I tutored (at Kumon centers), drill was the foundational skill before anything else in math began. Even for kids using calculators, knowing basic math facts is much faster and helps with understanding whether an answer makes sense.

My Father's World suggests doing one operation per day - the sample week for Exploring Countries and Cultures shows Addition on Monday, Subtraction on Tuesday, Multiplication on Wednesday, and Division on Thursday: ... Sample.pdf

Fast Facts is a great tool for that. We also carry horizontal flashcards for all four operations: Other ideas to mix it up have been saved in the Math Archives: Have fun!
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