Using Cycle out of order?

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Using Cycle out of order?

Unread post by mshanson3121 »

Now, I know in my head it's clearly fine, as if you have younger children joining in with the olders... but, I'll ask anyways :) Have any of you (with your oldest), ever used the history cycle out of order? Such as starting with Exploration to 1850 first? We're coming to MFW late and have never done any real history before. My husband would like to see us start with the history of our own country, first. Is there any reason this won't work?
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Re: Using Cycle out of order?

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I'll start the conversation, and maybe some who have followed different schedules will chime in.

If your oldest is in grade 4-8, then we highly recommend beginning the Investigate cycle with Exploring Countries and Cultures (ECC). It is really the heart of My Father's World and allows students to understand the world and pray for the world before delving into the disappointments of history.

After ECC, as you mentioned, If there are younger siblings, it can be easiest to just begin history at the beginning.

However, some families do jump ahead to where they left off in history or to the place that meets their family goals, which it sounds like would fit your situation. if you do jump ahead, then we recommend continuing in the same order as you go through the cycle. For instance:

Exploration to 1850
1850 to Modern Times
Creation to the Greeks
Rome to the Reformation
Exploration to 1850

Here is a post from David Hazell about how that works: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=484

Feel free to call the office and talk through your options, as well.
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Re: Using Cycle out of order?

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Just adding to what Julie said...

There are no "curriculum police." :-) If you feel you want to start with US History, go for it. Just make sure you adapt for your children's abilities. Usually an oldest is in 6th/7th/8th when they hit Exp1850, so some of the assignments may be too much for a younger child.
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